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Paradox Logo Loading Screen Freeze

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Hey Guys,


I have the following problem:

First of all after a while of not playing i wanted to start again. Game loaded, the Map Editor -> Freezing halfway. Bit of testing and reloading. I deactivated all mods and assets in the content manager. It worked. Then i wanted to go back to main menu -> CTD. Ok restart, but now the game is freezing at the paradox logo.

So i searched a bit and found out, that unsubbing mods helps. So i put the 255710 Workshop folder to the desktop and game loadded fine. If i put assets back in the folder, they're showing up ingame. Mods not. If i put the whole folder back with all mods and assets its again the paradox logo freeze.

My idea was that maybe the improved assets panel made it possible to load it in the first way but im not able to get it running again (paradox freeze or if i put only this mod in the folder it doesn't show up. Already tested a few other mods, there not showing up in content manager, too...

Any Idea?

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My game completely crashes at the Paradox logo... I have the game on Steam and I used to be able to run Steam in offline mode and it would work, now not even that is working. :???:

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  • Original Poster
  • @collgab I ran it in offline mode and already in online mode, makes no difference


    @judazzz You gave me a bit of hope, but i already subbed to the Mod. My main problem is, that i can't get the mods working anymore. If i have the hole workshop folder it freezes at paradox screen. If i put the mods manually in the empty folder, theyre not showing up ingame. Assets are showing up, if i add them manually.

    but i only tried it with a few mods, maybe isolated alone workes, but i dont think so...

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    I have the same problem.  I can't play the game with any workshop subscription.  Mod or asset.  I have deleted all of my saved games and maps and the only way to play the game now is with -noWorkshop -disableMods in the launch parameters.  I can unsub to anything and I just get the logo screen.


    This is frustrating.  I can't play the game and between 8 minute load times, updates that absolutely crush mods and assets I am just about ready to give up.  As it is I have no save game files anymore because of this update.

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  • Original Poster
  • You can go to the workshop folder SteamApps/workshop/content/ and then move the 255710 folder to the desktop. This way i can play, but only without mods. I'm actually trying a bit with moving the assets asset per asset back and try if it works. i actually got a mod working. I'll test a bit further and maybe find a solution


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  • Original Poster
  • Ok i got a mod running, but others (for example configural slope limits are not showing up :()

    the isolated failures mod is now in the game, so how can i find out, why a mod is not loading?

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  • Original Poster
  • now it gets weird. The mods (despite 25 tiles - which was working all the time) could be choosen ingame if i subbed to them ingame via the workshop. So i thought ok, would be a long way, but maybe i can get them running again. But a quick test and restart only showed the 25 tiles again :(

    Now im really frustrated. Is that a common problem, that the mods are "disappearing"?

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