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Hey fellow Simtropolians! I'm looking for a few people who would be interested in starting a region together.


1. I am on North America West 3

2. Prefer people who will play long term, not just a few days. Maybe even going on to create multiple regions.

3. Prefer communication via the in game chat or Skype. It is fun to play alone but I want to interact!

4. Any experience level welcome. I consider myself "moderate" in terms of ability. By no means expert.

5. Definitely want to work towards achieving one or all of the "Great Works" - I have yet to be in a region that was active enough.

6. I play a lot. Sometimes early morning, some times late at night - so hoping that no matter your time zone - there will be someone around to play.

7. I only speak English - sorry.


So that's my story. Feel free to message me on Origin or Add me in game or... I don't know. This is a new experience for me, I've played many cities alone and many "private" regions with my brothers but they simply aren't the Sim City Addicts that I am.


Looking forward to meeting you soon!



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  • Original Poster
  • One person? I was hoping for at least 4-5 people.


    Orgin ID is NoCopyNoMod. I haven't started the region yet cause wanted to see if there was any interest. I'll add you when I get home tonight Dragon.

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    i would like to play as well TheSmurf0723 anyone else on here feel free to add me as well up to play just about anytime im off work



    I am from Europe but I don't know if I can change regions... if I can I am willing to join maybe.



    I'd love to join your region. Origin name: wmadjones



    I would love to join your region.. my origin is : teguhmanto


    Add me and I will send all invites, we are on Europe West 2 server.

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    If there is room for another, I am very excited to join in! I play usually between 4-5 days out of the week for several hours at a time. If I feel that I can no longer play as much as I expect, I am happy to abandon the city for others to play instead of leaving it as a ghost town.  I've completed several great works without problems and have a lot of experience with different city specializations.



    My ID is HarveyLuna.

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        Hello folks, so I got back to SC4 a few months ago, I only played it as a kid and now I'm getting to know the alghorithms and the mechanics of the game.
        I read in some place in the internet that if you load up a city, play for a while without any growth, then save and close the city, the whole regional growth will be affected negatively because you played that city without doing any growth. So you need your city to grow at least 10% each time you play it otherwise it messes up the region. I can't remember where I read this.
        Can anyone confirm or deny this? I hope it's not true because I'm focusing on building a lot of RHWs atm and I got little time to play so whenever I do, I just build for a while on pause mode and then save and go to sleep, I hope I'm not affecting my region.
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        Hello I'm looking for a few active people to play SimCity with me. Skype is a must.
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        Pegg Bank began as an experiment in city building using techniques that would prevent the Infinite Commuter Loop, an issue this Mayor has always dealt with.

        Named for the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car on the episode of Top Gear at the time, Simon Pegg.

        This coastal town began with 4 little towns in a surrounding region, only one being connected by a single road to the north.

        The town began along the coast, focusing on Manufacturing industry. Soon the growth spread to commercial and more people began to move in.

        Currently plaguing the city is the mass of commercial buildings that have taken over the majority of the coast. As seen in the photo above, it is the same time of building over and over.

        How can this city move beyond this sprawl of commercial?
        With hardly 20K sims living in Pegg Bank, upgrading to high density commercial is not an option at this point, even with the healthy budget with a surplus of at east a few thousand over expenses.

        Residential areas are compact, with the majority of buildings being constructed on a 1x1 tile.

        The residential developments are created in pods of 10x10 with roads or streets 2 tiles apart to lead the 1x1 homes to the main street down the middle. That main street will lead directly to the commercial (where the majority of sims work)

        How can this small city expand, knowing that the majority of land area will go to commercial builders?
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        привет я создаю регион скоро будете ждать
        Hello I am creating a region soon to be waiting
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