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Let me start by saying: I'm not an architect, I don't know anything about architecture, but I like to see different kinds of buildings and architecture, I hope this is not offensive to someone but which do you think it's the worst building in the world?, the one you don't want to be place in your city, Mine is Torre Agbar, I don't like this building. I live in Mexico, we don't have a lot of skyscrapers here.

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1. The Trellick Tower in London: whoever designed it was playing waaaay too much Donkey Kong at the time.

2. The AT&T Long Lines tower in New York City: This is the Department of Homeland Security's real Headquarters, and where they bring you if you speak ill of Father George. Just a warning to all you dissenters out there.

3. The Nagakin Capsule Tower in Tokyo: Well, I guess something had to be done with all those old laundry machines, but this is just excessive.

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Date: 12/2/2005 8:27:26 PM

Let me start by saying: I'm not an architect, I don't know anything about architecture, but I like to see diferent kinds of buildings and architecture, I hope this is not offensive to someone but which do you think it's the worst building in the world?, the one you don't want to be place in your city, Mine is Torre Agbar, I don't like this building. I live in Mexico, we don't have a lot of skyscrapers here.



You don't like Torre Agbar. I hate Torre Agbar. Case Settled 48.gif

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I think that the worst is the Plaza Tower at new-orleans.  When I saw it for real last summer,  it makes me sick.45.gif

P.S.   I already made a thread about this .

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Sebrat13wildcat: Montparnasse: Hmmm, I like it's clean lines and slight curves. Not attractive, but not very ugly either. I guess it's just personal tastes.

Now the one above it looks menacing in a way, Like a large missile.

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ANYTHING designed by Le Corbusier (designed the UN)

The man was more interested in making a statement than he was with aesthics, which really bothers me because now we're stuck with his crap, like stains of concrete on the landscape, long after the statements are obsolete.
An architect should always strive for at least some semblance of timelessness.
Here are just a couple real gems..
If he had had his way, about 1/3 of the city of the Paris, the most historical part, would have been demolished to build THIS
<ahttp://www.ica-net.it/quinterna/2000_todayrivista/09/Image4.jpg width=800 align=baseline>
I didn't think it was possible, but he makes Frank Ghery's work look like warm, inviting spaces.

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Date: 12/3/2005 5:37:21 AM
Author: tracer1138
ANYTHING designed by Le Corbusier (designed the UN)

I didn't think it was possible, but he makes Frank Ghery's work look like warm, inviting spaces.

You should check out the Starchitect Discussion Thread in this forum, tracer, because I could use a fellow cynic.

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The Swiss RE is one of my all time favourite buildings; I don't mind the Torre Agbar either.

I dislike:
The GLA Building (The London Mayor's Office), because of the way it leans and the fact that it contains Ken Livingstone 26.gif
The Sony Building in New York is unpleasant:
I HATE the Tate Modern gallery in London:
The outside isn't too offensive, however inside it is dark, oppressive and dingy.  The exhibition spaces are comprised of a warren of minute rooms, devoid of natural light.  Galleries should be light, bright and clean, not full of small rooms and dingy black painted beams and wood:
Dark and horrible:
Vile black support beams, all dark, nasty cheap flourescent lighting:
Another infuritating thing about the Tate Modern is that it is impossible to get onto the right level, and navigate the building.  The escalators go up two floors at a time, the lifts are few and far apart, and the bottom levels are highly confusing because of the big ramp making the ground floor really the basement etc.
You buy tickets on floor 2 (really the ground floor), then the exhibitions tend to be on odd numbered floors, which the esclators don't stop at.
Horrid black stairs:
With cheaply lit handrails:
= the entrance to a strip joint.
BUT some of the best views of London are found from the members room and restaurant, in the glass bit at the top, as it is directly opposite St. Paul's

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Elephant and Castle, in tacky South London, is a total disgrace:

There is a collection of nasty buildings, especially this pink clad shopping centre:
src=<ahttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/3a/Elephant_shopping.jpg width=300 border=0>
This is said to be one of the ugliest buildings ever created in the UK.
Luckily the whole area will undergo a multibillion pound development plan (I think), but not until 2010.

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The GLA and Swiss RE buildings are 2 of my favourite's in the world. I especially adore the Tate Modern too.
My hated buildings at the mo:
London Bridge Tower - It's 100% out of place
Horrible American Crap - Blurch
Russian Stalinist Stuff - Its really horrid
Tapaei 101 - Its just ugliness gone mad
<ahttp://nosheep.net/wp-content/upload/450px-31-January-2004-Taipei101-Complete.jpg width=416>

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I rather like the Taipei 101 myself, but it is your opinion. 2.gif

Anyways, the things I hate are some buildings in Dubai. One of them is twisted up and too unrealistic, which kind of messes up the beauty. Others are rainbow-colored buildings or buildings with bright colors. Especially tinted pane glass. 14.gif

Emirates Hotel Tower- A charming building, except for the bronze glass, the spire, and the odd shape.

But all the other buildings, such as the Burj Dubai and The Pinnacle are pretty beautiful in terms. 1.gif

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I agree with you 100%!  The space does not respond to its surrounding areas, and in my personal book, that is equal to failure.  The space is glass on all sides meaning if you office is on the south side of the building your going to die from the heat around high noon.

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Now I agree Corbu's architectual spaces where not very inviting or attractive, but when you observe the theory behind his work it is quite amazing.  Corbu was concerned with reducing the ecological footprint left by large cities, and his idea was to reduce urban sprawl by zoning areas of high density.  At the same time underneath the biuling would be an array of pilars to elevate structures and provide space for plazas and mixed use zoning.

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Date: 12/3/2005 11:14:54 AM Author: justanothersim86

The Elephant Building in Bangkok, Thailand:


Lol, I like that, it's funny

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Who and I say who would build an building that looks like an animal. That's just laziness on the part of the planning boards. It even has a freakin mouth?!!47.gif

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good God tonkso! that is truly, utterly, and ridiculously hudeous! anyways, i think the new WTC in NYC is plain wrong for NY and the world. terrorist sites should not just be paved over, they should be memorials. it's just wrong thinking that where over 3,000 people lost their lives, 15,000 people should just forget about them and work on their graves!? that's truly indecent, even for New Yorkers. my personal favorite design were the two replica towers that were open air girders with observation decks where the old restaurants were in the towers. and at night, a giant shaft of light symbolizing strength and grief would beam towards the heavens where those countless souls are. also, the design for the new WTC is off with the rest of the skyline. i curse the architect and city planners who didn't dedicate that site. let them rot in Hell...

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The worst building in Amsterdam, in my opinion, is this building here:
It's the Dutch Film- and Television Academy and they had to demolish an entire block of beautiful Amsterdam rowhouses to make way for this piece of concrete and green glass! An absolutely horrible decision! 46.gif
Less radical, but still a big miss in my opinion is the extension to the famed Anne Frank House. The museum needed expansion room for a documentation centre, etc.. The Anne Frank House is the house directly left of the modern buildings.. Again, two normal canal houses were demolished to make way for these horrible buildings..
(This is the medium sized version. Click the image or  here to view the full sized version.)
These are just two examples of big misses in Amsterdam, but there are plenty more.. Sometimes I really wonder wether politicians in Amsterdam really listen to what people think of their ideas..
Oh, and then there's this monument:
This monument, which rises and falls depending upon the amount of sunlight and sprays flames on special occassions is meant to remember us all of World War Two and should be a place to pay respect to those who've fallen during that war. There are quite a few problems people have with this monument: number one, it looks like a bullet, which is probably not the best monument to war, secondly, it's a big fallic symbol.. Now, most Dutchmen don't make a big problem of fallic symbols and neither do I, but to use it to honour our veterans is asking a lot of tolerance.. I for one think it ought to be torn down in favour of something simple, like a plaque or a statue.. Sometimes I wonder wether artists just design these things for being controversial.. Argh.. 28.gif

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I would say that all of this is boto opinion and debatable, since there are very defined schools of architectural thought. Being from Boston, I would like to present a pair of atrocities that (in my opinion) currently afflict our humble town.



This is the Stata Center at MIT in Cambridge. It was much billed for its new and exciting look (which should always set off alarm): it was designed to look like it's melting. I certainly wish it would.


This one would be our wonderful city hall, which, in its defense, would likely make an excellent emergency bunker for the mayor. The problem is, they like to build those underground, where they can't be seen. The tragedy here is that the old Boston City Hall was a beautiful gold-domed stone edifice. What a shame.

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Like what other people said, I believe that the new WTC Freedom, Tower is gonna be one fugly building. The first design was much better, with more character and style.47.gif The new one is just a box.... with wierd sides, it's like one big wierd box with the sides cut of and a pinacle sticking out of nowhere side.32.gif
I really don't this that terrorists will want to destroy the WTC again, so I don't know why they had to change the freakin plans. This building is so disgusting now that I don't thik I will go to NYC again. I am a U.S. resident in New Jersey, and live like 20 miles from NY. Anyway, here are a few pics of the old ,really nice Freedom Tower
The new one is a piece of crap. Terrorists won't attack the same building twice... that's the only reason they changed the designs. They believed that the building was too vulnerable because it didnt have enough concrete support, the steel support beams were placed outside the buildings as well as inside, and there was too much glass.... Yea, Bullsh!t26.gif

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