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On 07/08/2017 at 5:29 PM, Arnold J. Rimmer said:

Here is showcase as I said


Hope you enjoy!



Great work there. Very smooth and the ramps gradients look great too

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Here's a couple of images of an interchange I did in my vanilla let's play series, Fairview Shores.  This is currently the main entrance into the city, though the city will soon be getting a new CBD in a different area.  The four sides of the roundabout include the highway, a farming area, a generic industrial area, and a low density commercial/residential area.  Underneath the roundabout is a park along with a rail line connecting the farms to the generic industry.



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My most recent highway exit. I've since added the rest of the roundabout exits and modified the surrounding road network to fit more nicely around it (the original grid layout came before the highway was built). I didn't bother fussing with merge lanes since the highway is at about a 10-12 degree incline in order to gain enough height for ships to pass under the suspension bridge just off-screen, and jagged slopes upset me. The second image is a rendering of how the whole junction exists in my head with my own set of traffic laws.



I'll post more images of the completed area when I get home in a few days.

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I was a member here some 7-8 years ago, back in my SC4 days. Recently started getting properly into C:S, so I thought I'd make a return here by showing off a few interchanges in the mostly finished areas in my first proper city *:D

This is the interchange on the starting tile, and is currently the main highway access for a number of businesses - and about 85.000 souls. While I left most of the original thing intact, I did add a sort-of C/E system that heads to an industrial area, which can be accessed in 4 ways (main highway, the 2 avenues, and a tunnel that also connects to the 6 lane avenue, which starts in the main suburb and goes underneath another river just outside of the top of this shot)


Now going to that industrial area, this is the first proper interchange I made myself. I hate it now. Rebuilt the entire thing once to smoothen out a big curve outside of the shot. Recently added the road connections as a relief to another interchange, and that tunnel also connects to a road for the same reason.


Oh yeah, that interchange kinda continues.


Okay, here's the whole thing. And If I actually stick to my plans for once then that unfinished area on the right is going to be downtown.


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1 minute ago, Koesj said:

Messing around with custom roads. I probably won't ever release them since @Ronyx69 is working on much better stuff.

You might still want to make your release. As mine will come with a lot of restrictions, very limited connectivity to other roads, and only manually placed pillars.

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5 hours ago, Koesj said:

Slowly working my way towards a city that makes full use of the Expressways @Ronyx69 provided us with. No pillars on this monster interchange up until now:




Very impressive, seriously. It's a monster, but it makes perfect sense and looks great too.

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Two interchanges from my city Rehnemund. I've been working on it since the release of Mass Transit and it has reached about 210k cims now.


Topmost screenie is the intersection between the (half) ring road, the airport and the main highway through the city.

Second one shows the (half) ring road mentioned a while further along it intersecting with a spur connecting to the harbor and downtown as well as a seaside community (the normal road going down).

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