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Hi all!
Like most of you folks, I have a huge back-catalog in a spreadsheet somewhere of assets I plan on making some day.
Well, here's my list.. This is just the stuff I want to make, It's alright if there is already a good asset on the workshop for it, it's just for my own pleasure.

This isn't going to replace the refinery project, I'll still keep updating that thread. I just wanted to have a place to keep my other assets organized and seek advice from everyone.

I'll have to clean up the list at some point, but for now it's just a data dump. I have some more things I would like to make, but I don't have a design picked out yet, so I left them off for now.

Oil Refinery - Oil Processing

Oil Refinery - Cargo Train Station

Oil Refinery - Cargo Ship Dock

Maintained Parking Lot Set
Park, in road menu

Steelworks - Cargo Train Station

Steelworks - Ore Processing

Steelworks - Ore Processing

Grain Silo
Food Processing

Concrete Plant
Road Maintenance Building

City College

High School

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Some great ideas on there (I didn't dare click all the links in case I got more ideas :P) and a very nice looking college! I always find myself using the same few schools, so more well done variation is very welcome! :D If the wing is a subbuilding it will have collision like normal and force people to place it on a corner, so that should limit some of the steam comments. :P Ofc if you end up adding the plaza (that totally is nice looking so I get you're tempted to make it) and add it as a subbuilding, then the corner won't really be an issue.

Looking forward to seeing your progress :D

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks folks!

    @Judazzz howabout I do ya one better - I've had my eye on this guy for a while, I'll add it to the list


    I'm not sure about making all the buildings on that campus, but the longer building on the right would make for an amazing looking, realistic highschool.

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  • Original Poster
  • LOL @Judazzz you're funny. Thanks for all the advice everyone!

    I got the whole thing wrapped up ahead of schedule, so I decided to throw in Rush Hour integration. I created a Graduation random event; however, it never fired in about 2 hours worth of testing :-/ I noticed that every mention of the automatic random events specify a unique building, so I wonder if there's a limitation there since it's a university building.
    So, I made the event manual as well as automatic, and you can start it manually in the event that it never starts automatically. Lots of funny eastereggs in it from my days at a technical college.

    Teaser is such a tease

    It's ready for release, but I'm gonna keep it til next Thursday in the event that I happen to find out if the random events work or not. For now, it's open to friends if you would like to drop me a line to test it out.

    I'm gonna use this time between releases to catch back up with the Oil Refinery project.

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    On 1/28/2017 at 1:20 PM, Dejected Angel said:

    I have two you can use: joy.gifexcited.gif

    Lol, that second one looks like Ike (from South Park) on speed! :D

    That parking garage looks smashing, btw! And props for your detective work and perseverance!

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    1 hour ago, Badi_Dea said:

    Thank you very much, I really enjoyed digging around in mod tools - I should really learn Unity... but I do a lot of scripting at work, and I suppose I'd rather not come home to Visual Studio as well lol.


    I thought the same, and kept a distance for a long time, but eventually I decided to jump in anyway (encouraged by AJ3D, so my mod's existence owes a lot to him), and I've been hooked ever since. I'm a developer working with Visual Studio as well (although my primary focus is on the frond-end side of things), so in order to keep a balance I've made a conscious decision to mod strictly on my own terms, which means that I only work on my stuff when I want to. Of course I try to offer support if asked, but I don't set any targets or deadlines - it's a hobby. Sometimes I don't touch my mods for weeks or even months on end, so it's all pretty relaxed....
    Added benefit is that modding introduced me with a whole new type of development and has increased my knowledge, skills and way of organizing and running projects quite substantially (and thus my net value :D ), so even though it's a hobby, it makes me a better developer. so besides tons of fun it's a good investment.

    Love the parking garage btw, time to find it a nice home in my city!

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    1 hour ago, Badi_Dea said:



    Thank you all! I know, we have a severe lack of parking garages in the game given how prominent they are in a real city.
    With builtin sub-building support, and mod support that makes parking spots more desirable, it really adds realism to have to worry about parking.

    Thank you very much, I really enjoyed digging around in mod tools - I should really learn Unity... but I do a lot of scripting at work, and I suppose I'd rather not come home to Visual Studio as well lol.

    I'm gonna be heading back to some Oil Refinery assets now, the refinery project is far from over, we got tons of work left to do!

    Looks great for airports,businesses areas,and office parks maybe.

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  • Original Poster
  • 1 minute ago, MisterBlueStar4 said:

    Looks great for airports,businesses areas,and office parks maybe.

    Precisely ^_^ Thank you all for the nice comments and motivation.

    @Judazzz That's certainly something to think about. I'm on the systems architecture side of things, but I value our code monkey brethren :lol:
    I extended you a friend request in Steam, if I do decide to start exploring the modding side of things I would value your advice, if you don't mind :thumb:


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    @Badi_Dea Sure thing man - click slaves unite!!! ;) 

    My first advice, if you want to get your toes wet: download the source of a couple of mods from Github and study how are structured and how they work, tinker with the code and see how that affects the mod's behavior in-game (my first few attempts were mostly burping up errors by the truck load, lol). It helps to have an idea for a new mod though, or at least a scope for it (does it affect behavior, assets, visuals, ...) - the libraries are vast and the possibilities virtually limitless (especially when you resort to detouring stuff outside the official API), so it is easy to get lost.

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    Impressive! With a proper UI and a way to modify the stats of a building depending on the deployed modules, this could really go off!

    Upgrading service buildings like schools and fire stations is the first thing that comes to mind, but it would also be interesting for airports (more runways, terminals) and train stations (more platforms).

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    Depending on the options to trigger this it could be also used to upgrade parts of a building.

    If triggered by actual gametime this could trigger a change in a commercial subbuilding for holiday seasons. Thinking at the modular rico buildings from jerenable it could change the bottom commercial building with one with christmas decoration while leaving the building above as it is.

    If such a trigger would be possible it would also allow a massive change within gameplay after building a city. I'm thinking f.e. about a road section that changes for a while into a road with roadworks.

    But even this is not possible its - as boformer mentioned - also a massive step foreward building modular buildings.


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      • By LivingInThePast
        It's been a while since I played Cities Skylines, and I didn't find it any fun. I know it's probably been patched and upgraded since then, but is Cities Skylines like other games, where you download DLC anyway, and unlock it, or will it download the DLC content later only after you've paid for it? If it's the latter, I'm not sure I want to deal with it again...
      • By Indiana Joe
        Hi all, Matt here.
        Coming back from a few years of rarely touching the game, and being rather disconnected from the shrinking but still active and amazing custom content community, I found myself feeling renewed interest in playing.  15 years after this game was created, it has long been a tradition for the enthusiast player to customize it heavily to their liking.  In a nutshell, I wanted to build a fresh new plugins folder, and I wanted to document the thought process.  I know very well the feeling of spending more time customizing than actually playing, so I wanted to have a theme of simplicity, and of keeping the traditional spirit of gameplay that the creators at Maxis originally wove into the game, as it was that unique charm that drew all of us into the game in the first place.
        This one is going to be quite the essay, so buckle up  (and also written at 2 AM, when you have all your best ideas )  I will discuss some of the philosophy I am going in with as I plan out this plugins folder and it's "final form," and then some content-specific practical planning for customizing each aspect of the game.
        In fact to make it more of an interesting article than an essay, I think I'll drop in some old screenshots of mine from throughout the years, from random unrelated scenes and projects.
        The Philosophy

        A quaint small town on a bay, its name forgotten among all the other sleepy little communities that are easy to quickly build in the game, yet look like they have been nestled in the hills for generations.
        Over the years I have collected a fairly moderate size of plugins for the game (3 and a half gigabytes worth, but who's counting?).  While I kept my own plugins folder relatively organized, it was the plugins themselves that did not mesh together very well.  There can be much inconsistency between countless different authors.  The perfect solution to this would be to use the wide array of creator tools made by the community to customize each lot to one's own standard.  But I think I can save a lot of time by limiting the number of cooks in the kitchen.  I will focus on a few high-quality creators that have a large catalogue of content that is consistent in design.  I will probably still end up making many of my own edits, but the less of this I am able to do, the more accessible this project might be to a reader who wants to follow in my footsteps and use this as a guide to build their own folder.
        A second main issue is the sheer size of the available custom content.  A mile-long menu of lots to scroll through in the game makes for a poor playing experience.  Of course there is a mod to address this: Daeley's Advance Menu Navigator.  While impressive in its time, it is a dated and imperfect mod.  My intention instead is to limit the number of total ploppable items I include in the game, for a more traditional experience.  I aim for a style of gameplay that feels like a new expansion pack for the game; the mythical follow-up release to Maxis's Rush Hour.
        "Limit" will in fact be a central theme to the folder.  There has to be a balance between having too many repeat buildings and lots, and having an overwhelming amount of custom content.  The folder never has to be "complete" per se, but will set up a structure such that anything added will fit right in, like an identical link at the end of the chain.  Nothing new will be added that massively changes the way everything works, outside perhaps of updates to major mods.  Now, in 2018, I feel is a great time to do this, which brings me to the subject of timing.

        A shopping center, featuring a mall, a few restaurants, and a smaller strip mall.  Sims come in droves on the weekend to spend exorbitant amounts of money on trivial materials and gimmicks.
        When is a good time to build a plugins folder for SimCity 4?  Somewhere on the highest mountaintop in Timbuktu, a wise monk ponders the answer.  The answer is...now!  No, really, not as in "it's never too late to start," but actually now in 2018.
        My personal renewal in interest for the game is 90% nostalgia of course, and another part of it may be the new desktop computer I built this year.  The desktop is where I discovered and fell in love with the game; it has a different playing experience with a bigger monitor and comfy office chair.  I left home to go to college and had less time to play, but also the game was less enjoyable on a laptop.  Not to mention all of the graphics driver issues that come with that setup.
        In the time that I've been gone, the community has waned and slowed down.  Many left for other city builders.  EA was disappoint as per usual.  Colossal Order stole the show with the beautiful Cities: Skylines.  SimCity 4 is an aged bottle.  But that is a good thing.  Imagine, for a moment, the plugins folder you are building in 2009.  The NAM is new, lots of content is being made.  2 years later, and your folder is outdated.  You've got obsolete stuff in there, and it requires constant maintenance.  By 2013, the new SimCity drops and everyone hates it.  Go back to ol' SC4 and your plugins folder and now it needs to be updated to add all of the new HD content, updated mods, etc. etc.
        Skylines is still growing with official updates and custom content, perhaps in a few years it will be easy to make a perfected collection of content for it.  But now is the time that I can sit down and make a SimCity 4 plugins folder, and it will feel relatively stable.  New content is coming out but not like in the past, when the mod landscape was changing from year to year.
        Playability, Having Fun, and Having Style

        Downtown with a busy boulevard, public hospital, and a civic plaza.  Someone needs to water that grass between the hospital and town hall parking lots.
        As previously said, I want to focus on making the game fun to play.  There should be a balance between realism, which can never be perfectly achieved anyway, and "game."  Every piece of added content will build off of what the game provides, and statistics will be balanced in accordance with the traditional game.  A few exceptions will be the traffic simulator and agricultural simulator, modified by the NAM and SPAM respectively.  These mods are well-balanced, well fleshed-out, and improve the game experience tremendously.
        Also, nothing should feel like cheating.  It will be an immense project to try to re-balance the financial aspect of the game.  Going into this I hope to have consistent prices and incomes from various lots and objects.  Having goals and struggles are a huge part of what makes the game entertaining and engaging, and I think the sandbox play style that many players have gone towards has also turned some away by the boredom that comes with it.
        I envision a consistent style across my game, building off of the American architecture and city layout that Maxis designed.  Fortunately most content available conforms to this.  I will try to stick to High Definition content as well, as there is plenty of it available.  There are some good collections of old lots that use SD props, but fortunately many of them have been re-made or re-lotted.
        Alright, this is the end of the rambling article.  I'm going to split this up and make another post organized into specific sections of the game and the custom content I will use.  Thanks for reading~
      • By Mr_Maison
        Hello everyone. This will be my custom content showcase and workshop thread. In all the years I been a member here, I never uploaded any content but enjoying great work by other members. I take this opportunity to say Thank You to all content makers for making our city building experience so enjoyable. I feel that making content is overdue for me and I want to give back to the community. I have some buildings and trees that I will be showing in upcoming updates to this thread. I will also be asking for advice and help.
        9/17/2018 Release: Norway Spruce 2 Link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1515191700

        More info on last pages of this thread.
        Note: This post was edited 5/29/2015 to reserve this first post for all current updates.
      • By Czardus
        This Let's Play Cities Skylines series will be aimed at newer players.  We will be focusing on gameplay rather than detailing and keeping the use of mods and assets to a minimum.  The region is inspired by Scotland and Norway.
        Map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1509156361
        Mods & Asset List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1508633016
        In this episode, we get the city started by building the layout of what will be known as the New Town district, and unlock the second tile.

      • By chfzdn
        My laptop has Intel HD 3000 and I have $8 on my school saving. I want to buy $5 Steam Wallet. There are discounts on Steam. Should I buy Cities: Skylines (around $5) or SC4 (almost same price)?
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