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Building a Region

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Hi all - I recently purchased SimCity and have been playing around building individual cities on my own. I think I have a pretty good feel for the game. I'd like to work on a complete region that works together. I'd like to pick a region with 7 cities and have the following cities:


- Mining City

- Drilling City

- Casino/Culture City

- High Tech/Electronics City

- University/Green City

- Commuter/Medium Wealth City

- High Wealth City


I have read a ton about the best way to build each of these cities, and I've played around with the different specializations. However, is there a certain order I should build these in. For example, I know my Casino/Culture city will benefit greatly from tourism and I should probably wait to build this until I have a few cities up and running to feed it with tourists. Are there other cities that lend themselves to start first?

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Tourists don't come from other cities. They come from the region via auto, Train Station, Bus Terminal or Ferry. I don't believe there is an order to build. Casinos and landmarks and stadiums should have train, bus (regional and no stops are necessary) and ferry as close as possible to them.

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Electronics city is the easiest to make large amounts of money with so generally it can be a good idea to start with them (to help fund startup of the other cities).


Dunno.  Importing the materials without mining them is expensive in the first place.  I go casino for making money.

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When building a full region, it is often a good idea to build up multiple cities up to the point that you can put down your first city hall addon and then switch. Bigger cities require things that you need to unlock first and they usually need them al at the same time. Building up a new city can be greatly sped up, if you can get support from a neighbouring city. Therefore, setting up power, water, sewage and trash in one city can give it's neighbour all the breathing space it needs to expand quickly.


Mining and Oil cities are great starter cities. The requirements for putting them up are low, the first buildings you need to place are not that expensive and you'll only need some low wealth workers to get going. Oil is definately the best low-investment / high returns specialization as adding pumpjacks is cheap and easy. An oil city can be making tons of money quick, which you can ship to other cities to help them start. Maybe starting the mining city first, so you can put most of the costs of utilities in that city, can help maximize quick profits.


Casino cities really benefit from the transportation module, but they also need plenty of water and power and police coverage and preferably the culture addon. I've also heard more tourists come to your city if you have more people living in your region. It's not the most ideal city to start with, but it's quite managable to get some quick gambling house profits. A benefit from waiting with this city is that you can use money from other cities to instantly put down some heavy road networks so you don't run into trouble later and can plan early.


Electronics cities take a time to setup because you need to unlock the college/university and you won't be seeing any electronics money soon. And since the college / university costs quite some money too, having a bigger start capital to help boost your growth is quite nice. Once an electronics city get's going, it's going to be making so much money, you can fund all other cities off it's profit alone.


University/ green cities are the most challenging to make money in at all. Having most your utilities handled by other cities is a must. Possibly the city you want to save for last. Also because you don't want to steal students from the electronics city too soon.


Commuter cities are a bit of a gamble because commuting has many bugs that might give you some trouble. Definately don't rely soly on commuting but have some jobs available in your city! Having plenty of unemployed sims AND making sure they live within short distance of a way of commuting to another city (next to stations or ferries or the highway), can make them viable. You can grow these along with your other cities if you are in need of workers.

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