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In the video, I think the RCI are well thought beacause the player can change the the length and the height when he wants.

Keep on your game ,anselm :) 

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Now there is some real progress and some very nice stuff.  You've been working hard.

Just a video production comment.  Those big windows you talk in front of need some drapes or other sound deadening material.  There is rather a lot of reverberation in that room, so from a sound point of view it is too bright.

Keep up the good work.

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Liked the zoning.  Anselm, your instincts are really great.  Also thanks for answering my earlier questions and concerns.  I had a few ideas based on what you had talked about.

Regarding plans and money, perhaps you could create some sort of slider interface where the player decides how much time and/or money they want to put into the plan.  So there might be a base cost, but if I had a ton of cash and wanted a project that might normally take 10 months to happen in only one month, I just throw more money at it.  If the player slides the time, it affects the money automatically, or vise versa.  I could see some limits, so for instance, maybe a 10 month project couldn't be done in 1 month, but could be done in 3.  Or perhaps the $/mo is not linear, but rather hyperbolic.  If base line 10 months costs cb30,000, then 5 months may cost cb75,000, and 3 months cb300,000 (or however the math would work out).  Not sure how difficult it would be to implement the idea, but there it is for consideration...

Regarding zoning, I am floored by how much detailed ability you are giving, particularly being able to move roads after the fact.  Yes sir. Indeed that was really cool.  A feature that you may consider adding would be to add a division line, similar to the control point question with roads.  This would divide the existing zone at the point the player selects, where both zones have the same parameters.  Then after if the player wants to only change, say the heights, or the zone type, but keep the rest of the parameters the same, they can. 

Along similar lines, being able to set a standardization for a parameter, so for instance saying that in this district or zone, the standard setback is 15 m, and the standard height is 8 stories.  Perhaps it's as simple as creating a selection feature where the player can select more than one zone at a time and set the parameter for all of them at once.  Come to think of it, perhaps there are data inputs or sliders when you select zoning that allow you to set these before you start zoning.  This could really cut down on the tedium if what you want isn't the standard zone. 

Also, will players be able to alter the zone after it has been in place and buildings have generated using those parameters, without losing existing buildings.  For instance, if I've had a city that has existed for a while, and I go back to the original areas I zoned, and I wanted to decrease the height.  The buildings that are already there stay, but any new buildings/tenets must abide by the new parameters.  This could be a great way to introduce gentrification. 

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On the question of zones, zoning and planning; one thing that I don’t see is land division in to lots. In urban planning, every single lot has a zone code assigned, that zone code regulates the uses, min and max offsets, building high, number of stories, building size to lot size rations, etc.

If you look at the map, even the streets have their respective lots, they don’t always use 100% of the surface. I have attached an example from a project we are currently working on (I’m a project manager, we are going to be renovating one of the buildings), you can see exactly how the land parcels are divided in regard to the area occupied by buildings and streets.


I believe that the planning tool/system needs to have multiple layers (from a planning perspective):

First: assign lots/divide the land

Second: create uses/types for zoning rules

Finally: assign zoning rules to individual lots


The lots them self can be generated procedurally or with some rules in mind, let’s say you would “zone” some land, then set an average lot size, the game/simulator would procedurally generate lots.

Then you would create a zoning rule, assign all the properties, etc.

Select the lots, assign the zone rule.

After that the rest is like we always knew it…


You could always have the option to add a zoning derogation for a specific lot, or create a brand new rule. As well as manually divide the land in to lots


All I’m trying to say is: it doesn’t have to be exactly like that, but in principal the land division dictates the geometry, not the zoning rule. Zoning rule is relative to the lot. Without the lot the zone is no good. 

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I don't think development has arrived at this level of detail at the moment, but is using some default kludge for illustration purposes.  I agree there has to be some kind of lot mapping eventually, but getting the road network operating well seems to have had priority.  I still haven't figured out what the goal of this game is.  What do the simulated people do?  Do they just get on with their lives (a full city simulation) or do they have some goal?  For example: in Banished the goal is to stay alive as long as possible; in SimCity 4 Deluxe the goal is to get the Sims to and from work.

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I totally agree, in project management the project scope creep is a constant issue. I’m not aware if ae did or did not create a project charter and clearly defined the scope of the simulation.

What I was trying to say is: considering that we are looking at zoning mechanics, this are the basic principles….

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I was trying to get to the Citybound wiki page, but it appears to be off line both yesterday and today.  The project definition is there.

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