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Simtropolis Challenges - Season 3 Logo

City Showcase - 
Show the best scenes from your city - 
Season 3 - Challenge #23 - Monthly (47 days) - 

Results Announced Here!

Thanks to @MushyMushy for the challenge idea.


The previous challenges have all been focused around specific themes. We've visited urban, rural and night shots, amongst waterfronts, railroads and bridges. There have been a multitude of magnificent creations from many magnanimous mayors! *:yes:

But this time, in the final Monthly challenge of the season, we're throwing the doors open, giving you freedom to present any of your finest city-building scenes.

You may enter up to 3 images you've created from your cities, towns or villages. The image(s) can be anything you'd like, not necessarily depicting high density and skyscrapers -- it could even be a more rural or desolate location. Basically anywhere big or small where your citizens reside. As usual, you may also use custom content and/or image editing to enhance the appearance. This is all about providing an empty canvas (or 3) for you to express your unique city-building creativity. *;)


This is a  Monthly  challenge running for a mammoth 47 days.


Submission Requirements

  1. The submitted image(s) must include a form of human settlement (e.g. city, town or village).
  2. You may use any city-building game -- including SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines, SimCity (2013), and CitiesXL / XXL.
  3.  You may submit a maximum of 3 images into the challenge album. These can be from the same or different locations.    *:read:

    a. All your entered images will be eligible for voting, however only your highest rated image will be used in the final ranking.
    So basically there are 3 opportunities to gain a place in the results, with no downside to submitting more than one.

    b. In the event of images having an identical rating and votes, the earlier submitted image will be selected.

    For each submission, you may link a larger version in the description, or post inside the comments section. Please see this post for clarification.

  4. For the purpose of voting, please check a full title & description are included on your image(s).
  5. Your image(s) must be created solely by yourself, without any assistance from anyone else.
  6. To qualify for entry, please ensure your image(s) are uploaded to the submissions category, and comply with these requirements.


Leaderboard Rankings  *:read:

A new leaderboard system is currently running for this season. This has been designed to incorporate all challenges, linking with each set of results.

Each place in a challenge has points on offer -- the higher you finish, the more points you gain. Then at the end of the season, prizes will be given out to the top 10 in the final standings, with the winner being crowned the Grand Champion! *:ducky:

This  Monthly  challenge is eligible for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards.


Full details and the current standings can be viewed in the following topic:


The winners will be the top 3 ranked images after a 10 day voting period. Reputation prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries, and the overall average rating. See this topic for more info.

For this  Monthly  challenge, rep prizes will be given for the top 5 placed entries, along with points for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards.

Good luck everyone, let's finish Season 3 in grand style. *:thumb:


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41 minutes ago, Abrams124 said:

Ah crap,my pics are larger than 2 MB :(

This is due to current site bandwidth limitations.

Don't worry, feel free to downscale (resize) your images, then post the full resolution in the description or comments section. ;)

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With the surprise GOG.com Giveaway running through Monday...   (Which is completely separate to Simtropolis Challenges)

Voting for City Showcase will now open on Tuesday 14th February, for the allotted 10-day period.

So there's still time for anyone to enter, or add to their existing entries. Remember up to 3 images are allowed per author.

Thanks all. :)

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  • Original Poster
    Please visit the challenge album to cast your votes! :read:

    Voting will be open for 10 days.

    Voting Rules

    1. Votes may be cast by rating images inside the album.
    2. You may rate all entries once at any rating value (1-5). All votes are anonymous.
    3. We encourage you not to rate your own entry.
    4. Try to vote on all other entries, as this will help ensure the results are evenly distributed.


    Suggested Voting Criteria

    Here are some ideas to help you evaluate each entry when voting:

    • How well the image portrays the mood & atmosphere of the city.
    • The extent of creativity used within the scene, or throughout the image's composition.
    • The amount of attention to detail, adding to the overall appeal.
    • How much effort you think has gone into creating the image.
    • Does the image stand out as being visually interesting?


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  • Original Poster
  • Results Announcement

    City Showcase
    Show the best scenes from your city
    Season 3 - Challenge #23 - Monthly (47 days)

     1st Place 

    176  Rep
    38  Bonus Points
    126  TOTAL Points

    A city of golden splendour from up high...


    Sydney Panoramakorver


    "The harbour city in all its glory."

    You may have seen my Sydney recreation before in my CJ True Earth here, but you've never seen it before like this. I felt like a panorama was the best way to truly capture this amazing city for this final challenge. This panorama showcases the entire center of the city from Hyde Park on the far left to North Sydney on the right, just past the iconic Harbour Bridge. To top things off, I decided to showcase the city in a sunset setting - while Sydney is amazing at all times of the day, I felt like there was just something truly magical about seeing Sydney in the sunset.

    View the Full Resolution image. (2 MB)
    Click here to view the album entry.


     2nd Place 

    106  Rep
    23  Bonus Points
    106  TOTAL Points

    Mass manufacturing on a mammoth scale...


    Industrial BehemothTakingyouthere


    View the Full Resolution image. (3.7 MB)
    Click here to view the album entry.


     3rd Place 

    79  Rep
    16  Bonus Points
    94  TOTAL Points

    The past preserved for the present...


    City on a HillArn71


    "Historical city on a hill with cathedral in the center."

    View the Full Resolution image. (1.5 MB)
    Click here to view the album entry.


     4th Place 

    53  Rep
    13  Bonus Points
    86  TOTAL Points

    From above you can count them all...


    The City of a thousand Bridgesfeyss


    "A huge mosaic from Alijstar and its canals."

    View the Full Resolution image. (14 MB)
    Click here to view the album entry.


     5th Place 

    26  Rep
    10  Bonus Points
    77  TOTAL Points

    A city blend of classic and modern architecture...


    Bassenheim - Overview_Michael


    "An overview mosaic from the City of Bassenheim."

    The city was shown in more detail in this CJ entry.

    View the Full Resolution image. (2.9 MB)
    Click here to view the album entry.


    A big hearty congratulations to the top 5! *:thumb:

    The remaining entries (6th to 18th) are ranked as follows...



     6th Place 

    62  TOTAL Points

    Eamonn Isle's NLstonyr

    Click here to view the album entry.


     7th Place 

    57  TOTAL Points

    Grungy RoadLn X

    Click here to view the album entry.


     8th Place 

    52  TOTAL Points


    Click here to view the album entry.


     9th Place 

    47  TOTAL Points

    Downpour of TeufortMewds45

    Click here to view the album entry.


     10th Place 

    41  TOTAL Points

    City by the Bayslickbg56

    Click here to view the album entry.


     T11th Place 

    36  TOTAL Points

    Overgrown ParkingAbrams124

    Click here to view the album entry.


     T11th Place 

    36  TOTAL Points

    Bienvenue à CormenneThemistokles

    Click here to view the album entry.


     13th Place 

    26  TOTAL Points

    Small Towncenter in Fallphilforhockey51

    Click here to view the album entry.


     14th Place 

    21  TOTAL Points

    Den Otterdam SouthFroggy_NL

    Click here to view the album entry.


     15th Place 

    16  TOTAL Points

    Abandoned SubwayMisterBlueStar4

    Click here to view the album entry.


     16th Place 

    10  TOTAL Points

    Watch the RoadGoKingsGo

    Click here to view the album entry.


     17th Place 

    5  TOTAL Points

    Southport Casino districtgbw2k14

    Click here to view the album entry.


     18th Place 

    3  TOTAL Points

    Lancaster Pointe, SC5, Entrance to the CityRandyE

    Click here to view the album entry.



    The rep prizes have been awarded, with the top 3 images to be placed in the Hall of Fame.

    For authors who submitted multiple images, only their highest rated entry has been included in the above ranking.

    As this was a  Monthly  challenge, points will count towards the Monthly and Custom Content Leaderboard, along with the Global Leaderboard.

    40 images in total -- Thanks to all who participated in what was truly a splendid showcase of your creations! *:thumb:
    Shortly there will be a final update to the Leaderboard rankings, followed by prize announcements and a recap, for what has been another memorable season of city-building.


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      • By adsii1970
        A brief introduction to the problem: 
        After spending nearly three hours trying to play the game today (this included installing mods I downloaded before I "broke" the STEX), I loaded the game to discover it was not displaying correctly. Instead of the image being centered on my nice wide monitor screen, it was scrunched and badly misaligned into the lower left corner and much of the left edge of the UI (user interface) was cut off. Immediately I went through various diagnostics in an attempt to determine if the problem was caused by my hardware configuration, a software conflict, or a bit of both. Here's the steps I did...
        I took a screen shot - this is the first best diagnostic tool you can do to help isolate the cause of a visual issue. For those of you not familiar with this method, let me explain why this works well: If it is a software conflict, your screen shot will be exactly the same as what is on the monitor. In most normal cases, this includes any distortion, discoloration, and other graphics issues. Without getting too nerdy, there are multiple ways to get screen capture utilities which is essentially what a screen shot is. Personally, I use Microsoft's OneDrive screen capture utility and the internal one within Steam, but Maxis included one within SimCity 4. There are other programs that do the same function as well... All each of these programs do is at the moment activated, they will capture an image being rendered by your computer's graphics card and save it as an image file. This is a very important diagnostic tool and can assist you in determining what you need to do to get the game working the way it should. In the case of legacy games (games that are over 10 years old or are no longer supported by their original publisher), there are instances where software conflicts will have all the characteristics of a hardware conflict - and the Electronic Arts/SimCity franchise is one such publisher. When I was really into gaming within the SimCity franchise (beginning with SimCity 2k, SimCity 3000, and later, SimCity 4), I spent a lot of time helping others make their systems work with the games. I learned from EA Tech Support in 2004 (The Sims), that all Maxis titles have a set of video/graphics dlls that are not changeable and can often mimic hardware errors and should be treated as such. Having two ex-wives and a few nights sleep since then, all I remember is it has something to do with the rendering aspects of the graphics software within these games. If it is a hardware conflict, your screenshot will appear totally different than what is on the monitor. And of the two, this is actually the easiest to begin the diagnosis process. In what I was experiencing, what I was seeing and what was on the screenshot were NOT the same. While the monitor was displaying the main screen of SimCity 4, it was offset to the left by 1/3 and down by the same proportion. But here's what the screen capture indicated:
        The image resolution, as you can see, is close to being a near square and is the default Maxis setting for SimCity 4. While the game was made for the top-of-the-line monitors of its day, there has been tremendous development in monitors since those early days at the turn of the century. As seen in the linked screen shot, the default screen settings are 1024 x 768. This was the reason why the display had a scrunched appearance (first problem identified ).
        One of the problems I was having is the ACER monitor (second problem identified ). ACER monitors have a nasty habit if having to be reset (turn off, count to ten, turn back on) because of what I call screen drift - the display seeming to fall off the edge of the monotor's field of vision. So I have had a lot of experience with this in other applications besides games. This is one of the reasons I decided to handle the issue as a hardware conflict rather than a software conflict. Here are the steps to solve this issue if you are using an ACER monitor:
        Update the ACER monitor driver through the Windows 10 Device Manager panel. Chances are Windows 10 will tell you your driver is up-to-date. Update your graphics card driver (this is a good practice to do anyway). Within your graphics card configuration settings, there should be a tool that allows you to set options by program. Open this tool/window. Intel's 630 graphics series drivers allows for the user to change some settings. Most graphics cards do. And most offer the option to override the application's default settings. Select this option and any option that allows for hardware (graphics card) based centering. This will force the Acer monitor to accept the centered output of the graphics card, regardless of what parameters it is receiving from the Maxis software.  Check to see that your Steam is updated (normally Steam does a good job of keeping itself updated). Once Steam is updated, go into the PROPERTIES of SimCity 4 and add the following line to the startup options: -CustomResolution:enabled -r1600x900x32 (1600 is the width, 900 is the height, and 32 is the color setting). Close the startup options dialog box, then close the properties box.  Here's a screenshot of what you should have:
        That command in the startup options will force SimCity4 (or whatever Maxis game you are running) to force these display parameters on the game. Both this launch option and the change in graphics hardware settings to override application settings will work together to resolve the video issue with ACER monitors.
        Here's a sample of the improvement I was able to achieve (once I quit complaining about having to do everything the hard way):

        Please notice none of the default resolutions are selected (since this has been done through the advanced start-up options in Steam). The software rendering normally would be the rendering files included within the game - but in the Intel graphics driver software, the option to override the application settings will allow the graphics hardware and drivers to do the work of the Maxis dlls (or at least that's the way I remember it). I know for the "old hats" of this forum, this may not be new information... but if you're new at this game and are struggling with this issue, hopefully this will help.
      • By KRMill09
        Hello all,
        I've been having a problem with Cities: Skylines. I was very excited to buy it, found it a bit "cartoony" and so shelved it. Recently a lot of amazing things have been made for it so I decided now was the time. Downloaded some mods and assets (mostly European buildings), but when I go to play it I cannot do anything. I start on a map but none of the buttons do anything.
        The game said to start a small road but I cannot click on any of the icons to build one. I took out most of the assets and the mods but I still cannot figure out how to start. Why so complicated? I am used to SimCity 4 and feel like a pro with it, so am I missing something in how to start CS?
        Also, I am more interested in using the game as a sandbox rather than actually playing. Is there a "sandbox mode" and if so how do I turn that on?
        Thank you. 
      • By Mr_Maison
        Hello everyone. This will be my custom content showcase and workshop thread. In all the years I been a member here, I never uploaded any content but enjoying great work by other members. I take this opportunity to say Thank You to all content makers for making our city building experience so enjoyable. I feel that making content is overdue for me and I want to give back to the community. I have some buildings and trees that I will be showing in upcoming updates to this thread. I will also be asking for advice and help.
        2/20/2018 Release: Bunya Pine Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307801978

        More info on last pages of this thread.
        Note: This post was edited 5/29/2015 to reserve this first post for all current updates.
      • By Jose26x
        Fast food restaurant an American icon that everyone knows.
        This restoration is unfortunately I want to create RICO, but I could not, because I do not understand well how to do it, it would be great RICO because you have to put the drive thru drive that cuts through the space.
        is created to appear in the commercial center in 4x4 L2.
        Give me a big finger up you subscribe

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