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Me and A Nonny never met eye to eye on many things but he was a person of who had shown me a lot about things I don't even know. In the short time we have met in this site, I did enjoy those times we have discussed and disagreed. Truly, he is a lost to the community but his legacy will never be forgotten. Rest in peace A Nonny. 

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I rarely struggle to find words, but this left me go silent for a few minutes.

I can't really say that this has hit me totally unexpectedly. But, just like many others, I had a great smile on my face after realising he had come online after a long period of absence. In fact, I even commented on his profile not too long ago, after he had returned to ST shortly after his birthday. Knowing this was his last visit or not even him, I feel bad. 

This man was propably older than anyone else here. And yet it was always fun to talk to him, he always had an opinion about everything, no matter what it was. I really appreacted and still appreciate him as a person and his character. It was so much fun to talk about classical music with him. 

Seeing his post about announcing his absence was kind of his post to say goodbye, it must have been a struggle over the past months for him. If it was, I'm sure he's better now. His last journey. And the only one he wouldn't let us be part of. 

My condolences go to his family and friends.

Nonny, John, or whatever I may call you, it was a pleasure to meet you. You're reunited with your wife and your dogs again. You will gladly be remembered.

Run free, my dearest and favourite Moose.

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Can't believe it. I'm here for the first time since ages and the first thing i have to read is this utterly sad message.

I think there is no way for any member on simtropolis not knowing a nonny moose and i bet he helped at least two third of the active players with some problem.

R.I.P. - unforgotten


strenght to his relatives.

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I remember when I started going on the forums way back in 2012 (Has it really been that long?) to resolve technical issues, Nonny was there.  He was the most helpful person on the forum.  I loved his username, that chatty moose as his avatar.  And then when I moved over to the off-topic section, he was there.  Not only was he there, but he was the best.  The content that Nonny provided for us on the off-topic, as well as the conversations we had with him on current events, were unrivaled.  He always gave us new perspectives on life, on matters both silly and serious.  And as we know, he has made more posts than any other user.

A few months ago, after we had stopped hearing from him, everything seemed different.  Without Nonny, the off-topic was just something  completely different.  It didn't really feel like Simtropolis without him.  He was the heart and soul of the off-topic.  Returning to Simtropolis to this news...  

We'll miss you, Nonny.

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This is some very somber news... I remember hearing he was going in for surgery but I never thought that he wouldn't make anything other than a complete recovery and return to his place here in due time. When he logged on a short while back you could see the relief in the community only to now be faced with the sad truth. I guess he knew that his time was coming and he wanted to take one last look at the site. He would of then seen all the well-wishes and I'm sure that brought a smile to his face.

He was a simtropolis institution, one of the pillars of the community and the site just won't be the same without him, RIP Nonny.

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As all of you already said, he was an institution, he truly was a personification of this site. Every time I had some problem and tried to find a solution, he was the first one I expected that would answer with solution, or get me to the right direction whom should I ask  advice for.

Thank you Nonny, may you rest in peace. You will never be forgotten.

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Wow. I don't know what to say. I have always respected and admired Nonny for his dedication and knowledge; he was unmatched in my eyes. He was always so helpful when people had technical issues (he helped me several times), and it was wonderful to see him discuss and debate in the various threads of Simtropolis.

I haven't been very active on here lately, and as such had no idea that he had gone in for a surgery, and was recovering. This made it particularly surprising and upsetting to hear of his passing when I logged in today. He was truly a great man, and a valuable member of this community. May you rest in peace, John.

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Nonny was one of the first to answer some of my questions when I first joined the site, he took the time to walk me through some computer things in PMs. At some points he was beating the newswires to the punch in the off topic section for me, I was getting some of my news through his posts, that's another thing that will be missed.


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We've lost quite a remarkable member of the community; if anyone is an icon for this place, it's him. Nonny contributed to the community in a lot of good ways, though also in a lot of ways which on the surface may seem abrasive or highly critical. However, this was not the case. Nonny's comments were often unapologetic - with the fair, but brutal honesty of a professor or teacher that commands your respect, not out of intimidation, but out of saying the meaningful and poignant critiques that truly aid us and can broaden our perspectives. He's a man that will certainly be missed around here.

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I've known John for a number of years, and considered him a good friend and colleague on the site.  He was very bright and exceptionally witty, still sharp as a tack at 79 years young, knowledgeable on so many subjects, and really a pillar of this site and this community.  Interacting with him was always one of the highlights of my visits to Simtropolis, and I'd imagine I'm not alone in that sentiment.  I remember he sent me a PM shortly before he started treatment--he was dealing with the same condition claimed my grandfather 24 years ago, so it hit quite close to home.  His friendly presence here will be truly missed.


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Nonny was an absolutely integral part to Simtropolis. I still remember from over a decade ago when he posted with the name N_O_Body. After coming back to ST from all those years of absence, I could still recognize that distinct moose avatar and his lively posts. Even though I hardly had the chance to interact with him, I loved reading every single one of his posts. It's a darn shame he's gone. Rest in peace.

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Wow, This really sucks=(. I remember seeing him around simtropolis quite often. For sure recognized the name when I arrived on the main page. A real gentlemn  I can tell from reading the posts above me , but even more so, a awesome contributor to this awesome community.


  John, I may have not know you personally, but I knew you as a user of this fantastic site and you sure did have a presence. I noticed it, as did many of us. And now with your passing, there is a hole.But cities , real or simulated, always come back, and we will do the same. It will be tuff, no doubt,  but we have this awesome community to get threw this hard time. We are after all "one community".  A chunk missing now, but still have each other. R.I.P John,and enjoy your new tools!. God mode is really your's now. Have a blast and do what you couldn't do or even dream of. You deserve it.

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I am saddened to hear this and will miss him.  His presence drove many of the threads on the forum as he was always willing to helpfully and insightfully share his thoughts and knowledge here, a community he visited daily for years.  Hopefully, our community was able to give as much enjoyment to him as he had eagerly given to all of us.

Thank you, A Nonny Moose, and rest in peace.


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I don't think there was a single regular on Simtropolis that didn't know John nor come across him. He has been here long since before I was, and it's a very sad day to learn that he is here no longer for the future.

Sending my warm regards to both the Simtropolis family and his own, in the face of this loss.
You will be missed, and cheers for the good times.


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I'm really sad to learn that A Nonny Moose has left this world. It's like Simtropolis lost some of its soul, and this will be a very different place without the Moose. My regards to all of his friends and family, here and elsewhere.

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What a sad new to read upon entering the site. I have no words worth of justice to his name and his legacy on the community. And I am sure that he will be dearly missed by all of us, as I believe that everyone, that used the site at least for two days, had encountered him somehow.

To his family, my wormiest regards and my condolences

Rest in Peace Nonny,



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      Devlin Square is an exquisite plaza with circular walkways paved with stone. The plaza is flanked on 4 sides with Daggerstra fountains.
      General Stats

      Plop Cost: $350
      Monthly Maintenance Cost: $5
      Bulldoze Cost: $20
      Pollution Amount: Air -2, Water -7, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
      Pollution Radii: Air 4, Water 6, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
      Landmark Effect: Amount: 20, Radius: 10
      Park Effect: Amount: 30, Radius: 15 Custom Menu Icon: Yes
      Custom UI: No
      Custom Menu Description: Yes


      BSC MEGA Props MJB Vol. 1 BSC MEGA Props CARCH Vol. 1 Textures
      BSC Textures Vol. 1 Enjoy!
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Site Upgrade Announcement   
      I'm pleased to announce @Dirktator has confirmed that today, Simtropolis is scheduled to receive a significant site upgrade. In the process we'll be incrementing the site's version to ST9.0. The latest major update to the IPS Suite will be applied to bring a whole host of new and exciting features.
      Most notably:
      Reactions This will give more flexibility to describe why you like a content item.
      It'll allow Reactions to be tailored to best suit our community, such as with custom sets & icons.
        Recommended Replies A way for helpful, informative or useful replies to be highlighted inside a thread.
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        Content Messages Allow announcements or important info to be seen within a content item.
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        Gallery Improvements A range of enhancements for uploading Gallery images.
      Usability improvements also introduced for albums, and also the navigation with the image lightbox display.
        City Journals Sidebar CJ authors can optionally add a sidebar with information about their entries.
      This uses the post editor, so text or other media can be added. HTML access available on request.
        Letter Profile Photos The default avatar replaced with a random coloured background, featuring the 1st character of a username.
      This will only affect users who haven't changed their avatar from the anonymous grey silhouette.  
      There's also the Clubs feature, which will restore a similar functionality to the old Groups. The advantage here is it's integrated and built into the core software, whereas previously it was a 3rd party plugin that was made incompatible. We won't be rolling out the Clubs immediately, but we have some ideas on how they can be used more effectively this time around, since they'll allow more options.

      Plus a visual overhaul and an assortment of other minor changes.
      Along with a few other surprises in store coming soon, so watch out for those too...
      Expected Downtime   
      Since this is a larger update than usual, the site may be unavailable for a slightly longer period. It's scheduled anytime from 12pm noon EDT / 4pm UTC onwards (view clock), and we anticipate this will be no more than 1 hour.
      Should the downtime be prolonged, please check our Twitter feed for progress updates.
      Bugs & Stability   
      The new version has been released in a client beta for several weeks, meaning stability has been tried & tested. However as is common with any new software product, there's a chance for undetected bugs to crop up when applied in unique environments. Please bear with us if there are any instabilities to start with, and report them below or in the bugs thread.
      We'd love to hear ways the site and the above features can be improved or best implemented. If you've any ideas feel free to share them below. We'll also be opening threads specifically to gain feedback on specific aspects within the next several weeks.
      Thanks everyone, and we hope you enjoy the new site!
    • By NICK97
      I made a new community website for users to download, uploads mods and media related cities xl, cities xxl, SimCity, SimCity 4 and cities skyline, 
      Feel Free To Check Out My Community Website URL Link: https://www.citiesxlmods.com
    • By Cyclone Boom

      General Feedback Thread - 

      To help pass the time until the Awards Ceremony, here's a place to share your experiences of the new Trixies format. 
      What went well, and how can they be improved for next year? 

      As you're likely aware, this Trixies introduced various changes. Not only being the first time multiple years (2015 & 2016) were combined, but notably nominations were accepted in a special forum, allowing you to post and edit them in private. Based on your ideas, the Default Awards List was also created, and intended to provide a suitable baseline to cover the wide range of site contributions.
      In summary, here's a few possible possible topics of discussion:
      Award Categories
        Total available default awards: 101 Custom Content: 34 City Journals: 40 Community: 27
        Too little?  Just right?  Too many? Spread between categories. Coverage of types/themes? Any confusion or conflicting awards? Did the descriptions help or hinder?

        Nomination Process
        How did you find it compared to years gone by? Were the instructions clear and easy to follow? Was it helpful to edit and view your nominations? Any issues along the way?
        Duration of nomination period: 23 days (including the 2 day extension). Too short?  Just right?  Too long?

        Trixies Build-up
        Interviews To what extent were they helpful / enlightening? Types of questions asked? Format / presentation. More for next year?
        Content lists (2015 / 2016) Did they help with your decision making? Were they a useful reference? Should all content have been included in the lists? Grouping per author or per category?
        Community discussion How could this work better in future?
        Anything else which could be done in build-up?

        Trixies Promotion
        Too sparse?  Just right?  Too excessive? When did you first become aware of the Trixies this time? How useful was the info banner at the top?  Should anything else have been included? Were the countdown timers helpful? Visibility of the Trixies forum. Should any other banners have been added? Homepage features -- were they useful or too repetitive?

        Anything else?
        Post away!  
      We're always looking to improve the Trixies, and this was really a learning experience for everyone. Hopefully it worked well as a comeback after being absent for such a long time. But like anything, there's always room for improvement going forward.
      So if you've any comments or suggestions (even not on the above list), big or small, please post below and we'll take them into consideration. Feel free to post multiple times in this thread to your heart's content.
      And of course, you don't have to answer all the above questions -- they're just pointers.
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