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I would say is ok,, apart that the roof seems to bright to me, but, with no game preview (bat render of it) I can't tell you much further. that's should be the way you would present us the models so we can better assess them :)

but looks promising.

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Wow, both looks very good, but the game usually isn't very careful with the smaller models and the original colours. It would be useful that you update an image of the model inside the game, to see if it matches the rather dull colour scheme and the texture scaling.

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Uh, in fact I have no idea about the precise method, but you can use whichever tool you have to change the colour, trying to match shingles that are in the game (low density 1x1 R$$ houses could be useful). Basically is to assume that Maxis got the colours wrong and that palette is now the standard, so you have to mimic it.

By the way, which material is meant to be the small roof on the front? Now it looks like concrete, and even if those things are very common on modernist architecture, they look a little bit out of place with shingles and A-shaped roofs.

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  • Original Poster
  • matias93: That material should be concrete, which I also think it's not looking good. Regarding the pallet, I callibrated Photoshop to match Gmax colors, but not sure yet if Photoshop needs callibration if working with 3ds Max.

    Another shot with some modifications. Changing roof and walls tiling improved a bit.




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    You can actually completely undo the calibration stuff. What that did was change the colors of textures so that in gmax the adjustments would cancel out the yellow of the "sun". In gmax since the lighting was so bad, and since the yellow tint made it hard to texture certain types of things, it was more understandable to try to correct for this.

    But in 3ds max the lighting is pretty natural and neutral looking. Most of the time you can actually use accurately colored textures. Now of course most of the textures you'll find online aren't accurate, and what "accurate" means is kind of arbitrary since different objects in real life have different colors anyway. So you'll still need to adjust some of your textures. 

    So most of your texture adjustments will be to make them seem what you would consider to be correct. 

    The adjustments for the game will be smaller. The game has a certain color scheme that has a lot of pinks and blues and purples in it. So giving your textures a red or blue tint will make it blend in with the maxis buildings better. Red is usually for higher wealth buildings and blue and purple are for lower wealth buildings. But these kinds of adjustments are very subtle, and developing an eye for colors in general is more helpful. For example, your garage doors have a greenish hue to them, and your siding is purple. 


    For your roof's uvw map, I've found that the "Map Scalar (WSM)" modifier is fantastic for pitched roofs. It automatically orients your texture and scales it uniformly. Because you want all of your tiles to be the same size. 

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    I like it! But, is it just me or does it look a bit oversized? Well, compared to the Maxis homes, I guess anything looks oversized...they are after all quite undersized.

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    That's such a cute little building! I like it so far!

    For the textures, I preferred the brighter appearance more, looked more washed out (it would need a bit desaturating, a tad less brightness and like Jason said maybe a subtle hint of blue or red then it would fit perfect).

    About the same tiling of the texture, another really handy way to do it is the Aquire button within the UV Map options. You click it and then you click an object which UV mapping you want to reference. In the pop-up then I usually use Absolut, which acts then like a continuation of the pattern on your current object with the same scale and same pattern placement. Very useful and something I somehow only last year discovered. Btw, the tiling size on the lower roof looks accurate. The higher roof a tad too big.

    And about the lights in Max, if you have Bat4Max already installed and you add the daylight system through it your renderings should reflect the way it looks ingame I believe.

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    Aside from color and saturation and those aesthetics, I think the roof belongs on one style of building, and the body belongs on a different one. 

    The horizontal slats and front porch make this look like a very typical building you would find anywhere in "Americana," from suburbs to more rural, small town areas; yet the roof being made of terra cotta tile points to a more particular and specific provenance and locale.  It doesn't look like a more modern building from the design (that is to say, recently built) so the roof treatment seems to me to be a strange choice.  In fact, I just googled "terra cotta roof" to see what came up, and most of the images I found didn't look anything like the body of the house on which the roof in these pictures sits.  Plus, someone more familiar with architecture might be able to answer, but the pitch/angle of the roof may also be throwing my perception off - this pitch seems too steep for a terra cotta roof (at least to me), which also adds to why it might be incongruous.  On top of all that, the vast majority of pictures I found showed hipped roofs in terra cotta, not gable roofs.  I think this is what is throwing me off the most.

    I think the roof should be shingles, similar to a texture for gable roofs seen in the game.  I think it would fit better with the rest of the building, and match more of what is available within the pool of Maxis buildings in-game as well as a large chunk of similar user-generated custom content available here and elsewhere.  But that's just my opinion.

    One other thing to watch out for when texturing - you can barely see it in the preview renders in-game, but you can see it in the 3-D shots you provided - be wary/careful of how your horizantals line up, both with themselves, as well as with architectural elements on which they are the surface textures.  If you look at the corners of your buildings, the slat lines don't quite line up or match from one wall to the next.  Depending on the texture, size of BAT, etc. this can be a glaring error. Also, in some areas, particularly the top of the "cutouts" of the garage doors, the slats should probably align with those horizontal details; as it is, it looks like they had to slice a portion of the slats out when they "carved" the garage door.  You can't really see it in the in-game render, but sometimes stuff like that does show or pop up...

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    Wow, you're really making fast progress! :golly: It's also a positive sign IMO that you are not easily satisfied with your results and question everything - unless you overdo it, that's a healthy kind of perfectionism that will lead you to better and better BATs. Keep it up! :)

    As for your current dissatisfaction, there are some good suggestions from madhatter106 there, and I'd like to add that the roof might look better if you actually modeled the ridges.

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      • By AmiPolizeiFunk
        Hi Simtropolians,
        I'm building my home town, Berlin, with the help of your many mods and assets (I am using 70+ mods and 600+ assets). I started playing Cities:Skylines about 2 months ago and I'm enthused by the activity happening here and in the Steam Workshop. Thank you guys! 
        I'm endeavoring to add some of my own custom assets to the Workshop, but I'm new to the entire process. I'm good at photoshop, but I suck at Blender! I booted blender for the first time last week, so I'm at the rough end of a steep learning curve. You guys have been very helpful to get me over a few stumbling points. Now I'm getting ready to publish a couple of items and I'd like to run them by you first. I'm trying to start simple, but even simple objectives seem to morph into week-long efforts. Please let me know how my work can be improved.
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        It's starting to look decent in-game, but I still have some shadowing issues that I'm working on around the windows.

        I'd like to improve the body texture so that it looks more silvery and less white in the sun (I'm using PhotoReal3 LUT and Daylight Classic mods).

        Here are my current diffuse and spec maps:

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        My next question is, what is a good approach to make the LOD model?
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      • By Fantozzi
        Xannepan was so nice to provide some of his original models - but sadly the are proprietary max, not 3ds format. So I can't use them in BAT tool. And I'm no student and can't afford and won't download 5GB just for this and ... blabla.
        For my next project I would need one of his models slightly modified.
        Now I like to reuse Xannepan's JENXAIRPORT Firestation to recreate a THW lot.
        I already did some props:

        I would need the doors in blue (roundabout - hue: 160, saturation: 210, value: 120). And that's all I would need to do on the model.
        So if nobody has time to change and re-render it maybe if you just could convert it into 3ds format? But as I don't know about nightlights and such things, maybe I'll mess it up.
        Can someone help me with that?
        Thank you.
      • By MarkShot
        Okay, I admit it.  I haven't played SC4 or Skylines for months.  I defected.  I realized that players here are like artists.  Through K6 I mainly got in trouble in art and music.  I was a professional software engineer/manager.  This is before the Web where art did not count; workflow counted; because my users were always captive.
        So, I have been playing Rome 1 (Darth Mod) and Shogun 2 (Darth Mod).  There is something about conquest and destruction that reaches deep down inside of me.  Yes, I know I am highly flawed.
        To the point:
        I watch TED lectures from time to time (while on the treadmill).  I have seen quite a few on city design.  But I look at both SC4 and Skylines and I see two products that make a tremendous amount of assumptions about what a city should be.  Many of the ideas in these TED lectures like going anti-sprawl and highly compact multi-functional communities are in no way easy to model in these games.  My point is they are beautiful artistic, but not really labs for experimentation in city design and impact on a host of factors.
        Maxis once produced a game called SimLife.  I tried both the DOS and Windows versions a few years back.  And it was little lab in genetics, selection pressures, and populations.
        I was just thinking how it would be quite cool if these games would allow the user to challenge the very notion of what a city is and explore and simulate.
      • By MarkShot
        I am currently living in Taipei, Taiwan.
        I was driving around yesterday thinking about this place doesn't look like anyplace else ... meaning even in a flexible game it might not be easy to capture the feel of Taipei:
        (1)  The lanes don't line up across intersections (and some cases the streets as well).
        (2)  I learn from SC4 and CS that roundabouts (not common in the USA) are to keep traffic moving.  There are many in Taiwan except that they all have traffic lights which seems to defeat the whole purpose.
        (3a)  Multizoning.  Like LD/MD residential with LD shops on 1F and 2F.
        (3b)  Multizoning.  Little farm patches simply stuck here and there.  (I suppose a ploppable vegetable path would cover this.)
        (3c)  Multizoning (underground).  Huge underground shopping complexes at major subway junctions.
        (4)  Roads within city limits which wind up mountains with slope and turn sharpness hard to reproduce in a game.
        (5)  Motorcycles everwhere (yes, on side walks)
        (6)  Tons of two way short residential blocks not wide enough for two ways; not gridded; often deadend
        (7)  Large amount of vacant real estate not abandoned (Chinese invest in real estate like in The West people invest in financial markets)
      • By sccolin
        I am new to 3d modeling.  I have successfully used Blender to make extensive modifications to some existing models dumped vie ModTools.
        I have noticed that all the models have about a 1 meter "skirt" that extends down underground from the outside walls.  I assume this is in case the model is placed on a slope and some of it is exposed then there won't be a hollow section.  However in some cases the models have pretty extensive underground sections using a lot of tris matching all the detail above ground.  If my assumption is correct, can't I just have a single piece (2 tris) covering the whole side wall?
        Here's I picture of a garage model showing all the extra tris below ground (the red line).  In this case they are also double walled. 
        Can I get rid of them for more efficiency?  Should I replace with a single double tri underground piece?

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