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On ‎2017‎-‎11‎-‎02 at 10:54 PM, Fantozzi said:

25.000 participants are expected for the climate change summit 2017.

I think action moving toward more the positive health signs of the planet is to take the 'manmade' factors either out of the equation or redefine them.  We could only refer to impacts from human industry as anthropogenic or redefine them as part of natural evolution of the biosphere, mammals, geology and astronomy.  Maintaining the arguments as of political and industrial warfare will almost certainly result in insufficient even counterproductive response of human beings.

So 25,000 mouths will open and close, 25,000 tongues will wiggle, 25,000 backs will be patted, some rewards and trinkets will be handed out...  And some more Penguins and Polar Bears will starve. 


On ‎2017‎-‎11‎-‎02 at 10:54 PM, Fantozzi said:

climate change summit 2017.

Save a lot of money and use is to establish an international research team to coordinate field work around the globe.


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So initially the test results are that anti-matter (shrunk?), matter enlarged.  That's the only way I can explain it so far.   The important thing is there was no annihilation of matter, but there still could be on re-entry, so need to test Contained Field-Matter Theory.   Don't bother googling it, its new stuff, not quantum field, not unified field, if I get it, then its all new materials and energies to use to build my interstellar starship so I can have my moment of pure joy of arresting all the sociopaths, shutting down their power grid, and rescuing the Earth. Then we can build an actual civilization and achieve something far more useful than a toxic waste dump.

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9 hours ago, Fantozzi said:

evidence by experiments that the universe shouldn't exist

That's what I'm talking about *:thumb:  The proton is where nuclear atomic structure begins with at least one electron and one proton as in hydrogen (H).  Everything adds up sub-atomically and post-atomically except on the other side in time (at the origin of cosmic evolution) before the 2 pico-seconds ( 2 x 10-12 seconds).  So how do those 2 regions connect?  There has to be a connection.   I'm a bit short on plane fare to get me to CERN so I'll have to figure it out myself. *:)  

Too bad we've lost the great Scientists of the 20th century. Between environmental apocalypse and cultural warfare we stand only a very narrow chance of getting the real work done.


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Quite a bit of data above to process.   I don't think the deniers are actually in denial, its only the whackos that make the pretend denier arguments.  The deniers are not in denial at all, they just believe in things they think will protect them from the zombie apocalypse and collapse of the biosphere. It works in plausible theory, at least in the movies.   Humans blaming humans is probably a certain failure, but many seem to default to the blame game because it requires no real effort or skill in anything.

I suppose if someone has lived in a bubble all their lives, a bubble is all the reality they can know.  

So everybody keep up with your First Responder skills and training, keep practicing your scenarios and memorizing the signs and symptoms of shock.

Direct empirical and tangible observation is always best when the brain is sufficiently educated in a variety of angles of theory to operate on the data presented.   If one's theoretical basis is that the universe is a piece of real estate and a bunch of stocks traded on the intergalactic stock market among space aliens, then empirical and tangible evidence means nothing.  You can buy reality, reality is for sale.  Just purchase a quantum computer and a 3D printer and you can create your own universe and live in it. 

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Link to CERN article re: Dr. Marie Curie


"Have no fear of perfection; you'll never reach it.""Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood."  -- Dr. Marie Curie

In the 2001 Space Odyssey movie, which is reasonably considered the greatest masterpiece of art and interpretation of science of the 20th century, the object identified as the AE-35 unit in the movie is similarly represented here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USNS_Kiska_(T-AE-35)

Also, the object identified as the EVA Pod in which the main character apparently accesses the 5th physical dimension (form) is similarly represented in the image at bottom as the Apollo 11 Lunar Module.

Landing an adult female astronaut similarly at Tranquility Base, then splashing her back down safely on Earth, may effect greater comprehension of the human species of the material fact of the living universe from the maternal POV. 

The function of the mission may be effective improvement of global mental and social behavioral health of the human species, lessened activity of damage to Earth's biosphere, and result in advance of human technological engineering capability as well as sustaining the primate hominid under law of natural selection.

"How very little can be done under the spirit of fear."  -- Nurse Florence Nightingale  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence_Nightingale


Image Credit: NASA

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I might just have to get the job done the Kubrick way anyway so, here goes...


"Command module, Mission Control."

"Lunar orbit secured, the LM is on surface."

"Lunar module, Mission Control"....

"Repeat, Lunar module, Mission Control, Astronaut say position and status."

(soft feminine voice) "Tranquility base here, the LM is landed".

Lunar module, Mission Control, "Say reconnaissance report."

(soft feminine voice)  "No go of human species beyond lunar-terrestrial space due to fatal lack of moral processing in current state of civil culture. Robotic space-craft are allowed as far out as the Oort cloud to facilitate human learning, but the human species will be disallowed to infect the universe with pathology of carnivorous parasitism. No vehicle containing live human specimens will get past the asteroid belt." 

**Cut to live news reporting of mainstream media**

"Hey groovy guys and gals, this is Dick Head comin' at ya live on your local mainstream media channels.  Well, today the space agencies successfully landed the first woman on the surface of the moon, we have live coverage,"

"Hey sweetums, so how's the view from up there?"

(soft feminine voice) "Oh well, you know, I had to fluff-up pretty, so excuse the delay, Yes, I can see the Earth and the horizon of the moon, and its all a light and spongy dusty surface.  Its kind of peaceful and quiet.  I'm collecting some rock samples we can sell to raise funds for the education of the girls down there."

"There you have it, groovy guys and gals, finally the equality of womankind, so go get your money-making packages and your political party cards, and off to Mars you go!"

**Cut to Commercial**

(Kubrick never thought of this one.)  The commercial in the movie is an ad for the movie itself, showing the first scenes of the reconnaissance report as a preview of a coming soon to a theater near you sci-fi movie.

**Cut back to Live Report by Mainstream Media**

"Hey groovy guys and gals, we're joined now by reporter Ms. Ruba Doll, she's back to work in the field now after her successful head implant."

"Thanks Dick, I'm here live at Mission Control, talking with the Mission Director.  So, M D what other duties will the woman on the moon perform than rock sampling?

(Clearing his voice) "Well, as you may know all life on Earth is regulated, governed and protected by the moon, so her suit is designed to record all biochemical responses. Her mission is to just do normal everyday things that a human does on Earth over a one month cycle".

**Cut to Private Channel Between Command Module and Lunar Module**

"LM, Command Module, What does the suit say?"

"Its worse than we thought.  No female will ever make it alive beyond the influence of the moon let alone reproduce anything."

"Okay lets get you the hell off there now, initialize launch and LM recovery for next orbit."

"Mission Control, Command Module, Test results sufficient, recovering LM and returning to Earth."

<the hook>

"Command Module, Mission Control, clear to recover LM, there's another possible test, we can use the Launch Abort System to swing you outside one lunar distance away from the far side, but that means you won't have fuel for deceleration orbit on return to Earth, so you'll have to come back straight into de-orbit and splashdown." 

"Mission Control, Command Module, That's gonna be one helluva hot and heavy splashdown."

"Command Module, Mission Control, its a lot more flying than falling, you won't be able to use the chutes until its safe to stall much closer to the ground."



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My God, I ate 5 bags of popcorn just getting to the 2nd Act (note: theaters must provide low-fat, low sodium, low-sugar alternatives when presenting this motion picture to the public)

Act 2:


I'll skip the dramatic dialogue and just cut to the visuals.  

At one lunar distance from the far side out, the moon is about the size as it appears from Earth and the Earth is twice as small as seen from the moon.  Space beyond this point is outside the lunar-terrestrial field in which life on Earth is chemically originated and biologically functional.

How human physiology and chromatic structure will respond is an unknown, no human has travelled any further than lunar orbit.

With the LM successfully recovered and docked with the Command Module, and half the fuel used to position and maintain the vehicle lunar-stationary  (Opposite tidally-locked) at 2x lunar distance, the vehicle is then allowed to 'drift' inertially outside the lunar-terrestrial envelope.  All parameters of human physiology and chromatic (somatic and sex cell) structure are monitored by the 2 astronauts ( 1 male, 1 female.) and telemetry is downlinked to Mission Control for higher precision analysis .

<primary, secondary, and tertiary differentiation bioscience model>

Do the human specimens survive under strict biological facts of life, or do they perish with all the extinct primate hominids before them?

**cut to Hollywood producers 1%ers secret illuminati society club headquarters**

"Hey, Dick"
"Yeah Doorknob",
Check out this science guy's screenplay, he's using real science like Kubrick to compose a science-fiction screenplay.
"hooooly poooo, get Dork and Ruba Doll on the ooonphae"
"Oh. My. God.  We're gonna be rich, we can pay all the legal fees for all the molestation litigations and still walk away filthy rich!"
"And famous!"
"Hooray for Hollywood!"
"I can see it all now, its gonna be a billion dolla' blockbusta'!"

..Produced by Dick Head

...Directed by Door Knob

...Featuring: Dork the Stork and Ruba Doll


I'll take a 10% cut on pre-order sales of that baby so I can produce the movie myself.  (burrp!)


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Earth in 3x3 pixel resolution as seen with the DSCOVR camera.


Credits: NOAA/NASA, Stephen Kane


Act 3


**mystery location**

From a child's point of view its a sweet thing to look at the universe as a colorful splash of lights full of bouncing balls where your favorite cartoon characters can frolick and play.  With their quantum computers and their 3D printers there's simply no end to the fantasy missions they can plan and do.

**cut to inside command module at just outside 2x lunar distance from Earth**

<Test Results>

Intrasolar space is sterile beyond Lunar-Terrestrial envelope.
Interstellar space is sterile.
No planet other than Earth in this solar system, has, or ever will, support life.

Beyond the photo, radio, magnetic and gravitational fields of the living planet, biotic life will begin to collapse as cellular structures and functions denature and fail.

Abiotic complex molecules may exist in a variety of forms and spaces in the galaxy, but near-biotic, pre-biotic, and post-biotic, complex organic molecules may only exist in certain range around a star, and may not transition across intersteller space, except potentially in a material symbolic form. 

It's plausible that a robotic space-craft could reach any planet beyond our solar system and auto-re-start as it re-gains energy locally, then deploys machinery, but attempts at either cross-seeding or re-originating biotics would fail. 

Where and when life may originate and succeed in evolution in any other solar system, the same theory applies, 

Matter that is beyond known parameters of time similarly as with space beyond known parameters of life, may yet reveal properties of materials in 5th state of matter enabling engineering of transport of life by means of trajectory above and below the surface of the universe.

**cut to mainstream media tv studio**

Dick Head: "Hey there groovy guys and gals, today I used my new quantum computing 3D printer to print myself a new..."


Ruba Doll: "Gimme that microphone fool!  Your scud's a dud!"   

Door Knob: "Way to go girl!  Ruba! I've always trooooly loved you!"

Ruba Doll: "So do I! Get outta my way poser!"

Dork the Stork:  "Now Ruba please, lets be reasonable..."

Dick Head: "The Dork's gotta point Ruba, and not just on top of his head.  If you switch channels, the power grid will go down, the nukes will launch, that'll be the end of civilization as we know it."

Ruba Doll: "Well.  Its about time."


**cut to inside Mission Control**

Command Module, Mission Control. Telemetry received at 2.5 light seconds within 2x10-12^ power range.  Proceed on return flight.

**cut to inside Command Module**


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Act 4




Okay so we bypass what would be a mission that would facilitate improvement of human mental and social health effective to actualization of engineering of real technologies in securing civilization and the health of the biosphere.

And we proceed to believe that locating some cartoon friends in a solar system nearby will somehow be a meaningful and useful discovery.  The Space Alien outreach program is busily broadcasting some childish cartoons and little jingles that would immediately appear and sound like the mating proposals of a parasitic carnivore to any educated sentient alien species.

The magic number given is 25 years.  That's 25 years time forward from the relative past --to today.   So what level of evolution was discovered 25 years ago, microbial, aerobic, eukaryotes, plants, animals, animals like humans, sentient AI robots, apocalyptic zombies?

Lets go on over there now and have a look at the incoming radio signals as if it were true that our cartoon friends are at least equal to us.  Any verbal, symbolic, language, gesture, tone, or device used by humans would easily be analyzed and understood directly. Most things being equal they would only see a reflection of themselves essentially. 

What if their world was better?  What if their people and their planet were healthier?   We could ask for guidance on how to make our world better, but we already do know how.  We could ask for some equations and engineering specifications, but we already have them.  So then we could ask the real scary question as to how they achieved transition from a false civilization to a true one.

They would reply something like, "Do you really want to know?"  or "We'd tell you what the secret is, but if we do we will almost certainly doom you to complete failure."

Otherwise, what if their world were in even worse condition, on the immediate brink of complete destruction.  We could advise them with all of what we know how to make things better, how to achieve an actual civilization and a healthy planet, but they'd look over here and see that we've done none of it ourselves and ask something like "How can we trust you?, you have all the answers and yet your world is collapsing to complete failure like ours." 
Here's the rub... the bit about the secret.   Obviously we have everything except the 'secret' and if they are in better condition then they have the 'secret'.  We are useless to a world in worse condition without the 'secret', and a world in better condition cannot give us the 'secret' because this world would abuse that too and surely fail.

We could then ask our space alien cartoon friends if they could at least give us a hint so that we'll know it when we see it.  They would reply with something like, "Its not anything that you could imagine or prepare for and any hint would only be misleading".

We could ask when we can expect to get the 'secret', and again they would have to decline from giving any potentially corrupt or misleading information.  

We could try our best guess and ask "is the secret that there is no secret?".  They would politely reply, "We thought of that one too, but we will only confirm that its not as simple as that."

At that point our whole world goes into a frenzy of searching for the 'secret'.  Every lunatic on Earth presents their lunatic dissertations of what the 'secret' is.  The stock markets go through the roof in 'secret discovery' stock futures. Colleges and Universities fill up with students in pursuit of the 'secret'.  Religious leaders rise up proclaiming divine knowledge of 'the secret'.  Governments assert authority under the law of 'the secret'.  Construction booms as an entire new civilization begins forming around the concept of 'the secret'.

So what's "the secret"?



Looks like if matter and anti-matter can operate in a common nucleus then we won't be needing to search for cartoon friends anymore.  The form of anti-matter is already evident in the material world we perceive and experience, it is matter accordingly, but its nature is an opposing form (positive entropy).  It reflects matter retroactively and yet is active matter in the present.


summit of, height of, top of, entropy in ecology.   negative matter/energy real, then entropy positive.   

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@RandyE - the NASA link leads to nowhere.

But what's about this thought:

Everything on this planet was made for mankind. The whole planet was made for mankind. They dig into ground and find - oil. And they can make something from oil. Whatever species to imagine apart from us - having a use for oil? And they cultivate grain. They domesticate wild animals and make them friends. They dig again into ground and find - GOLD. Can you ever imagine a species in space having a use for GOLD? And mankind builds up a society on GOLD. It's not that mankind has findings - on every finding they also find a way to make use of it.

What - if the Bible is right and the whole universe is some sort of gameplay.? Made for mankind to discover and find a way to make use of it. What - if the keyword was 'usage' or 'usability'. And this is the mechanics of life. And there are planets that may host life but they are unused by life. Because they are just gameplay and waiting for the human player to dig. What, if we are the only species to make use of the universe?

Look at the fishes or the panda bears or whatever species you like. They can't make much use of different things - they eat and sleep and have sex like we - but they have no usage for most of the things that are on earth. Instead mankind have usage for almost everything and mankind turns everything into usage.

And now mankind searches around in space for finding other usefull things. 

But what, if space is different from us? And itself doesn't make use of all the possibilities there are? Like a game can't make use of itself but instead needs a player to make use of it. Millions of planets ready for biological life to grow. But no entity to use this possibilites.  Because physics and nature is different from us. They can't 'make use' of gold or oxygene or carbon. They practically lack of this ability - to make use of something that is there. They can't dig in the dirt to find something usefull. They just endure without ambitions. Imagine outer space as a space without any ambition to grow, dig, search, find, create. Just like a map waiting for the player to make USE of it.

And therefore things to become alive - like everything in art, or in thinking, in imagination, in finding a way, in recognizing something - it needs a mind, a player. And without mind even the universe is sensless space. What - if universe is just a setting a gameworld, a 3D-map, some kind of rendered topography for mind to make use of, to play with it?

So basically the question is not if there is life in outer space - but instead: are we the only player in universe. The only one to use rhis giant game map.

And NASA keeps on telling they found evidence here nd found evidence there that it would be possible some ameba could have grown on mars billions of years ago. For real - who cares? They keep on telling because they need public money to go ahead. Therfore they feed the public  with dreams of making usage of the universe.

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33 minutes ago, Fantozzi said:

@RandyE - the NASA link leads to nowhere.

Hold on, those crazy little space aliens are keeping the curriculum on top of the logical insulators.   Try this one: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/our-living-planet-shapes-the-search-for-life-beyond-earth  If you get 404 that says " The cosmic object you are looking for has disappeared beyond the event horizon." then no worries, it pops out the other side through the singularity.  Its part of the series of articles found here: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2017/six-stories-of-life-that-nasa-sees-from-space

40 minutes ago, Fantozzi said:

But what's about this thought

I'm reading this now...

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1 hour ago, Fantozzi said:

Everything on this planet was made for mankind.

Determinism can be given a variety of sources of origin, anything from nature, of God, or some science-fiction theory, or just some math alone.  It can be colored with some turtles, elephants or unicorns.  Non-determinism doesn't seem to make much sense.  As soon as I say a random engine is at the core of reality, then what random seed generator is plugging in the first number?  True randomness would be mathematically impossible in any field of chaos.  Just because cause and effect cannot be detected below a certain level doesn't mean there is none.   Quantum physics attempts to qualify a true randomness, but has produced nothing materially operational beyond a few spooky light shows.  Classical physics still rules the world.  What will likely happen is that Quantum physics will merely have been a stepping stone to a revised classical physics.

1 hour ago, Fantozzi said:

What - if the Bible is right and the whole universe is some sort of gameplay

It makes sense that given man's ability to understand almost everything and then given the ability of man to render it all nonsense, the probability that a higher center of operations does exist, which is why we now commonly imagine variations of the universe, multiverses, dimensions of space and time beyond this one that are mathematically plausible.   The idea of simply colonizing other planets or building massive space ships seems childish today, yet its good for sales of cartoons and toys in the big business of destroying the Earth with crude materials for lack of knowledge and skills.   Yes, it also keeps NASA and other space agencies famous as your friendly neighborhood space cadets who can conquer the universe like superman carrying their national or corporate flags.  Does the universe give a flying crap about humans' money making opportunities, politics and national governments?    I think not.   

1 hour ago, Fantozzi said:

So basically the question is not if there is life in outer space - but instead: are we the only player in universe. The only one to use this giant game map.

I think I agree, and also I would add that we really have no choice but to play the game, to keep levelling up, as soon as we accept game over, then surely it is.  The game must go on.  Gamers to the end we are, and what end we do not know, and maybe there is no end, and I'm fine with that too, so...  Game ON! *:thumb: 


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PISA (OECD study on education) finds: girls are better on collaborative problem-solving than boys.


Well, me, I wouldn't have needed an expensive study to trifle with this thought ...

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Taking behaviors of co-operation, collaboration, focus of specialization, constructive competitiveness, over to the individual differences lab, the group studies indicate only certain cultural, economic or political social constructs, so the test results are generalized and weighted for the desired results. 

As well, the study does not take into account family, natural development, cross-cultural and social learning differences as well as a variety of political and economic conditions.   There is no control group outside the test sample.

If we put a boy and a girl into an emergency vehicle as paramedics and either the boy or girl believing they are a better collaborator/problem-solver, then the patient would be well advised to immediately vacate the vehicle because the probability of a serious, potentially fatal, malfunction of technical operation is very high given that the abilities of either or both is less qualified in actual skill and more qualified only as a group identity.  

I would say in technical skilled operations no group is better than any other group, but groups of people who have no issues with group identities and can operate as a collection of sovereign individuals are better over any other groups who depend on group identities to qualify their collaborative and problem-soving skills.

If I say girls are better figure-skaters than boys, or boys are better figure skaters than girls, I'm speaking from my heart, but at the same time there is science that can explain the physical and cognitive structures of the girls and boys that are equally complimentary in the physical and cognitive structures of each other and to both as a whole.

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NASA published an animation of the fetal (fetal *not* fatal) Earth, with blood pressure, heart-rate and respiration, astro-physiologically and micro-biologically alive and kicking with continents floating around in the amniotic sac.  (the 4.3mb version linked above)

I've modified the animation to a much smaller version which is flipped upside-down for the purpose of this dissertation.  The required credit to NASA for the image is referred to the link above where the very beautiful original can be viewed and downloaded, otherwise: ASAN :tiderc for the (mal)adapted image embedded below. 

What's wrong with the picture below?  Upside-down is irrelevant in the (somewhat not) vacuum of space so why does it appear upside-down?  Maybe not what you might think based on your compliance with common reasoning. 

Why would everything appear natural one way and un-natural the other way?  Extremely likely I say, there are also polar ends to larger structures of the cosmos and even the entire cosmos.  Are there any other objects observed in the universe that appear upside-down or even look as upside-down as the Earth does when flipped upside-down?   

Thesis:  The entire universe has a right-side-up and an upside-down and may be envisioned correctly as a superstructure of gyroscopic dynamics.  The Einstein picture fits nicely with algebra, but algebra was invented by a guy staring at a ceiling in a hospital bed like buddy in the Space Odyssey movie. (Aha! another Kubrick clue!   Stay-tuned Star-Children)

Hellooooo space aliens... come out, come out, wherever you are...


ASAN :tiderc

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Govt eyes manned lunar surface mission


While we're at it can we check on the position of that 2nd incoming NEO?   Is it clear of the asteroid belt?  Its a planet killer so first things first.  Then there's the loci of evident increasing postive entropy issues, especially in regard to tectonics, volcanism and climate?

I wonder if the quantum computing, 3D printing, magic space car, lunatics think we'd find the monolith too?  I hope not.

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On 25.11.2017 at 6:11 AM, RandyE said:

Why would everything appear natural one way and un-natural the other way?

While you are absolutely right regarding nature, you can't cut out culture here. As flipping my atlas first problem I get, I can't read the names of the cities anymore (maybe next iphone will find a solution for that). So to make cartography team work you would need a convention. Otherwise the one who does africa, does it left-right, the one doing europe makes it upside-down and putting it all together ...

Same the poles. Shurely it's only convention to name the north pole north pole and the south-pole south-pole and the same you could name the south-pole north-pole and the north-pole south-pole. Which by reading it you already may guess it's the same problem - confusion. So it's not to confuse little humans in school why earth isn't painted flipped. Which leads to the most important cultural reason why earth never should be flipped and you did something EVIL here. Because the center of christian world, the birth place of jesus has to be at the very center of everything - which, when you flip it becomes central africa. Where - as me as catholic knows for shure - mankind can't have its midpoint.

But from your thesis there arises a question to me. You know, Hubble, the space telescope. They look in one direction of space, then they turn around and look in the other direction. How do they define direction in space? Do they say - lets move the telescope 15 degrees north-north-east? Like sailors?

Obviously they need a similar convention in space - otherwise you didn't know if your looking left or right or up or down with your space telescope (Like lost scientist in the dessert: "Ah, look at this star, I know it, we have seen it before. Can it be we are observing around i circles?")

So your thesis could be true - for directing Hubble there must be cardinal directions in the universe ???????????

The same astronauts they were on moon. Did you ever notice they say (and those are all space-expert, not villagers like me) all, without exception - they were on moon looking "down on earth".  How the hell they know earth is down when they are on moon and moon is up when they are back on earth? And to fly to the moon is never to fly down and to fly back on earth is never to fly up?

You MUST be right, @RandyE

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19 hours ago, Fantozzi said:

cardinal directions

There are many situations in practical life in the world, operations of technology, as in nature, in which there is no room for error.  If error, then system crash.  Which system? The living system.  Therefore, "failure is not an option".  So yes, in that sense, one MUST be right as you concluded of my expression.   To be right for the right reason is critically important, to be right for the wrong reason is disorder, dysfunction, danger and potential destruction.   So without moral base there is no reason.

So continuing my dissertation, I'd say 'that' we perceive a certain reference of right-side up is a good thing in that our reference points are agreeable in serious technical operation, and humans can relate correctly in safety, achievement of civil, social, and environmental health.   Humanity can win, the Earth can win, with greater probability and precision if there is integrity in common reference points.

Sometimes what we may think are lies, are not intent to deceive, and sometimes what we may perceive as harm, is not an intent to harm.   So if we get our bearings right, then we avoid falseness and the destruction it can do to all of us.  Yes, it would be evil to confuse those reference points in critical operation, and that is what evil does.  It misleads and intends harm in doing so.  It pursues no moral or rational integrity, and is of no use to those who do, other than as an example of what can go wrong.

I went to church last time about 3 years ago. I got a nice coffee mug which I drink coffee from every day, so its always a reminder of where I've been. 
Given that I'm convinced there's no more room for error as the accumulate errors are now a major factor of potential fatal harm to the Earth and to humanity, I have to keep my focus on very strict science.   I realize now the symbolic value of the 'cup' and the critical importance of its 'mythical' contents.  Ensuring the strength and safety of conscience and dignity is what good colleagues do.    "Hey buddy, check your bearings", is a great gift of ability of social animals.  

One man goes through 'hell' and makes it back, not the greatest at math, but he has experienced the bearings in physical force, dimension and form.  So the scientists and engineers can do their work translating and constructing to the benefit and avoidance of disaster for all.

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Extreme Hard-Core Full-Frontal Strict Scientific Analysis:

Even if the 2nd incoming near misses, the greater probability is there will be a 3rd from an angle opposite the 1st.  Its volume and mass may be lesser or greater depending on the adaptability of very narrow selection of species.

All structures of chemical and physical impact on living system Earth over 5 mass extinction events show progression of form and magnitude of force consistent with base carnal response of species.

If to eat and die is the only way of life, then to kill and consume is the only way of astrophysical nature.

Each day the dominant species continues to exhibit 'eat and die' behavior, the probability of 6th and final total extinction of life of planet Earth is sustained at 98% with precision advancing toward increasing immediate present.

This is a scientific opinion based on the full array of scientific investigation.

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According to International Business Times:


"Giant Antarctic iceberg the size of Manhattan just completely disintegrated, 'worrying' experts."

According to Scientific American:"

Gravity Signals Could Speedily Warn of Big Quakes and Save Lives"


Well, according to international human times and scientific human, it would seem reasonable that the 2 are very strongly related.

Business = monkey.  Total profit I made from doing real science work today: $0
Politics = reptile.  Total fame I gained from doing real science work today: 0

Human = actual moral and rational development.

Yes, the antarctic shield is collapsing and yes, the tectonic structure will reflect the disturbance of balance of mass.

This has been an interesting science stuff report from the human kind.

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Science and Tech. News Headline:

Dec. 3, 2017

"NASA Re-establishes Flight Control of Voyager 1 Space-craft -- after 37 years and 19 billion kilometers away."

Okay, this time no CGI, no monkey suits. Lets pick it up where Kubrick left off...


Location Unit 1: Victoria Impact Crater, Mars
Location Unit 2: Victoria Basin, Africa


.........(  ) <-- - o  O . <>  .o.  | +--> ( )........

      Sol, Venus, Earth   <>  Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter

LU1: Impactor known, LU2: Impactor unknown



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Asteroid 3200 Phaethon flyby in progress...




Screenplay: A Space Odyssey: 2020

Genre: Scientific realism, live action.
Rating: G
Budget: 500m

Film location unit 1 (Africa):

Scene 1, Act 1 (opening scene)


Earth, Pangea, 395 m.y.a. (Paleozoic, Devonian)

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Interesting Science Stuff Update, Dec 22, 2017:


"WASHINGTON — In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets,
the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification
Program was almost impossible to find."  NY-Times, Dec. 16, 2017

The motion and still images above and below are credited to the United States Department of Defense.  Nice isometrics.


600 billion what?  22 million what?   No wonder we live in the most savage and psychotic times in human history.  Math and physics skills are extremely poor, and unidentified objects and number symbols are magical (false) gods.

The object may be identified as an animal form consistent with human simian origins, hunting and gathering behaviors, projected in open space through the human pineal gland and visual system.

The object may indicate the blind spot, in the eyeball, visual cortex, consistent with the entire structure of our solar system, on Earth, on the moon, which may enable an access point of, and, or, to, inter-stellar space and other solar systems.

The object may also be considered as a reflection, a reflection in the mirror of 4 dimensional space, and also of objective material reality of 5 dimensional space.  It may have material form in 5-dimensional topology, and may be consistent with standard model physics, laws of motion and thermodynamics.   

In appreciation of the object I have changed my avatar to the identity of the object, that is, from the identity of a humpback whale breaching the surface of Earth's oceana, to that of a mammal form breaching the surface of space and time.


The lateral direction is then corrected, to high speed vertical ascent.  The dynamics are consistent with standard aerospace technology from Earth.  The cut away to lateral flight would be correct to high speed jet propulsion.

Object Identified as a Stealth Bomber.

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Here's the primary problem I see in improving human response to a public scientific presentation.

"The international scientific community is nearly unanimous in confirming that global warming is accelerating and human activity is its primary driving force."

When Dr. Carl Sagan made his public presentations of science he more so uplifted humanity.  I feel much better as a puny human, but its far more stressful with so many superior space aliens competing for world domination.

In terms of the 5 prior mass extinctions, it is reasonable to suggest that the focus is on the dominant species and its ecological succession to the point of extinction. 

It is vastly evident according to scientific field reports that the Earth is in critical condition and exponentially increasing toward fatal condition as humans continue to exploit, manipulate and devour by any means necessary to glorify their puny existence.

Human technology is not even barely past stone age level.  Not one engineer on Earth can replicate the exact construction process of some ancient stone temples that were constructed by human beings thousands of years ago.

So Voyager 1 is a piece of amazing technology floating in interstellar space made by, and representing, a species that can't figure out how their own kind lifted and placed some giant stones thousands of years ago?


How many mysterious brown dwarfs?  

If supernova detonations are the greatest threat, then it would make sense that by now humans would have constructed an effective gamma radiation shield for our precious and delicate home planet, the living Earth, and for our sacred moon that is required for biological homeostasis of all life on this planet.

I don't think throwing a bunch of puny human nukes at a solid wall of supernova level nuclear detonation will have much opposing effect.

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A Pithovirus molecule, much more akin to a small bacteria than a traditional virus, is also the biggest known viral entity and forms part of the 'megaviruses' group, which --is believed-- are genetically related and could hold the key to the origin of life, due to their huge genetic diversity and yet similar morphology and habitus.


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Posted (edited)

As to how I see the article on the 'pithovirus' above and where it fits in to the origin of life I've made a text picture for anyone to look at and compare to their own model.   I'm not sure if reading the article above changed my model or merely confirmed it, so that would be good to know either way.

I've constructed a model of objects that I generally understand of the structure of matter from common matter to material living cells.   In the hard-drive inside my brain this the general model I operate on of what composes material reality. 

Anyone may freely adapt, argue, dispute, deny, update, correct, or corrupt my model.

C:\Material Reality\Baryonic Matter\
Atomic elements
Organic elements
Organic compounds
Amino acids
Biotic compounds

Living Cells  |  Non-Living Cells
                    |   Protocells/Phospholipid Containers
Prokaryotes |    
                    |   Vira (viruses)/ viral envelopes
Archaea      |       
Bacteria      |




Declining oxygen in the global ocean and coastal waters


So if the oceans of the Earth continue exponentiating in warming, acidification, and de-oxygenation, then this planet will likely collapse to the Anaerobic level before the end of the lives of all humans on the Earth today, and all humans will die with all aerobic life by asphyxiation.

The old Pithovirus may have its day, its chance to evolve an entirely different biosphere of this planet.


Earth's Oceans Suffocating And Creating More 'Dead Zones': Study



The Ocean Is Losing Its Breath. Here's the Global Scope. 



Oceans are losing their oxygen as the Earth warms, says study.



Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn



In broadest view yet of world's low oxygen, scientists reveal dangers and solutions


  Edited by RandyE  

Adding sources of online media.

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