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Saga of the Waxes

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After reading the colourful city journals of many posters here back in May, I was inspired to jot down the little narratives that were forming in my head during one of the regions I was creating (and had been since March). As time passed, the story ("The Saga of New Wax") ballooned into something far more complicated than I had anticipated. Until I complete that one, I'd like to use this thread to link to some of the background stories from other regions that exist within the Wax Universe. 


Big shout out to Board_Marshal, Cob92 and FourteenRocket in particular - I enjoyed reading all the stories on this site, but Rusted Bridge, Los Santos and the Republic of Amoroff I found particularly inspiring.


Without further ado, I give you the beginning of The Wax Superior Saga, "Fort Simian: The First Term". I hope you enjoy it! I'll try to keep the story updated at least once a week, and post the updates in this thread. I'm opting to keep all the content in the city journal to keep this thread nice and tidy (and I do not possess the graphic design capabilities to make amazing logos like some of the other CJ posters here!). 


Here is the link:



EDIT: I forgot to mention this starts off in the "Fort Ferguson" tile set in "Edgewater Bay".

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  • Original Poster
  • The first "official" episode in the Saga of Wax Superior has been posted!



    Enjoy! And if there areas to improve - please let me know!


    As the saga progresses I'll add screenshots in here (the forum side) as a sort of 'Abstract' for each episode. Most of the content will remain in the City Journal format. 

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  • Original Poster
  • Just a quick update: Due to moving, I won't be able to update for another few days. Given the absence, I'll post up the next two episodes before next Friday (4th October) to make up for the lost time! In the meantime, here's a snapshot of the future of the region (to be explained in good time):


    Wax Ridge - North



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  • Original Poster
  • Cinerwax - The Jewel of Old Wax!


    The University of Cinderwax offers the gateway to success and enlightenment in the historic Old Wax region. Ensconced in the Lazarus lake, Cinderwax is perfectly poised to deliver the high-calibre education for which it is famed, in a vibrant, cultural epicenter. From the famous Cinderwax Medical School  to the Cinderwax Institute of Technology, whatever your passion, your future lies in Cinderwax! 



    The view of Cinderwax from electronics powerhouse Waxon. 


    8ftj.pngCinderwax is an eclectic, cosmopolitan melting pot. 


    Student Testimonials

    "I've just finished my first year of economics, and this place is great. Our professors are at the top of their field, and mix up our academic learning with real-life examples and work experience that prepares you to apply what you've learnt. Almost everyday there is a festival of some kind, and you can always get your fix of your favourite music - be it small pub bands, or major events at the Wax-class CinderMetro. And when you need a break, the delta and hills are just a 20 minute drive away, not to mention the exciting neighbours like Wax Bay, Waxon and Wax Pass. And the scale - there's nothing like the cities of Old Wax in Wax Superior." - Malcolm MacGregor, Economics Student.


    That's right - Cinderwax has sports:




    A mix of urban and suburban living:




    Cinderwax's suburbia boasts beautiful views of the surrounding cities:


    But if it's more sophisticated urban living you desire, then our medium and high wealth apartments will suit your needs:









    The University of Cinderwax is situated right at the centre of the city - in 'The Octagon':






    We hope to see you soon!

    The University of Cinderwax





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  • Episode 6 is good to go!




    Only two more episodes to go in Part 1! Part 2 will follow in December, rounding out The Saga of Wax Superior and paving the way for The Saga of New Wax. 


    Benedict: Thanks! Cinderwax and the Old Wax region feature throughout the Wax sagas (Wax Superior, New Wax, etc.) so I will periodically provide some asides about them here, while the main story progresses in the 'City Journal' section of the website (some of the entries are going to get very long, lots of pics, etc. in Part 2, probably not suitable for the forum by themselves). 

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  • The In-Between Times - Episode 1 (Year 7)




    In a stunning acceleration of Rio Preto's fortunes, and the guidance of Villiers Moineau, the recently renamed Wax Hill (Previous: Simian Hill) mining project has entered the advanced production phase as global metals prices have skyrocketed. With coal and ore at almost 200% the value of their long-term averages, and alloy 20% up, the operation has much to celebrate. The news has been particularly well received by Moineau, following almost two years of stagnation in the metals prices. It has put the mine at the top of the Rio Preto food chain as it's biggest earner - and rumours that Preto is aggressively pursuing the remaining city titles, soon to be opened up, have boosted the share price into the stratosphere. 




    Wax Hill by night - a sea of industry bathes the city in an ever-present glow. 




    The local shopping scene in Wax Hill is unable to cope with the new riches flowing into the region. 


    The benefits have not been entirely felt by Wax Hill and Rio Preto, however, as neighbouring city Fort Simian has embarked on am ambitious infrastructure plan with the flood of mine money. Workers in the mine are earning almost three times the median salary in Wax Universe, and with a mine camp that has in a matter of years become a mine metropolis, workers are desperate for an outlet. Local engineering manager Cole Bambert highlights the issue as "a totally crap situation for these guys to find themselves in". The flood of traffic and revellers has caused some social upheaval in Fort Simian, with increases in alcohol-related violent incidents. Local analyst Jerome Lightfoot has, in addition, warned of an inflation problem that is quickly creeping up on the region. "There is suddenly so much money chasing so few goods and services, it's completely unsustainable. Local mayor, Rick Green, disagrees, however. "It's obvious that getting rid of that awful Bevan government has been the best thing for this city. Under our leadership, city income has increased almost two fold. There's no crisis we're not prepared for, inflationary or otherwise". 




    A pre-infrastructure shot of Fort Simian. 




    The popularity of trades has jumped in line with the new riches flowing out of Wax Hill. Young Fort Simianites are flocking in droves to the mine face to make their fortune. 




    Traffic problems have intensified as a steady stream of miners make use of Fort Simian's entertainment district.




    The increasing needs of the Wax Hill mine have bred local riches in Fort Simian, not only through commercial activities but also through the development of industrial support services. 


    Despite the protestations of Fort Simian mayor Rick Green, Moineau sees the inflationary threat as very real. In response, he has accelerated the development of the Wax Ridge metropolis project, aiming to construct a two-tile twin city by the end of the decade. Already rapid progress is being made on the construction of Wax Ridge South, with North to follow. "This will be a world class metropolis" says Moineau, who believes the city will alleviate any inflationary threat the region faces. "It will take some of the pressure off Fort Simian, and in turn, provide new investment opportunities". Companies such as The Sizzle Group and Tempus Labs are already rumoured to be in negotiations for Wax Ridge real estate in the coming years. 




    Wax Ridge South - The construction of two large towers (one commercial, one administrative) and a series of landmarks was commissioned by Moineau in the hope of encouraging rapid development of the commercial potential of the city. 




    Wax Ridge South boasts the use of the latest in bridge and road layout techniques to minimise travel times across the city. 




    Wax Ridge South makes use of expansive bridges to enhance the cityscape. "When working with such a small canvas, it is important to make use of all the available tools, to really simulate that city feel" says city architect Bjorn Fassberg.



    Fassberg has tried to overshadow the grand destiny of the city with grand buildings. "It's like seeing a child solve a complex puzzle, or writing a concerto" says Fassberg, "even though it seems small now, you can see what it will become". 




    Wax Ridge South already boasts the only arena in the region, with a capacity of 10,000 for local sports games and large events. 




    The view of Fort Simian over the hill from the outer suburbs of Wax Ridge South. Residents of Fort Simian are worried that the sheer scale of Wax Ridge may reduce the income they derive from commercial services catering to cashed up miners. Rick Green and Mike Baseball have recently called for an investigation into the taxation rules for industrial and commercial services registered in Wax Hill, in a move that some see as an attempt to squeeze as much from the Wax Hill riches as possible before Wax Ridge matures. 




    The view of Wax Hill from one of the more luxurious locales in Wax Ridge South.

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  • Original Poster
  • Benedict: Thanks for the comment, Part 2 will be out soon, just working on the plot. The "In-Between Times" should bridge the time gap between Part 1 and Part 2. 




    Today we take a look at the mining powerhouse that is driving explosive growth in Wax Superior: Wax Hill. 




    The mining town has come along way in three years, culminating in the development of a scattered diaspora of townships among a plethora of heavy industry. Let's take a look at some of the niche townships that have developed. 


    Fitters Grove




    Main street of Fitters Grove. 


    On the site of the original small mining camp grew the chief township in the Wax Hill, Fitters Grove. In the early days of the mine, technical personnel bunked in this area, bathing in the faint distant glow of Fort Simian's lights. In a short period of time, the township density rapidly increased as workers flocked to the town to partake in the mining bonanza that had begun. Fitters grove is largely a low-wealth, compact residential area with a small commercial area to provide basic services such as groceries, bars, affordable restaurants and light entertainment including a small cinema. The township is most commonly bathed in high-visibility clothing, and populated largely by the technical and operations staff of the various mines, industrial support services, and smelters. Despite violence at the local bars being a common feature on weekend evening, there is a strong community presence with the local football team, the Grove Welders, drawing huge crowds each weekend. 




    Fitters Grove - South side.


    Though not especially religious, the local community partake in events organised by the local worship service, including fund-raisers and children's events. The money raising efforts of the local congregation have been funneled into wider projects that have benefited all of Wax Hill, including a record drive that led to the construction of the local hospital. The mine shafts in the background are an ever present reminder that, for the residents of Fitters Grove, their real god is ore. 


    Primary Production 1




    Primary Production 1 - shown from the North side. 


    Primary Production 1 is located close to the Metals and Trade HQs. It was here that the first copper smelters were built, and still provide the bulk of value-added exports for the region. A tight security presence is maintained here, covering both the Primary Production 1 and Corporate jurisdictions. The PP1 area security is largely a safety precaution; to ensure that only qualified personnel are permitted into the primary production area. 






    Corporate Street, Wax Hill. 


    The Corporate area covers the headquarters for Rio Preto's operations in Wax Hill, as well as several high-wealth residences for local executives and managers. On the topic of the proximity of such high value real estate to production areas, chief engineer Cole Bambert is not coy. "At the end of the day, we are here to mine, so the closer we are to the action, the better it is". Unlike most Rio Preto executives and managers, Bambert has eschewed the luxurious villas for a simple medium-wealth home with few possessions. "I'd like to say I spend my spare time exploring the countryside here, but to be honest, spare time implies time away from the mines, and I won't have that". Bambert's dedication to the mine and it's workers have helped bridge the divide between the Corporate and Operations worlds, and built the necessary value and attitude structures that have helped make the rapid escalation of Wax Hill operations smooth and trouble free. 







    West Jimble. 


    Jimble emerged as real estate from former industrial sites opened up for residential zoning, following increased needs for workers. Jimble is largely made up of young professionals, graduates, and administrative staff. Zoning is largely medium-wealth, with commercial areas for groceries, restaurants and entertainment mostly absent. Cole Bambert hails Jimble, and it's proximity to corporate and production areas, as ideally placed to facilitate the development of young technical professionals seeking to make their mark in the mining industry. 




    Corporate Street - viewed from Jimble, with the Moineau Chateau in the foreground. 






    Asada - Looking on to the Corporate and Jimble areas. 


    Asada, like Jimble, was opened up for residential zoning following further industrial relocation and demand for workers to man the mining and smelting production facilities. Asada is a low-wealth, low-density suburb populated largely by the ascendant class of superintendents, specialists, and low-level managers. Most striking of all is the commercial area of Asada, which services both Asada and Jimble with a range of affordable resutarants, a cinema, small bars, and simple shops. Asada locals like to spend their spare time shopping in Fort Simian and making use of the new entertainment district opening up in that city. 




    Asada - Looking to the Bornite industrial area. 


    The Bornite Industrial Area




    The Bornite Industrial Area - Providing supporting services to keep the mines and primary production running. 


    The Bornite Industrial Area provides the primary services that keep the mines, smelters and community operating in Wax Hill. Services provided include power, water, wastewater treatment, garbage disposal and incineration, components and machinery, fabrication, and non-mining related industries, including the MacGregor Distillery. The area provides a vital function in the overall operation, and has begun to export services and goods to Fort Simian and the construction industry in the fledgling Wax Ridge project. 


    HSE and Administration




    The Wax Hill Hospital - built with the support and funds of the entire community. 


    Rio Preto regards it's commitment to health and safety as the number one priority, and as such has devoted an entire area to ensuring that operations remain safe and incident free. The hospital itself boasts a surgical center, diagnostic lab, and a preventative health unit that closely monitors the health and well being of everyone involved in the Wax Hill mining operation. The administration building, resembling a City Hall, houses the accounting, human resources and community relations departments. 

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  • Original Poster
  • Benedict: Thanks for the comment, I hope you like the new updates!


    The In-Between Times - Episode 2 (Year 9)




    Wax Ridge, the much vaunted and hyped double-city, continues to deliver on the promises of metropolis in Wax Superior. Wax Ridge South, the southern portion of the two-city tiles, is now complete with the transformation to high-density continuing at pace. The local entertainment district has flourished, with an Expo Center playing host to numerous high-end acts, and the proliferation of a local gambling industry under the guidance of the Lionheart Banking Group. Fears of runaway inflation in the region have begun to abate, as commercial and high-tech industry move into Wax Ridge South and bring with them a robust transport infrastructure, including a commercial port area, airship facilities, and a train station. The region has even begun to see the first international visitors, as tourists from other Wax regions with a curiosity for the new region make their way for weekend trips. 




    The Was Ridge South Aerodrome - looking on to Main Street, with the Train Station and City Hall in the background. 




    The Wax Ridge South commercial port - on a foggy morning. 


    Governance of the new Wax Ridge city is to remain in the hands of Rio Preto's local chief executive, Villiers Moineau, until at least Year 16, when elections are to be held for a mayor of what is expected to be a large metropolitan area consisting of over half a million residents. The reason for this, says Moineau, is to establish an economic steady state and control the expansion of commercial activities to avoid financial instability. According to Moineau, the management of economies undergoing expansion in a transition state require the guiding hand of business, rather than government. It is a lesson he states should strike close to home for the residents of Wax Superior, in what is widely perceived to be a criticism of the populist politics that almost sank Fort Simian four years ago during it's rapid growth phase. 


    Driving the high-tech boom expected to rival the local mining industry in years to come is the establishment of a local university in Wax Ridge South. Whilst the curriculum offered now is limited to business, metallurgy, and, oddly enough, high-energy physics, the establishment of a second campus in Wax Ridge North is expected to significantly expand the subjects offered. 




    One of the many dormitories at The University of Wax Ridge. 




    Wax Ridge South City Hall - Expected to be the focal point of regional politics in coming years. 


    Already being called "the city of bridges", Wax Ridge South boasts an unusual use of suspension bridges to improve traffic flow around the city and add to it's mysterious allure. It is a motif that is encountered also with Wax Ridge North. According to Danish architect, Nils Borgen, the plan is to complement the existing suspension bridge network that characterises the connections between the Wax Ridge cities and Fort Simian, and to create a sense of grandiosity in relatively small city tile allotments. "There is a concept in Denmark called "kamelåså", which is hard to translate into English, but essentially, it describes beauty that springs forth from the curved, grandiose structures that we see in Wax Ridge South". 




    One of the many 'extreme' bridges of Wax Ridge South.




    A view of the many bridge structures that are featured in Wax Ridge South.




    Tempus Labs are one of the newcomers to Wax Ridge South, adding value to the local economy in the form of integrated communications hardware. 



    The nightlife of Wax Ridge South is quickly gaining a reputation as a hotspot, much to the chagrin of it's main entertainment competitor, Fort Simian. 





    An airship lands in Wax Ridge South.



    A view of Wax Ridge South from the freeway. 


    Rio Preto moves forward


    Oil, ore and coal have been discovered in a city title adjacent to Wax Hill, defying almost a decade of ongoing geological surveys that showed the area to be barren. "We are at a loss to explain the sudden appearance of the resources" says Villiers Moineau, who nonetheless has signaled that Rio Preto will submit an aggressive bid to expand their operations in the region. Industry insiders are, however, skeptical of the move. "There are two other city titles that Rio Preto has not been permitted to settle owing to their enormous presence in the region, I can't see that the same fears of a Rio monopoly calming in light of this new title, especially given the resources" says rival Anton Briggs, of the Briggs Resource Co. (BRC). 


    Never before seen photographs of Wax Ridge North


    Construction of the Wax Ridge North infrastructure has almost completed, with a complicated and novel approach to road design being unveiled this week. Among the oddities are three-level highway avenues, complex bridge networks continuing the Wax Ridge South motif, and a maze of tunnels. On the topic of the massive infrastructure outlay, Villiers Moineau has claimed that "while Wax Ridge South has a number of tourist attractions, Wax Ridge North will be a tourist attraction in it's own right". 




    Wax Ridge North.




    Transport infrastructure has featured as high priority in the Wax Ridge North construction phase. 




    A view of the three level highway avenue in Wax Ridge North. 

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    Great views of the bridge, and you've managed to get a very industrial feel to this city. What filter are you using?


    Edit 28 March: congratulations, you're number one on the latest Ben's Top Ten.

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