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SC4 Tools and TE

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Hey all


I can't figure out what determines what lots have the option to have the ability to set transit switches?


Some lots I open in the TE are labeled green others are red (Ball icon) I know that the green ones have the ability of having TE switches and the red ones don't. But what determines this? Is it only Commercial lots, Industrial, Residential?

Something you set in the exemplar?


I've done a search here and SC4Dev but I don't find anything explaining this. Also all the tutorials I've looked at don't explain this either. The help file doesn't explain this either.


So I'm at a loss at the moment.




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You can set transit switches for any lot using Ilive's Reader.
As for Sc4Tool, there are two circumstances where you get the red dot.  The first is if the file you contain does not contain both the Buildings exemplar and the LotConfigurations exemplar.  You can view the transit switches using the exemplar editor, but although this view has editing functions, many of them don't work.  I remember that deleting switches works from here, but I don't remember the others.


The second circumstance where you get the red dot is if both the Buildings exemplar and the LotConfigurations exemplar are present in your file, but have different IIDs.

If you use SC4Tool to set or edit transit switches, you need to make sure that the Transit Switch Entry Cost and Transit Switch Traffic Capacity are set properly; SC4Tool has a tendency to reset these to unusable values.  Use the formulas in to set these properly.  Also, be sure to set the rep count of these properties to zero, as otherwise the station will not work properly under Mac OS X.

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  • Original Poster
  • Hey Z1


    On the point about the bldg. and lot exemplars is it normal not to find them both in lots? The reason I ask I do have a lot of content I downloaded from here and a bunch of them do not have a bldg. exemplar only a lot. Shouldn't all lots contain both? They way I understand it you have to have a bldg. on the lot during the creation process. So I was just thinking the exemplar would be there??  Obviously for the lot to work you don't have to have both. But I guess it just makes since to me anyway that they both should have to be there.


    Anyway that's what my problem is that all the lots I'm adjusting I can't get the switches to work. None have the bldg. exemplar only the lot.


    So I assume there is a way to add the bldg. exemplar but I bet it isn't easy is it? Just thought I'd ask! I doubt it would be worth all the trouble if there is a way.


    I also noticed that it seems that there is a bunch that I can find that have ie. growable's, plops, and landmarks that the only one's that do have the bldg. exemplar included are the plops and landmarks. Is this connected in someway or is it just coincidence?


    HUUM well I guess that's enough, I bet you're thinking what a pest this robdragon guy is well I assure you my wife would agree!! :D





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    All lots have both Buildings and LotConfigurations exemplars.  They're just sometimes in separate files.  When that happens, you get your red dot.


    If you find the file containing your Buildings exemplar, you can always copy it into the file containing the LotConfigurations exemplar.  Then you'd be able to use the TE Editor in SC4Tool on your lot.  Of course, you'd have to move the Buildings exemplar back to its original file when you're done.

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