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Among standard feature inclusions "being considered"...


Offline, Bigger map, Terraforming (!!!), Classic Mode (functionally a sandbox mode), Subways, Lot Editor, User Made Content, SimCity Exchange....things that will make Simtropolis creators very happy...


Packs/ expansions being considered...


Farms, military, subways...


The survey image is here


Gamespot EA considering offline mode for SimCity


Venturebeat Rumored EA survey suggests SimCity could get offline mode and bigger cities


Kotaku SimCity Survey Gropes About For Ways To Keep Folks Playing



The Mashable article Survey Suggests 'SimCity' May Add an Offline Mode highlighted key potential change including one unexpected one...


Cities Without Boundaries: The landscape is wide open. Push your cities for miles and miles. Set your own city borders and connect your cities however you like.


Wow. If that happens. I still want city map size to have 8x8 options though. Keyword for map size or any power-constrain features, options! Let users decide.


It seems that the diehards campaigning here and elsewhere didn't fall on deaf ears. They did hear us. So will they DO IT? Will they save themselves? Apparently EA wouldn't bother with user survey if they're not interested in investing more time and money in that franchise.


So keep talking guys and gals!

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    • By Tyberius06
      One of my first relotting project was to make a "redirected" mirrored version of @io_bg's EBLT Plaza Set, to make a flawless looking plaza route combining the original set of plazas and the relots. Well doing my "house keeping" on my bunch of experimental relots, I decided to revisit my old lots. Since @tariely started her very nice projects on plazas and gardens, we made a team-up and she facelifted my lots with nice nightlights and other fancy stuffs, and also made three plazas for this set. Huge thanks to her for the hard work on this project!
      List of items:
      6 1x1 modular plaza walk pieces. Using the SPOT you can make bigger plazas with flawles plaza routes. (see attached pictures)
      2 2x1 modular-ish plaza walk pieces. 
      5 2x2 Mirrored Plaza for the purpose of expanding the existing EBLT Plaza set.
      2 2x2 Plaza using the same route-ways as the original set. (They are not mirrored pieces, credit goes to Tariely for these pieces)
      2 2x4 plaza pieces - one regular and one mirrored version
      The listed items can be working together nicely, but I guess, need a little patience and experimentings for better results. 
      Copy the "Heretic Projects" folder from the zip (or unzip it) into your plugin folder. Highly recomended to keep the provided folder structure, because all of my uploads have the same format, and since sometime I'm working with inclouded dependencies (such as textures or descriptor datas) it's better if these "inclouded dependencies" are in the same place. If you unzipped the upload, you may delete or remove the "Documentation" folder from your Plugin Folder.
      You will find these lots in the Park Menu close to the original set.
      The plop cost of the original 2x2 set is 50$.
      To keep the additional pieces close to the original set, I gave the following values:
      2x2 plazas - 51$
      1x1 plazas - 52$
      2x1 plazas - 53$
      2x4 plazas - 55$
      Dependencies (it's quite a long list, but it contains pretty common prop packs, specially if you're already using Tariel's one or more parks/plazas from previous uploads):
      BSC Mega Props - CP Vol. 1
      BSC Mega Props - CP Vol. 2
      BSC Mega Props - SG Vol. 1
      BSC Mega Props - MJB vol. 1
      BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02
      BSC MEGA Props Jen_P Vol01
      BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol02
      BSC MEGA Props Misc vol01
      BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02
      BSC - VIP girafe birches
      BSC - VIP girafe maples v2
      BSC - VIP girafe lindens
      VIP Delecto Ploppable people
      RDQ HD Prop Pack Darknite Version
      Murimk Props Vol. 2
      Was Dutch Prop Pack
      NBVC Plazas with fountains
      Porkie Props vol. 1
      Tamorr's Resource 2.05
      PEG MTP Super Pack
      S.P.O.T. (SimPeg Plop Orientation Tool)
      Neko PropSet 2  
      Nams Props Pack vol 1
      Nams Props Pack vol 2
      WMP Power Props
      Rivit's special lights for Tariel, from her previous uploads  Necessary for the lighting:
                                                                                                  zLightCones_RVTNite.dat Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. (If using LRM and finding your own lights too dim, take out zLightCones_RVTNite.dat).
      NDEX Base Texture set vol. 1
      BSC TexturePack - CycleDogg vol. 1
      Rivit BSCTexturesCycledoggVol1Extra (included)
      Huge thanks to Tariel for her help on this project. All the nightlights are her work, so all credits on the night lights is hers!
      Also I would like to thank to Tariel her ideas and help on the lots, and that she provided her versions for this set. 
      Also would like to thank to @rivit to helped us out with a little overlay texture addition to CycleDogg overlays, which seemed a necessary addition to this set. Credit on that is his! 
      - Tyberius
    • By AmiPolizeiFunk
      I run the Asset Editor in -noWorkshop mode. I've copied the NexT 2 folder (812125426) into my local mods directory and enabled it ingame, yet I still don't see any of the roads. Is there a trick that I'm missing?
      Another question: I'm unable to move pink pedestrian paths when I'm in offline mode, even though move-it works for everything else (move-it is installed locally). Somehow I can move them when I'm using steam. Any idea why this would be the case? I want to be able to move them in -noWorkshop mode.
    • By SimCityHawk
      Hello all.
      This subject is something I have thought about for a long time. I love all kind of city building games, but SC3000 has always been my favourite. Why is this? Well, other than some childish nostalgia I think map size has a lot to do with it. I have played a decent amount of SC4, but I have always been frustrated about the small map sizes. I know you can build large regions in SC4, but these regions consists of smaller independent maps that are rendered independently. This has always irritated me with SC4, since I never had the feeling that I was building something very large in one picture.
      I know the map size in SC3000 isn't very large either, but I do think it is easier to build a metropolis like city in one map in this game.  
      Please correct me if I'm wrong. If there is something I have missed about SC4s map sizes, I would love to hear. SC4 is such a nice game, the graphics are awesome and way more realistic than SC3000. The community and downloads has always been bigger and better for SC4, so I would love to make a switch to the game, but I never think I will unless one can build large cities in ONE map. 
      Do you guys know something that I don't?
    • By Paraffine
      Hello there, I was wondering if there is a way to force the game checking agents numbers to get rid of "phantom" criminals and "phantom" trash/recycle cans showed in the respective panel when the data map is totally clear. Or at least if there is a save editor or a way to fix those bugged number with an hex editor or something.

      I know it's not game/breaking to  have fake counters but it still bugs me and I'd like to solve it if that's possible.

      Cheers and thank you in advance.
      Edit: I have 2 things I gotta add, I tried the RealPopulation mod and it doesn't seem to solve the issue in any way, also I am experiencing this bug with incoming workers too, I went from a situation where I needed mostly high and mid wealth workers cause my population was mostly low wealth to the opposite, cause after building the arcology I "upgraded" my city population to mid and high wealth, now the game shows me thousands of incoming workers a day in the Pop Detail windows when I have none.

      It would be cool to somehow force the game to "count again" the actual agents or at least to have a save editor to manually fix those empty numbers, someone could point in the right direction of how to do it if a "Premade" tool doesn't exist?
    • By CorinaMarie
      In my various Shoppes threads I've recommended for peeps to save a copy so they'd have them available if Photobucket ever borks my free account and the pictures go missing. I'd done that myself a few days ago. You know, File --> Save Page As ... --> (Type) Web Page, complete. I had this silly idea that saving the complete web page would be, well, COMPLETE. Like all the text and pictures. Turns out in Firefox that's not true unless one has this Add-On. And then one also reads this documentation. And then one adds a missing variable:

      Once I did that (and restarted Firefox) I then did complete saves of my map making and shoppes threads, copied the files to a flash drive, loaded them onto one of my SC4 game comps (which is not connected to anything else), and then I could view the threads completely offline with all the pictures. So, this is just a heads-up post for peeps who might believe they've made a complete copy using Firefox and really didn't get the whole thread saved in a useful way.
      And, it would be nice if the gurus with other browsers test if theirs can make a true, complete offline copy and let us know here.
      Edit: I'm adding CB's quote here since it's extremely relevant to my premise:
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