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Best Picture Competition

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Simtropolis Best Picture Competition

This is the easy, self running picture competition that everyone loves and enjoys.


Two pictures up at one time, with members voting on which one should win. Once an image reaches a specific amount of votes then a new member posts their picture to challenge the winner. If a member beats 4 members in a row their image is added to the hall of fame, and two new members pictures are posted for voting.


Visit the Hall of Fame Album to view winning entries!



(Updated! 19 Nov 2015:  Make sure you check the revised guidelines!)
New rules are highlighted.

1. During any one round that is active, in any given category, only 2 entrants can compete at a time. Entrance of any new photos during an ongoing round will not be valid to compete in that given round.

2. As stated, the competition will run in rounds. In order for a picture to qualify for the ST Hall of Fame, the image must win exactly 3 rounds consecutively. Wins broken by losses cannot count towards HoF induction, but may try again in a subsequent round.

3. Rounds will run to a best of 9 votes. This means an image must receive 5 votes to win each round.

For example, possible scoring sequences could be:

5-4  (9 votes)
4-5  (9 votes)
5-3  (8 votes)
3-5  (8 votes)
5-2  (7 votes)
2-5  (7 votes)
5-1  (6 votes)
1-5  (6 votes)
5-0  (5 votes)
0-5  (5 votes)


4. Each individual round is subject to a 7 day timeframe in which eligible votes may be cast. This time starts when the initial vote is made.

a. A round may end before this timeframe if an entry reaches the required 5 votes (see rule #3 above).

b. After the allotted time is up, if a winner hasn't already been declared, the image with the highest votes accumulated will be declared the winner of the round.

c. In the event of a tie between the entrants at the end of the 7 day round, a tie-breaking vote must be cast before the round can officially end with a definite winning entrant.

5. A competitor having competed against a particular photo from an opposition competitor cannot compete against the same photo and/or member [until after four rounds or eventual elimination of the opposition competitor's photo].

6. Participants challenging a picture must quote the original picture in their challenging post, this makes it easier for voters to determine which picture is better, and keeps all current images in one place.

7. First in first served. The first contestant to post will be the challenging image for the round.

8. All city-building simulation games are available to enter the competition.

9. An image that has competed once already in this thread, or other threads involving image competition, can be re-entered as many times as the user/competitor wishes. This is, however, strictly under the condition that the image at hand has not already won another image competition within Simtropolis Challenges, or the general competition thread here.

10. There is a standard requirement for any entrants to name their images accordingly, and round by round, image re-posters and posting competitors must display the name of these images, alongside competing members' usernames.



For Voters, please follow these simple guidelines to keep voting manageable and in order:

  • When voting for a picture post which picture you are voting for, and the current tally for both pictures. i.e. Author A 4 - Author B 2.


  • If your vote creates a winner, announce that they have won and invite a new contestant. Also, if you jump to a new page with your vote, quote the previous images so they transfer to the next page.


  • Voters who cast the ending vote for the active round cannot participate an image immediately after the round is over. A 30 minute cool-down period after the vote is made must take place before you can present a competing image (Unless someone has already presented one within the cool-down period).


  • Also, as a matter of convenience, when voting for a competitor please highlight the competitor's username that you are specifically voting for. This makes the voting counts easier to assess in the case of a miscount or bump in the results.


  • Participants that have entered a round, but lost to fellow competitor cannot enter a new image until four rounds have passed. That being said, a competitor having competed against a particular photo from an opposition competitor cannot compete against the same photo and/or member [until after four rounds or eventual elimination of the opposition competitor's photo].


  • It is advisable that members, competitors and those whom this may concern not solicit or manipulate votes to gain advantages in a round.
    It is definitely disallowed to cheat out votes or falsifying votes in anyway.


The rules are known by many, most of you know how this runs and works, so it should be no surprise to you.

We are really excited to be bringing this competition to you here on Simtropolis, we think you’ll really like the tweaks that we’ve given it to integrate this competition into ST.

By the way, once a suitable awards system has been restored, all entries into the HoF will receive a custom achievement for your awards cabinet and profile.


This competition will run indefinitely, so have fun, we are eagerly awaiting the first HoF entry :D

Now, we need two images to start us off. Who wants to go first?


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  • Original Poster
  • Yeah, we don't mind what size it is. There are benefits and issues with any size, so we'd rather keep it open to anyone and everything.

    If you have a large vertical image you might want to think on how easy it is for a casual voter to asses against the other image, bigger is not always better, maybe its easier to embed a scale down version and link to the higher resolution version.

    The voting populace will take care of issues around size, and vote for the better image, rather than just the bigger image.

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    Tekindust- 2

    Blunder- 1


    Sorry Tek, Had to give Blunder a running chance, and frankly dense cities aren't good for photo-ops a lot of times, 'specially cropped.

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    While I do like the city scene, that rural image has kind of an edge I can't describe. And the vertical mosaic is a bit of a stretch :P (Don't get me wrong though, I still love it :D )



    Blunder - 4

    TekindusT - 3


    Btw guys, just for future reference, it'd help a lot if people could highlight which competitor they're voting for as a matter of being able to keep track of the results (in case there's a bump in the vote count, because it does happen :P )

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    I think larger images should be fine, and if you want to resize it to a dimension lower than 800px width and height you can use the now fixed html function <img src='source' width=(x<800px)/> I hope that helps :)

    And yes, .png images are allowed (we live in the era where bandwidth is cheap and slow internet can open .pngs, even animated ones) :lol:

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    My vote:
    TekindusT: 10
    Blunder: 9

    When does the vote stop? I want to post a picture too :D 

    When someone gets ten votes or 24 hours have passed since the start of the competition. Looks like my vote has determined the winner...

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