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15,000 sims taking the bus to nowhere?

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Hi all,


I just started playing Simcity 4 for the first time and I've recently come across a strange mass transit "issue."


In a nutshell, the R$$ residents from one city are taking mass transit in a single direction, and I have no idea where they are ending up.


The transit query is telling me that about 15000 sims are heading into my ht/ag region via bus.

When I query the same avenue in the ht/ag region, it is telling me that only 70 busses are entering the region.


Where are those 15000 sims going?


On that note. My train station's "actual usage" is running at 28,000/200... What are the ramifications of that? I read in another thread during my troubleshooting searches that the station is "shut down" but it seems to still be running? How can I tell?

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It sounds like you're talking about two different cities here.  Generally, if you play the cities back and forth enough, the numbers will even out.


As for your train station, it's true, normally stations will shut down when they reach about 400% of capacity or slightly higher.  But it's not a fixed number.  If you play the city long enough, it might settle down around 8000, but then again, it might not.  In any case, you've got more traffic than that station can handle.  If you don't already have the NAM yet, install it.  (be sure to get the latest version.)  If you do have it (or after you install it if you don't), bulldoze that train station and replace it with an exact duplicate.  The capacity will be more than an order of magnitude higher.

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  • Original Poster
  • It's actually a chain of 4 regions, set up like so. A = ht/ag, B = mixed class R/C. D = IM, C = R$$.

      1 2 3  456

    1 AAA

    2 AAA  BBB

    3 AAA  BBB

    4 CCC DDD

    5 CCC DDD

    6 CCC


    So what's happening is that the R$$ in 6C3 are taking the bus to a train station on 4D4.

    That Station ends at 3B4, where they take a bus through 2B4 and presumably into 2A3 via an Avenue.


    However, when I query that same avenue on 2A3, it says it's only being used by like 78 buses, not the 15,000 that same avenue queries on 3B4.


    I'm just wondering where the sims are ending up. It appears as if they are vanishing once they leave city B.

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    Well, assuming you have NAM 31.2 (which means you are up to date), then perhaps you are not running your cities long enough to let the traffic simulator catch up to the stuff recorded on the borders.  When you load a city, it take a few Sim-days for things to stabilize, especially if there have been changes in the number of objects stored in the connections.


    This is not because the program is slow, it is just that it has to re-inventory everything when the city is restarted.  If there are millions of objects in the whole tile, then expect a restart delay of some time.

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  • Original Poster
  • Ok, an update.


    I was runnin vanilla SC4 until I noticed this problem. I ended up downloading NAM31, and it smoothed out the counters somewhat.


    The traffic counts stabilized and the correct numbers were showing up on the rail and it's stations periodically (they jumped around a LOT, presumably because my stations kept getting shut down? In any case, traffic pathfinding improved vastly with the installation of NAM, and the counts started to match. However, now I have connected city A and C via rail, and I'm getting the same issue. It shows 19,000 sims using the rail in city A on the morning commute, with an arrow pointing into city C, but only 4,500 using that line, and NONE entering the city C from city A. So again, it appears as if my sims are vanishing.


    That all said, my cities are stable so far as I can see, no unemployment issues or commute time complaints... Is this something I should/can just ignore? I read a little bit about the eternal commute loop, is this a possible variant?

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  • Original Poster
  • Yes I replaced all the rail stations, as well as replacing necessary bus stops and subways. That has been awesome (as well as the improved pathfinding on the sims themselves).


    I think things have worked themselves out at this point. I think now I just need to expand my mass transit network through my High Tech area, and then I think the sims will stop travelling to weird places.


    It was just confusing to query those tiles and discover that the sims were vanishing without a trace, though the game treats them as employed and happy, it would seem, so I think it's a non-issue, simply a quirk I spotted.

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