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Danny McGregor

HI i have 2 things to ask

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Hi all i'm new here i have 2 things i want to know. this is all for SC4 the main thing is, i am looking for a mod that will just build zones to skyscrapers, i love skylines and i want to build them and i suck at simcity 4 in this area. my second thing is i made a region and it is all small city sizes how do i change to big. that and also I kind of already built on some of the region i understand i can not edit it but the rest of the region is what i want to ed it Sorry if you can not understand me Best regards Daniel

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Welcome to Simtropolis
First, you need to be sure that your game is up to at least version 1,1,638 before we can discuss mods.  Assuming you have at least that and hopefully 1,1,640 (CD) or 1,1,641 (digital download) you can use any custom content you like.
Now, it is hard to recommend anything that will give you what you want because the game will give you that anyway with patience and experience in playing.  We don't know what your level of qualification as a computer user is, so it is hard to recommend some things that would give you an extended capability.
However, here are a few suggestions.
Avoid what looks like a short cut: do not run in Cheetah speed.  This is so fast you'll miss what is really happening.
Run the game in Easy difficulty at first, and when you have the feel for the game run in Hard.
For openers run in Turtle speed.  I've been playing for 10 years and I always run in Turtle to start and switch to Rhino when things get too slow.  Cheetah is for quick developments in a specific area and should be used sparingly.  Enjoy the animation.  The programmers built in some surprises in that area.
If you run out of money (unlikely at Easy) use the moolah command to reset your treasury balance.  (Requires the Extra Cheats dll download).  You are not the mayor but the god, so you can do as you like.
Here is an example I made yesterday in about three hours of running time.  I used the moolah command (moolah 500000) to give me enough to build a connecting elevated highway to the next tile and to pick up an advanced power plant and water supply.  Note that the profit isn't much, as yet.  This is one of the last tiles in this region (New York City, not the default one), and it will eventually be a large population city, but right now it is a rural town.

And yes, it has a modified GUI, which is also available on the STEX.


About changing your region layout.  This can really only be done when you originally render the region.  Otherwise all you can do is add new tiles to the bottom and the right side.  Anything else will destroy anything on the region.  There are many regions available on the STEX in one of two formats: gray-scale+config.bmp meant to be rendered in the game; *.SC4M format which requires the use of SC4Terraformer from outside the game.  There is a mapping room which you should peruse.


There is no magic mod that will produce a pin cushion city full of sky scrapers.  You have to face the learning curve, and learn how to play.  Take your time, there is no rush.

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Search for plopomatic9000 it will raise all your RCI demands there for you can make skycrapers. Or you need to use the extra cheat for the lotplop. Where you can choose the skyscraper buildings

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks ernestmaxis will download that and will check out the cheat.


    ANonnyMoose. thanks for the help as well you learn new something every day. by the way i am a skilled PC user i am studying C++ programing and 3D programing i also do a lot of 3D models and i am developing a mod for the sims 1 and making a game in all that as well


    Best Regards



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    Well, that's a good thing.  The game is written in MS C++ V6.0.  (I used to teach that before I retired).


    Beware of the Plopmatic9000 or plopping anything into the game.  It raises hell with your demand by the number and types of jobs provided by the new building.  The game may take a Sim-year to get over having all that rammed down its throat.


    By the way, there is no point in ever plopping in Residential.  The Pathfinder cannot find such buildings, only the grown ones.  This applies only to Residential, other types are fine.  This is probably an unfixable bug in the .exe which we have agreed not to reverse engineer.


    No matter how desperately you want to pull a fancy skyline out of the computer, you will need to take great care to get it right.  IMHO it is more fun to play the game and make a city in the Roman way.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  In fact it took around 600 years or so.


    Have fun.

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