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What Sixteen-City Region Should we use for the collab?  

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  1. 1. What Region?

    • Viridian Woods
    • Titan Gorge
    • Discovery Delta

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There's a new YouTube series coming to DesignerFurry and we're looking for players for it!

If you play from a design perspective, and you like to have high realism in your cities, we are looking for players like you to join our region

in SimCity (2013). If you even still play the game, or you just want to dig it out again for some social interaction, feel free to get your origin profile and join us for this.


More Information, and application are on my website at: Application


NOTE: The reason I have posted it here is because there are external links in this post, and that's not allowed in the region games thread. If a mod/admin sees it fit, despite the links, he/she may move it over to that thread. I see external links in this though, so I really do not know where to post this announcement.


If i could run this past @Cyclone Boom, @CorinaMarie, or @TekindusT to see if this should be moved or not, that would be nice, as I wanted the application to be on my site, as opposed to ST.


Quick Note: This will be exclusive to my channel. It will not be posted on Brian's channel.

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As a Mod in training I'm uncertain what ruling to make on this. :O

So, I'll just say I'm glad you are aware of the rules about external links for that forum and I'll follow this thread to see what decision is made. ;)

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks Cori, I wasn't sure either, I really do not know where to post this, but I got SimCityBrian to participate in this too. (YouTuber with 2,300 subs)

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    2 hours ago, CorinaMarie said:


    I'm more of a casual player in the SC 2013 public regions, this is a specialized collab in the private realm, but I look forward to the results which I suppose could be posted as an embedded vid in the SparkleCity CJ.

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    So, I've chatted with other Staff Members and we've decided we should always grant the freedom for people to express their city-building creativity. Within reason of course. Do we think this would be appropriate for the SC13 Region Games forum? Yes, since it's requesting for people to join in (matching the purpose of that forum).

    So, I've moved the topic.

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    I'm honored to have been mentioned, but... uh... *ahem* I've never actually, um, played SC2013.  I was just tending the forums while everyone else was busy with other stuff and there were no other volunteers.  If I ever get it, I'd be down, but...  Yeah.  Enjoy your collaboration!

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