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    • By airman15
      Day in and day out, you've realized you aren't getting younger. High school days slip further into the past and you can't even pawn your sports trophies. You're stuck at the same old job you've had for years and rarely get breaks. You're tired of your wife's nagging and your kids get under your skin. Your waist size increased.. again. And now your hairline is suspiciously further from your eyebrows than last week. All you want is to enjoy yourself, even if it means buying a sporty coupe that won't go around corners. Corvettes make the perfect toys to get away from that old runabout lifestyle! The same way you started wearing jean shorts, do what's best for you and live in the moment!
      About the Upload-
      There are eight vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 2016 Corvette C7. These are High-Wealth vehicles, given their average Blue Book value. They will appear on your road networks.
      None required.
    • By Koesj
      Check out what I'm working on right now at the end of this thread; my initial post continues below...
      Hiya people! I've decided to bite the bullet and (re-start) my modeling efforts for Cities: Skylines. My last effort kinda faltered at not knowing how to have a decent enough workflow going, and real-life commitments being in the way.

      Still, as a pretty long-time SketchUp modeler, I really felt like I should pick up this hobby of mine again and apply it in-game. As you might be able to discern from the picture at the right, I quit in exasperation at the point where I had just figured out object instancing in 3ds Max (my intermediate software solution) and some kind of UV-mapping workflow  Fixing up normals, efficiently doing multiple texture maps, and lods were still out of my grasp though.
      However, after putting a number of decent-sized (and seemingly popular) interchanges on my C:S workshop page (http://steamcommunity.com/id/koesj/myworkshopfiles/?appid=255710) I decided to really delve into getting a nice building done.
      And immediately bit off more than I can chew, because I wanted to do this one: 

      1000 de la Gauchetière in Montreal. Yeah. As a first building? Yikes!
      However, I came prepared with a ton of free time, and an urge to prove myself in this, so let me sum up the 10-day long process of trying to get this thing done with pictures and some descriptions  
      I luuuurve Sketchup, too bad that it generally produces nasty models for games:
      By being really disciplined about your modeling, stuff can definitely get done right, though:

      Through instances, for... instance:

      So I started UV-ing:

      And filling up my texture atlas:

      Then After Dark came out, deadline missed , and my model still had some faults:

      I feel like I'm pretty much done with the geometry though, and a quick diffuse for a post-modern building like this one isn't that difficult either:

      Never mind specular and illumination, those pretty much build themselves.
      Still, I feel like I've still got some nasty challenges ahead of me. Somehow my instantiation messes up normal maps (even after resetting normals post-collapse in Max), and properly baking stuff into textures kinda eludes me at the moment - with my lod showing stupid mistakes all round. Also, my texture atlas is an inefficient mess, with lots of empty space and stupidly rotated elements (before I 'got' what normal maps are for). 
      My first building! It's not yet done, but it could have been so much worse 

      Footprint: 10x10
      Height: 206m (I think the extra meter is either something going wrong with my crown, or at the building's base)
      Tris: 4575
      Texture maps: 1024x1024 - 10cm surface detail resolution throughout the model. And yeah I'm kinda regretting this right now!
      To continue the discussion we were having in your thread, AJ3D...
      Yeah I'd already figured the baking into the diffuse channel out myself
      Re: SketchUp. To be fair, I've kept ngon creation to such a bare minimum that it has only affected me once throughout the entire building. I look out for tri interpolition throughout my modeling workflow by importing into Max and checking the polys there. And honestly, SketchUp is so intuitive to me (in years of mucking about) that I'd rather stick with it until I've fully figured the texturing side of Max out. Only afterwards comes the point at which I'd consider upping my modeling game by learning to do it in another program, since right now it's way ahead of all the rest of my skills. 3ds Max is of course the place where I already do my UV-ing mind you.
      Let me check up on the normal map situation because I'm tearing my hair out over it!
    • By Silur
      Why the Persistent Automata does not work with NAM 36?
      My cars escape at the speed of light...
      I haven't any problems with SC4 Vanila without NAM - all cars live long  and long time ...  
      Can anyone help me before my check with genius ILives Reader 1.54 ... 
      May be this is very simple or no ...
      Waiting for answers from guru - do not have simple answers...
      May be the same Question on SC4Devotion.
      THANK YOU.
    • By Glenni
      Greeeeeeetings, all - Welcome to my humble hut, here I'll present my current BAT projects, old projects that i rescued from the depths of eternal damnation and oblivion, as well as various other side projects, such as Automata models (models for the vehicles that drive around in the game)
      It's nice to be back into this, It's been over 7-8 years since I last touched a model. And as you'd expect I am a little out of practice, I'm trying to learn all the little tricks and doohickeys in 3ds Max 2011.
      Aside from that I do have something to show for now, I figured I'd start with something simple, so here's your average filler 1960s concrete building. 
      Now as you can see, It has some render issues on the side there, suppose I'll have to remodel some stuff, it doesn't seem to like the model for the sidewall very much,

      Mighty funky indeed. 

      Close up, just 'cos they look cool.

    • By kschmidt
      What´s your favorite photo editor ?
      Adobe Photoshop since early this is conscidered the top Photo editor. Photo graphic effects making, differs from editor to editor. Personaly I always used the Jasc Paintshop Pro series. There several other editors like GIMP, what is you´r favorite photo editor ?
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