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Oberland Terrain mod problem

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Oberland Terrain mod has been installed and I removed Columbus Terrain mod also I removed CPT No 3 and 4 but it cause crash to desktop.

How do i fix this problem?

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If you installed a tree controller and your region/city still has trees from that tree controlled planted in it and you install or delete the tree controller, it causes a crash, you must first delete all of the trees before getting rid of a tree controller.


I am not so sure that this crash has anything to do with terrain mod.  That is, unless you have two different terrain mods installed, and you say you deleted the old terrain mod right?  So that is not the case.


Hmmm, to fix?  Re-install the old tree controller, then go into each of your cities and bulldoze all of your existing trees planted with your old tree controller then exit game and install the new tree controller.  If you miss even one tree though, it may still cause a crash.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thank you for helping me but The Oberland Terrain MOD is not working for me. I put Appalachian Terrain MOD but I noticed that rock mod has been not change. This rock mod is Columbus Terrain MOD (I think) I tried to get rid of this rock mod but I couldn't get rid of this rock mod. How do I get rid of this rock mod?


    Here the picture:



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    Uh oh, sounds like you have an organization issue.  You have a rock mod installed and have no idea where it is located.


    The only thing I can suggest is for you to re-download it and install it again, this time pay attention to where it goes, if you find it delete it.  If it is a manual install, still redownload it, in the new download you will find the name of the file, once you have the name of the file you can use the search box in your computer window to locate it within your plugins folder.  Once found you can delete it.(I have had to do this, a long long time ago.)


    I strongly recomend in the future, you create a way for your plugins folder to be organized in way such that you understand it.  If you don't, it is entirely likely problems like this will happen on a regular basis to you, perhaps even worse problems than just a file you cannot locate.


    I wish you luck finding your file.

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    I think the Oberland Terrain Mod only works with Hardware Rendering. If you use Software mode with an HD terrain mod (Oberland is HD, I think), the game will crash. Moving into the issue of your rock mod, Try to search for something like "Columbus", "CPT" or whatever it is on your plugins folder...

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    You are showing symptoms of not having an organized approach to your plugins.  You should set them up in folders (directories) so that you can always find a given one.  The file names do not always reflect the title of the mod, nor the source.


    Here is a fragment of my plugins folder layout.  I hope it helps.


    ├── Paul Sawyer
    │   └── Maxis Seasonal - Residential & Commerse Lots
    ├── Pegasus Productions
    │   ├── Area 52
    │   ├── CDK
    │   ├── CDK3
    │   ├── CDKM
    │   ├── Eternal Rewards
    │   ├── Lighthouses
    │   ├── MODS
    │   ├── MTP
    │   ├── OWW2
    │   ├── Paeng
    │   ├── Power Sub-Station
    │   ├── SPAM
    │   └── WaterMods
    ├── Porkissimo
    │   └── PorkieProps-Vol1.dat
    ├── profxyz
    │   ├── Cenotaph Giant-0x5ad0e817_0xbc46d9ab_0x20000.SC4Model
    │   ├── Cenotaph Giant-0x6534284a-0xbc46d9ab-0x7c46fe69.SC4Desc
    │   └── The Cenotaph_5c46ff6b.SC4Lot
    ├── qbert
    │   └── metro-station-monorail.dat
    ├── ralphaelninja
    │   ├── Plugin_Crimedoesntpay_modd.dat
    │   └── Plugin_landmarks_and_other_missing_Props.dat
    ├── Rathefalcon
    │   └── HartwellTavern

    You can see from this that I can identify the source in most cases.  I also keep a parallel structure of the download zips in a separate <me>/downloads folder.

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