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  • In the process of moving at the moment but I found time to start a new project.

    I'm batting and lotting a series of abandoned trains stops. Trying to convey a sense of decay and abandonment.

    Trains will still cross the lots, some are still barely functional and some are just completely left to the inclement of time.

    Here is a DTR one, placed in the sleazy part of the map....still functional.









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    Great look for an economically depressed locality (seedy neighborhood, abandoned industrial park, etc.). I like the graffiti - for some reason you always find it near railroads and it would add a splash of color to a grungy area.

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    6 hours ago, Simmer2 said:

    Uhm no. I made everything you see. That is a Gmax screenshot from my comp.

    Oh cool, I was thinking I'd seen some barriers with graffiti there.

    I totally agree with rathefalcon's assessment.

    I'd would be great if you were to make little hobo tents and or shacks. (please, please, please), hahaha.........ahem, but seriously.

    As added realism you could add graffiti in hobo code, I have limited knowledge of this.

    Just ideas for you consideration.

    Fine work Sir, fine work indeed.

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  • Thank you everyone. I'm already working on a 3rd generation version which will have nite lights. Pics will be shown soon.

    On another note, final preparations are underway to ensure a smooth release of my pipes project.
    We should have lift off in 48 hours or so :)




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  • Next piece of the subway depot is done! Full HD  :D

    SM2 Main Transformer used to feed the power hungry 3rd rail. 27,000 Kva to 625 Kva.
    Here it is just shown on a small lot but it will be part of the main subway depot.



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  • Thank you Tibi!

    Big update, only thing left is search and destroy bugs and a careful polish of the 100's of props used.
    I created dozens of new props for this project and they will be released before hand as SM2 Prop Pack Vol2. The timed family pack will be released with this lot. There are over 150 on the pack Timed props are on a 8 hours schedule in order to make the lot more lively.

    Of course, the lot texture is completely custom made!

    Regarding the triple track layout. I decided that there will be only one that actually will allow trains to pass across the lot the, middle one. The outer tracks have train props on them therefore it will look awful to see trains go through them. However, they will still connect to the rail network visually. Also, the road entrances are TE'd across both connections.

    Connection between the outer tracks to the inner one, outside the lot, must be implemented when connecting with the rail network.

    Here are a few pics.


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        Iv'e tried putting them in both plugin folders and don't have any other passenger trains installed.
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