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Ostriv - a new city-building game in development

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Hey there! My name is Yevheniy and I am developing a city-building game named Ostriv. It has semi-fictional historical setting of late pre-industrial era.

Here are some of the key features:



– detailed economic simulation and human behavior
People in game act like people: they have their own motivation, needs and skills. Citizens will take jobs only if they are satisfied with them (or they are desperate). They can sell goods and services to each other on the local market. Wealthy citizens could start their own business in your town and hire other people. You will need to influence your city by means of setting prices, taxes and various policies. Each decision will certainly lead to some reaction of the society.

– transport
For more effective resource transportation inside the town or for outer trade you will need vehicles. Carts and wheelbarrows could be built by a local carpenter or to be bought from outside.
The breeding of draft horses and oxen is also required to move resources as well as for cultivation of fields.

– unrestricted building placement
There’s no any kind of grid or angle restriction for placing buildings. Any building could be placed on any angle. Building on slopes is also available.

– roads modeling
Dirt roads are formed in a natural way at places, where people move the most. You can build paved roads for more comfort and better aesthetics, but they’ll be used only in case of reasonable placement.

– dynamic seasons change

– a unique visual style inspired by ukrainian architecture and way of life


Those are features that I've already  implemented and mostly sure about. There are more features coming as well as better visuals. Here attaching some screenshots of current game state.

(For more info visit: http://ostrivgame.com)

Would really like to hear your thoughts on game concept!


Now on Steam Greenlight:





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Looks interesting. What will the computer requirements be to run it? (Since my comps are quite old, that's the first thing I need to know. ;) )


2 hours ago, yevheniy8 said:

A player has no direct control of citizens.

May I suggest simply removing this sentence? Starting off with something which sounds negative (telling peeps what they cannot do) might not be the best advertising. Perhaps keep the presentation to what they can do like the rest of that paragraph.

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  • Original Poster
  • 4 minutes ago, CorinaMarie said:

    What will the computer requirements be to run it?

    It definitely won't run on old Intel HD integrated video, but it runs perfectly on my GTX770 and quite laggy on 520GT. I will add more info as I test it on different setups.


    8 minutes ago, CorinaMarie said:

    May I suggest simply removing this sentence?

    Very good point) Removed it from info.

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    The dynamic sky looks good. For the bridge and new buildings, a closer view would be nice.

    Btw, can you tweak the gravity? The things on the right and left edges of the pics look a bit tilted. It's especially noticeable on the left with those trees.

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  • Original Poster
  • On 15.10.2016 at 10:58 PM, CorinaMarie said:

    The things on the right and left edges of the pics look a bit tilted. It's especially noticeable on the left with those trees.

    That's a matter of "field of view" setting. It'll be adjustable in options.

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  • Original Poster
  • On 25.10.2016 at 0:47 AM, BugeyedDragon said:

    looks like it's gonna be great. hyped for it!

    Thanks! By the way, I've made a big gallery update on http://ostrivgame.com
    Now all the screenshots are with UI + improved visuals. And also a new devlog: http://ostrivgame.com/big-gallery-update-and-development-progress/

    (unable to insert image for some reason..)

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  • Original Poster
  • 4 hours ago, calpolyfan said:

    could use a larger variety of buildings, and hopefully more dynamically created yards, instead of being so uniform.. If you could do that.

    You're absolutely right! And both of that is still coming.

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  • Original Poster
  • Okay, so yet another month of development has passed and a lot of new things added to the game. Not that lot to show though, because most of things were about secret inner workings of the simulation, game saving and path finding. But, anyway, my development approach implies never getting stuck on same task for too long to save productivity. So there's a bunch of new buildings and visual improvements to show. You can read more on my site or IndieDB with one of these links:

    Here are some of new screenshots:



    Don't forget to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter

    Looking forward to hear from you!

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    It's looking better and better. And since your initial post and my question about what the computer requirements will be I've gotten a slightly better comp. I'm still lacking on the GPU tho.

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