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About the containers, if you look at the top of the red container, you can see the grey container getting reflected. To me that would indicated that the reflectivity of that material needs to be lowered. 

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The little effects on the roof are perfect, yes it looks like some real roofing material now instead of like a kids playground rubber or something. 

I really like this model. It changes things up a bit in our games with the roof color but it's still minimal enough to work. Would you consider improvising another model that could be like a long overhanging lean to style garage that matches this building. That could run along the back of the Lot(a different larger Lot that also contains this main building) to create a larger main equipment/truck yard that can be placed near a highway, and this one stays small to be placed in the inner city. 

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The nonuniform arrangement of each truck is too spot on! Every industrial lot I see in LA satellite images show lines of them and they are never as orderly as the default props! Will definitely be using this model when it's released!

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This is a neat little yard. Good work. :) Perhaps this could be modded as a utility building. May be as a recycle yard or garbage dump. I am always in need for urban garbage handling facilities. ;) Ideal for a large Asian city. 

I couldn't park in that yard. Even if my life would depend on it. :D


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This is still SimCity 4? I think this is the first time I've seen the lights shine quite like that in this game; they reflect just as they should.  I don't see one light cone anywhere.  Incredible! *:thumb:

The trucks look stunning too, as do the ever-so-slightly angled cars in the parking lot.

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Looks good!

If I were modding it, I'd definitely go CS, and probably would lean more towards CS§. It reminds me a lot of bixel's smaller buildings, and when I re-modded those, I made most of them CS§. Plus, IMO there's a distinct lack of mid-rise CS§ and CS§§.

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    • By Glenni
      I just Played SimCity 4 for the first time in almost 8 years...
      No mods installed, just the base game, but a wave of nostalgia hit me. It even put tears in my eyes to see it back, but they were tears of joy.
      Back in 2011, one of the main reasons I quit was that my computer failed, and I couldn't get a backup of my plugins,  BAT textures and models files. 
      On top of that, I didn't have a computer that could actually run the game, just a weezy little netbook.
      I had older backup copies, but they dated back to 2008, that was close to 3 GB of lost content, my own lot edits for my cities, etc. Plus an unknown number of forever lost BATs.It kind of put an end to my enjoyment for a while - but thankfully i turned out i DID have a more recent backup,  I found an external hard drive, with a backup that rolled me back a couple months back from the crash, meaning I only lack a couple things.
      First I plan to just get used to the game and community again, as well all the new content. The hundreds, if not thousands of new buildings, flora, cars, familiarise myself with the new (to me) NAM V.36 etc. There is a ton of groundbreaking things I've never seen, to get used to.
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      Hello there...
      I'm new to the world of Cities: Skylines. My brother told me about it on Christmas... I bought it the next day and now I'm making "stuff"! I'm going back to school for Mechanical Design (after 15 years as a footwear designer, drawing everything "by hand"), learning Solidworks, Creo and AutoCAD in school, and teaching myself 3D Max and Blender. This is a great outlet to practice everything with a purpose, rather than randomly building things.

      I'm really into 1950s & 60s kitschy Mid-Century Americana. So thats pretty much the style all my assets will be... bright colors and funky shapes... the cheesier the better! I'm going to use this post to share my creations. I'm still figuring out some of the back end info for creating assets... but eventually I'll start posting to the Steam Workshop.

      First up... a couple props! I love big, obnoxious signs! Expect a lot of those... Lol!

    • By heu3becteh
      Can you place props (like light and benches and whatever) in the Asset Editor precisely (be it grid snapping, display of coordinates or whatever)?
      For now the best I could do - is to check the coordinate values of props while placing them using Mod Tools, without being able to input them numerically.
      In Mod Tools there are a bunch of interesting properties found on...
      Tool Controller - PrefabInfo - BuildingInfo+Prop
      But I dunno if you can make changes made there affect the result?
      For now I just place Props and set colors as precisely as I can do it unprecisely (:
      Best regards.
    • By tariely
      Seeing how obsessed I am with lighting everything and the kitchen sink, a friend asked me if I could light Jenx QuaisdeSeine. I gamely tried. And found out it is way beyond my pay grade. The pieces swallow anything that is not the props specifically made by Jenx.
      My question is : is it possible to do that for light props (not lampadaires, they can be added easily and stay on see pic) but lightcones ? Would a kind soul do it for us if it is ? I was trying to use Jenx' own light cones -- the ones that go with his Pont Neuf. I'd added benches, also JENX-Porkissimo's, and you can see one peeking on the right ; Jenx made benches specifically for his pieces, OK, they can be used, but as for lightcones... naaah.

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