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Idea Suggestion: More Wealth Levels

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I would do something like this for your zoning system:


R$: Shantytowns: One Bath, Bed Houses with no Garage/Yard

R$$: Suburb like houses

R$$$: Apartments

R$$$$ Mansions

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  • Original Poster
  • For low density detached housing, this is how I picture each wealth level:

    R¢ - Shanties and shotgun shacks

    R$ - Poor suburban houses, either industrial looking or rundown appearance to small middle-class architecture

    R$$ - Typical suburban houses of 1-2 stories

    R$$$ - Wealthy suburban houses (giant cookie cutters with large and perfect lawns or McMansions)

    R$$$$ - Proper Mansions

    R$$$$$ (top 1%) - MegaMansions and Palaces


    EDIT: By that measure, SimCity 2013 only has the lower 4 wealth levels in the game (homeless Sims being the first wealth level and the "urban executive mansions" fitting my description for the 4th wealth level

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    I think its a good idea to have a variation but that's also the problem. Too much variation would take a looong time. As soon as you add an extra wealth, that means you need to design not just houses but shops, industrial and park and so on. Say each wealth needs at least 6 variations of buildings for each density. That's 18 houses (Depending if you only have 3 density levels also) then you have a total of 54 building designs, then you have parks etc... For an indie game I think its asking a lot. 

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  • Original Poster
  • This is a minimalist (in appearance) game, I am pretty sure that less common buildings can have 2 geometric variations and a couple color variations). Everything I want that Anselm and Michael cannot do before the first public test release, I will work on personally.


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    So you're saying to have only 2 building per wealth level but make them changeable by colour? So are you a 3D modeller? If so i'd love to see your ideas for the building.

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  • Original Poster
  • So you're saying to have only 2 building per wealth level but make them changeable by colour? So are you a 3D modeller? If so i'd love to see your ideas for the building.

    I will have to see the chosen style of CityBound's alpha and learn to work with it, or replace some styles for certain building types.

    I can make geometrically simple buildings rather easily in 3Ds Max 2012 but I am not allowed to profit off of it since I am a student (using a student license). I also design buildings in the Sims 2 and the Sims 3 before translating them into models. Sometimes I have to adjust scale for different games (and shorten or heighten the geometry). Writing the code to make the buildings in 3.JS (or whatever it is called) will probably more difficult than making all the models I want and using color maps in Cities: Skylines. In 3DsMax, it is rather simple to swap out materials or parts of textures, and very easy to tint certain textures to change colors.




    EDIT: I earlier said in my main suggestion thread the following:


    "There should be 15 growth stages for residential and office, 12 for retail/commercial and hotels, 9 for industry, 3 for agriculture and forestry. Government zones would have a limit of growth stage 12 unless government bureaucracy is combined with private sector offices."


    Once I get going, I could output all 108 models (between Housing, Retail, Hotels, and Offices) within about 2 months of free-time. That means, that I could finish all the models (including the industry) by August 2016. Those models will probably go into Cities: Skylines first. I still want to finish Commonwealth Country: Industrial Revolution as a companion mod to Colonial Charter, the biggest mod for Banished.

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  • Original Poster

    I can make geometrically simple buildings rather easily in 3Ds Max 2012

    Awesome. Got any work i could see?



    Here is my imgur page. My latest current project is adding narrow housing to Banished. My next project will be to add modernist buildings to Cities: Skylines and Cities XL. As you might see, I have grown more efficient in the 6 months I have been using 3Ds Max 2012.



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