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Photo by Mark Matson for The Austin-American Statesman, "Changes at the Top:  A high-rise building boom is reshaping Austin's skyline.  But how will we like the new look?"

I'll be honest, I think most of it is boring.  Admittedly, this photo came from 2003, and quite a few new towering skyscrapers have been added, but the new additions are not actually all that different stylistically from what we see here:  non-descript, could-be-anywhere-USA, stacked-suburban-strip-mall architecture.  I read somewhere that while Austin's downtown had crossed a real estate threshold that is spurring tower construction, the margins are still tight enough for what is still a relatively small city that most buildings cannot afford to be too stylistically expressive or adventurous.  The conspicuous Frost Bank Tower is a rare exception, and its quirkily proportioned crown has been likened to everything from owls' heads to giant nose hair clippers.  I never thought I would find the pink granite ziggurat tiers of the older One Congress Plaza (in the center of the photo) to be handsome.

Neighboring San Antonio is following in a similar vein with its mushrooming of newly built or under-construction downtown apartment complexes.  I'm all for moving people back into the downtown inner ring and into as crisply modern a style of loft building as we might like, but there is something flat and lacking about many of the buildings actually being built or proposed.  The ground level streetscapes seem wrong...they don't look mixed-use or open on the ground floors, they look like mega-buildings trying too hard to look like collective blocks of smaller buildings, they need wrap-around or wall-to-wall sidewalk canopies, and they need complete tree lines.  Otherwise, we will get the architecture of the suburban pods plopped into our downtown.  If we are going to plop, then plop down these wall-to-wall, and you can do each one in any architectural style you want so long as the key ground floor and streetscape elements are in place.  Granted, that last is a rehabilitated, luxury infill, and perhaps having just crossed the threshold to make near downtown residential buildings worthwhile, the margins are probably still to small to not do it on the mega-complex scale.


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Seattle, Washington again.

Although it may be known very well in North America as a tech hub, liberal hot spot, the home of Starbucks, and as one of the coolest places for Millennials in the US, the city isn't very well known outside North America unless it involves technology or geology. People often underestimate Seattle's (relatively) unique inner-city architecture, and even the city's heavily forested outer-suburbs, which is saying something considering other big cities on the West Coast like Vancouver and Los Angeles don't really have super-unique skylines.


(Note that in the picture below sometime turned down the highlights to make the mountain look more visible, so the clouds look kind of weird.



Seattle is also famous for being a very cloudy and rainy city, and even though Seattle has a lot of rainy days, the rain falls very "lightly" so the actual amount of rainfall will never really add up high unless you go to the mountains, therefore it is not at all a good home for storm chasers or weather buffs.

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Zürich, Switzerland

With relatives leaving nearby, and me having visited here and the surrounding area many times, I must say Zürich is one of my favourite cities. It has beautiful architecture and a wonderful setting, and is perfect for a transport nerd like me. :D 

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Qingdao, People's Republic of China


Formerly the German concession of Tsingtau, hence the colonial architecture loosely based on pre-WWI Mitteleuropa in the older city as seen in the lone yellow church in the image above, and the continuing popularity of red-tiled roofs even in the newer city.  Thanks to the Germans, this is also the birthplace of Tsingtao Beer.  Like other Chinese cities, newer mass development comes at a mind-numbing scale.

The Taiwanese romantic drama "Silence"《深情密碼》("Shēn Qíng Mì Mǎ") was partially set in Qingdao with the subplot of a cynical real estate corporation plotting from its evil office skyscraper to squeeze out the orphaned residents of a colonial-era courtyard block so that it could be demolished and redeveloped into a modern megamall.  Amidst all the twisting drama we get an interesting virtual tour around romantic Qingdao, from the glitzy towers of New China to the nostalgic hills of the former German concession and even the city's popular beaches.  The show's pretty scenery also included actor Vic Chou as the ruthlessly romantic corporate vice president...squeal Zai Zai, waah Qi Wei Yi, wo ai ni :wub:


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On 24/8/2016 at 8:43 AM, Odainsaker said:

Formerly the German concession of Tsingtau, hence the colonial architecture loosely based on pre-WWI Mitteleuropa in the older city as seen in the lone yellow church in the image above, and the continuing popularity of red-tiled roofs even in the newer city.  Thanks to the Germans, this is also the birthplace of Tsingtao Beer.  Like other Chinese cities, newer mass development comes at a mind-numbing scale.

Well, it is clear I never stop learning new stuff here at ST... Tried that beer, quite an OK one to be brewed in Asia!

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Just another Tokyo pic...


Sexy Skytree by aquanuke at HDR Photography.

We can also see Asakusa Station, Asahi Beer froth and squirt, and the Asakusa Information Center.  The police box with the traditional roof at the intersection seems so cute.


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I must say I was stunned by the first post! Because that's where I was born and currently live in! (And didn't know there were people out there that considered our cityscape a gem! Wait until you drive in the city :lol:)

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Hiroshima, Japan.

The restored composite photo at the top from the Dōmei News Agency shows Hiroshima's ruins just days after the atomic bombing as seen from the tallest surviving building of the city's urban center.  The modern-day panorama from Kyōdō News was taken from above the same spot as the Dōmei shot.  Ground Zero is behind the camera and viewer, while Hiroshima Castle is just beyond the left edge of the panorama.

The Japan Times offers a much larger 3917x2345 pixel zoom of this image, which went on display last year in the Tokyo International Forum.


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New Orleans, Louisiana


I took this photo looking down Royal Street at the corner of Governor Nichols. It's so visually and spatially unique compared to most other Southern cities. 

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Qingdao, People's Republic of China


I found this image while looking to fix the broken link photo in my previous post of this city.  Drone imagery as April fog rolls in from Fushan Bay, photographed by Lú Huī (卢晖) and provided by the Xinhua News Agency.  The Fujian Daily's Dōngnán Network has a fog scenery page with other photos in this series that could easily have been right taken out of the science-fiction film "Blade Runner."


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      looks familiar? (i found once this image on a site about Streets, but it's my clip, no i don't mind... erm yes i would have liked if he would have referred to me)
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      a cool thing for both Wine and DXWnd, no stress with the 8bit depth (256 color mode) of the games.
      another hint for MAC users, to run SC2000 in Wine you have to set the OS to NT 3.15, only this will display the game in halfways good mode with working buttons, but the windows layout will be garbled. however it's playable and runs fine. WinSCURK unfortunately refuses to run proper whatever i tried (you can't select the buildings).
      if you have a extremely fast Mac you can try if you can get it to run in 3DFX mode, on my old Macbook i can't, wine breaks down if i use DGVoodoo and if i use the by Wine mentioned "3DFX Wrapper" (an OpenGL renderer) the framerate sucks completely even if you choose the lowest possible shading option, "3DFX Wrapper" didn't even runs good in windows, it can be used for a "Aha, such would have looked the game" but you can't use it for real to play a 3DFX accelerated game.
      3DFX part 2
      you can use for windows releases from 3DFX labs itself, they are quite good hardware renderers but offer no setup, thus you can't tell "use the games internal framerate" (important to avoid the error message) or lower shader options if needed so, neither you can set the proper color mapping for NVIDIA graphic cards (a cool option of DGVoodoo).
      further in DGVoodoo you can force mipmapping which will help to gain performance, but it looks bloody bad and i didn't even need that on my old XP, but Streets isn't the only 3DFX game so there will be probably other games where this could be helpful.
      this should help you to get the most out of those two old games, i'm really not lying if i say i rarely see those quite common error messages, i feel it runs even better as on a real win95 with the proper support of either Wine, DXWnd or DGVoodoo.
      for now i have to close, it's early in the morning, i will post far more tomorrow (my whole repo) or in two weeks, unfortunately i have no web at home and need to visit my old mother to use her macbook to communicate.
      ok a last thing i can link here, before i close my eyes (nah not forever - not yet)
      Streets has a "Racing Scenario Editor" hmmm.... "Racing" but it stores and loads the scenarios under "MOVIES". I found that's a shit and a altered the scenario editor to store them in "RACE".
      besides this editor only offers a percentage of what would be possible, i never quite understood why EA (or Maxis in this case) handed out only "crippled" editors with disabled functions (in case for the TWPGA course editor i unleashed some features, but why to hell was they blocked anyway? do they thought we are to stupid or what? or did they feared a user could make a better scenario as a dev?).
      here's the altered "racing scenario editor":
      to the scenarios more later, another reason why i post my stuff here is that i hope to find someone a little cleverer as me who can tell me how to interprete or disassemble the scenario files.
      dammit, it would be so cool if i only could add some police cars or stupid messages to the scenarios (eg, "you pass now the famous picayune"). i'm about to find out how it works (i started to make smacker clips for my scenarios already, but well i failed - i will see, it attempts to load my intro anim but it can't display it, so something must be wrong with the format of my file) but i'm far from understanding it well. in fact i did altered the AI cars once (as to see in my clip), but i'm not lying if i say i forgot how i did that and my usual notes i make when i do such hacks have vanished, thus i have to start at 0 again.
      see, you can have an intro animation and an intro text, none of the race scenarios uses this, but since the file format for all possible scenarios of Streets is the same the same things can be done for any scenario, i.e. position cops, position crooks, place packs, give bonuses, playback file, and so on.
      if i had full control over it i could make for any topic new scenarios, not only could - i would like to, personally i guess i'm a quite good game designer, at least i'm crazy enough, to crazy for some i found out in the hard way.
      one last word, one dude started MisCopter it seems to be a OSX rewriting of the engine, i contacted the dev once because it looks like he cancelled the developing, unfortunately he didn't answered to my request (damned i would love to make the models for it).
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      Imgur picture links on simtropolis no longer working due to maintenance, database error´s, site conversions ? Since my move to Imgur some 1 1/2 year ago everything have been transvered to this site ! Recently somehow randomly due to cache some appear lot not, but refreshing last CJ links wich got corrupted I aswell see these corrupted within no time, what is the matter ? Maintenance of simtropolis has trippled last year due to the site new site version or does it be to crowded, some ellements on the mainpage I may believe makes loading times take too long. Reeditin all content I will not do so any one who want to see of my work I liket to point to the two gallery´s Mayon Province and ANNO Europe as these contain most of these CJ series pictures. Long as this issue is around I will update the last two CJ, more may be deleted due. Hope we will find the cause of this issue !
      Sincerely yours,
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