Hey Guys! One year ago, I was hunting for some "in the median" bus stations to make a BRT concept, that lately I developed and showed here: Well, I wasn't able to find it, and I realize that I should change my concept of what a BRT should look like in SC4. With the help of rsc204(that did the hard work and I have to say thank you, again) , I was able to use a Station that looks like the real thing and attends the diagram of a BRT Station, being scaled: (Scale in meters) Some real world images: Aerial Images of 2.0 concept   What Brings me to the main reason that I am opening this, expanding and making the project popular. This topic will unite evolutions in the concept, links to Stations/Terminals that should be useful, and custom creations of transit stations, terminals and hubs, that would increment style in a lot of cities. So, that's it, and welcome! Little video to explain the concept: