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    • By Huston

      Anyway, hey! Seems as though that I've just recently been invited by NYBT to join in and do a little New York BATing (which I've been meaning to do for some personal reasons -- namely ME:TMW episode ) Besides that, I've dabbled a bit in New York BATing as you've seen before, and now, I'm just going to be occasionally dropping by here to show you any progresses I make on any NY related BATs I make!
      Wow, so many projects, I'm going to die soon
      So without further adieu, here's some stuff I've already got in the works:
      Note - BAT priority is listed explicitly within any NYBT related works I have. Other projects may take precedence over these depending on what I have going at a given time.
      Images are also updated when a new post is made.
      Status in order of priority
      Status upgrade/downgrade/unchanged symbol key
      Ⓞ Unchanged
      ▲ Upgraded
      ▼ Downgraded
      Two Times Square
      Status - ▲ - Low Priority
      Trump World Tower
      Status - ▼ - Medium Priority
      650 Fifth Avenue (V2.0)
      Status - Ⓞ - Moderate Priority
      Solow Building (V2.0)
      Status - ▲ - High Priority
      100 Blecker Street
      Status - Ⓞ - Very High Priority
      Hope you guys like it so far. Currently as you can see, Trump Tower will be high on my NYBT priority list, and will just be a simple, first release as a symbolic gesture.
      Btw, thanks NYBT members for this interesting opportunity (I honestly never thought I'd ever end up being good 'nuff for this lol )
    • By aciaKa
      Good Day Guys,
      I love random placing commercial buildings like these below. But when the city runs abit for a while. It turns like all buildings look the same..

      Like this... Below here are the commercial buildings I dont want to see.. is there anyway to stop having the same re building buildings... I like to see random and not all the same in a row...
      btw I am using a plop mod that allows to force $$ to build the city.

    • By Huston
      Just trying to get back into the swing of things :P
    • By Flat Raver
      So, I downloade this lot:
      However, despite double checking that I had all the dependencies in place, is still get brown boxes on the front of the lot!
    • By Haljackey
      Minute Maid Park is a large baseball stadium located in Huston, USA. It is home to the Astros MLB team.
      Original link has gone down (http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/32333-stadiums/?do=findComment&comment=841880)
      By request, I have uploaded it to the STEX.
      Dependencies: None!
      This is the beta version of the file, which has the following incomplete bits:
      1- the seats got messed up for some reason in two night views: zoom5north and zoom5west - I don't know if this can be corrected, they didn't look that way in MAX when it was exporting. Re-exporting could do the trick.
      2- there are supposed to be trees outside the building but those can't be rendered at least on my current machine (but I intend to build a new one next month)
      Created by: "Teemu_om"
      Uploaded in good faith practice. All credit goes to the creator, I am just uploading it here.
      If anyone has additional info about this building, let me know and I'll add it!
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