Hey everyone, As we're building up to the Trixie nominations opening,  we've realised we'll need more time to get it just right. There is an amazing discussion going on in the Award Category Ideas thread, and we want to continue gathering your ideas on what awards we should offer as standard. We also have more interviews to come, and we'd like to give them the air time they deserve rather than hiding them in the rush of the nominations (they are just as good as what's come before, we can't wait for you to read them  ) and there is a good discussion happening in the Community Build-up Discussion.  We've never really done a Trixies build up before, so we weren't sure how much time we'd need. Turns out it's about 3 weeks  We really want to do these Trixies right,  and we think that means having great feedback on what awards we should offer. We will close the Award Category Ideas thread on Wednesday so that the staff have the right amount of time to work through them and set up the nominations forum to include those awards. While we're doing that well still have discussion threads running in the Trixies forum,  along with more interviews and content retrospectives.
  Nominations Open March 13th
We hope you all understand why we're pushing the nominations back  This will be the date nominations now open, there will be no further changes to this date Hope you all join us in the festivities, and we're eagerly awaiting the start of the nominations