I'm completely stuck with this. Shure I made my lots from templates in PIM-X. What I can observe: 1. My lots won't grow on fields other users created. 1. My lots grow only on fields, I created myself. Other users lots grow too on the fields I created. My deduction: Something must be wrong with my fields, not with the lots. How I created the fields: 1. I made a (void) model in B.A.T (with LOD of apropriate dimensions of course). I open PIM-X and hover the model over 'Agricultural Field' in PIM-X and PIM-X creates a desc file. 2. I took an existing field lot (tested to be working), and made a copy of it with lot editor (don't know how to make copies with pim-x). I replaced the building model with the one I created in PIM-X. 3. I did a comparison in Reader. The lots have identical entries. The model desc differs only that the original is RTK 0 and the one I created with PIM-X (1.) is RTK 1.   I ran out of idears with this issue. Repeated every step several times. But the farm lots keep on growing on my farm fields. As if the fields weren't recognized as occupied space. I have a maxis-blocker for the agricultural lots in my plugin folder to be able to test my lots. But I can't imagine  it's the culprit (as my lots should work together with the maxis-blocker). Every hint - what I could try instead is welcome.