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A New Hope 7, The New Farmland...

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A New Hope
Simpson was sufing his way on the ocean, He had so much fun in surfing that he lost track of where he was and were he went.
He kept surfing all the way and he even didn't knew where he was going.
Suddenly he came across a new kind of land. A land he never seen before. He decided to go ashore, and check out the surroundings. He soon realised he had surfed to a whole new land. A land he never came across. 
He didn't know what to do at first hand. So he just made a campfire on the shore where he had landed.
Simpson thought he would get back but soon he realised he had surfed more than 10 miles before he came across this new land and he thought that surfing the whole way back would be undoable, cause he was exhausted from the first trip. 
So he made a campfire, thinking he would rest here for the time being and maybe get back to his previous land when he was rested enough...
He was pretty lonely on this new land, that it kinda scared him to get worried. "Where the hell am i?", "What will i do to get back", those were the questions that were reason upon him...
"I've surfed more than 10 miles to get here", "how the hell am i going to get back?" was he wondering.
I need to stay alive and get some food to find, in order to get up strength and figure my way out of this new land.
So he began search around the landing spot to search for something to eat. He knew he would have to find something in order to survive... He found some orange's and coconut tree's which he could use for the time being...
Soon he wondered, i need to make myself some kind of shelter for the rain and the wind, while im stuck here. So he began to gather some wood logs that were scattered around the place where he landed.
He soon found some dead logs that he could use for his shelter. 
So he began to work on them with his pocket knife he had carrying with him. It took a long while before he could make something out of it for his shelter. But he managed to do it after a long while..
He was proud that he could manage himself like this, his courses of self-survival that he followed last year just came in handy. He knew what he was doing due to his self-survival skills. He was glad that he followed that course, but he didn't knew they would come at hand sooner or later, but now he was glad that he followed it.
While he was managing his new skills, he builded a decent shelter for what he needed... It was nothing much but he knew it would manage him while he was stranded here on this new land.
After the shelter was built he felt incredingly hungry, so he went to find some small branches to build his spear, so he could go fishing.
After his spear was molded, he went into the ocean, to find and hunt for some fish. He was terribly hungry by now that he was very eager to get some nice big fish to fry on his campfire.
He catched 3 big fish that he could eat for the time being.
He carried them back to his campfire and started to fry them, so he could eat them.
After his evening meal, he went to his shelter and carried himself to bed for a nap, he was exhausted from building his shelter and finding some fish to eat.
To Be Continued....!

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  • A New Hope 2; Meeting a New Stranger...
    The next morning he woke up after slept along for so much...
    He was getting hungry again, so he went out to find some fruits and some fish, so he would get up strength again.
    After he had his morning lunch, he realised he was here for a day already.
    Simpson was wondering if he could manage to surf his way back to his previous land again.
    But he soon realised that it wasn't going to happen anyway soon. Due to his condition from his previous adventure.
    He was too exhausted to start surfin his way back home. So he thought that it was better to stay here for the time being while he was gaining his strength to get back when he could.
    He realised he couldn't get back surfing the whole way back when he did the first time...
    So he thought it would be best to stay where he was and to start a new life on this land that he just founded.
    He spent his day fishing, and finding some vegetables that he could eat, in order to to stay alive for himself.
    After spending almost a half day in finding some vegetables and fish, he suddenly came across a female, one that was very attractive...
    He saw her and he thought it would be best to talk up to her and ask her if she knew which place this was. Or how to get back to his previous land...
    So he went to ask her the question, and she answered,
    "well you just arrived upon the shores of A New Hope", she replied.
    "O, i see", Simpson replied, Can you tell me how long it will be to get back to Maggison Island?".
    "O, No, you won't be gettin back to there without a decent boat", she replied.
    "O, I see, how can i get back to there then..."
    "Well, there aren't going any boats to that place i am affraid".
    "O, Great, than im stuck here on this forgotten land".
    "i'm afraid so", she replied.
    "I can offer you some nice place to sleep @ if you want to".
    "Well, I dunno, I mean, i just arrived here and have made my own shelter here for the time being, and i really want to get back to my own home..."
    "O come with me and stay at my place, it's alot better than that old rubbish shack that you got there!"
    So he decided that it was better to go with her, as he also was fonded of her beauty.
    "btw, what's your name", he asked her.
    "Call me Samantha". 
    "It's nice to meet you Samantha", "I'm simpson".
    "Nice to meet you too, simpson".
    He just realised he made a new friend, a friend he could trust.
    So he went with her to her place and they made good friends while he was being with her.
    They became good friends and after almost a half year spending time with eachother they became good lovers, and soonish they realised they where ment for eachother....
    They loved eachother so much that they wouldn't be seperated anytime soon.
    "Simpson", She asked, `would  you marry me???" she asked...
    "yes, I will ofcourse marry you, honey!".
    So, as it happend, they married together, and started a whole new life together...
    Simpson had forgotten his former home because of his newly found love. He was very fond of her and her beauty. He figured that this new place wasn't so bad at all. A new adventure just came upon him, and he greatly embraced his new way of life. Away from the busy city on Maggison Island. Away from his boring friends, away from his busy work schedules. He loved this place already. 
    A peacefull and beautifull area where he could start his new life. Simpson was only 30 years old, but he had never made such adventures like this before, his normal day routine was only to sleep and go to work. He loved surfing on his spare free time, but he never knew he would get stranded on this new area. 
    Stay Tuned!

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  • Replies;


    Schulmanator; Thanx for the reply, soon you'll hear more about this story! :)

                                It might be with some twists and turns, but since this is my first attempt at making a CJ, i try to keep it interesting enough...

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  • A New Hope 3; Starting A New Life,


    After They married, they soon realized that they had to build up some new life.

    Samantha, who was at the age of 35, was sitting at home. Making a nice dinner for her husband.
    "Yes, dear".
    "I was just thinking, should we raise a farm, so we can have our own food made, along with some animals to keep?".
    "Hmm," Simpson replied.
    "That would be a good idea".
    Samantha smiled. She knew that her husband was getting bored in catching fish and eating coconuts each day.
    "Tomorrow, i will be starting to chop down some trees to clear some land for our farm", he responded.
    "Excellent, than i will go to the nearest town and ask for some help from the local people there", Samantha answered him swiftly.
    "How far is that town actually dear?" Simpson replied.
    "Very far dear, i have to walk for almost half a day to get there", she replied.
    "A HALF A DAY?!?, You got to be kidding?!!!" 
    Simpson just realised that his wife wouldn't be back before the next day when she just said it.
    "But then you will be gone for almost 2 days, how do i have to manage myself around here while you're gone?"
    "Don't worry! You will do just fine hun", She replied.
    "And, besides, the local people there have cars, I can easily sleep there for the night and get a ride back the next day. I'll be back before you know hun". 
    "Ah, right". Simpson mumbled.
    Simpson didn't liked the idea that he would be alone for a day. He was so attached to her presence that he would surely mis her presence while she was out to the town.
    But he figured that she would be back soon enough and that it was a good idea of hers to get some help from the local people.
    "Let's get to bed hun, we got a busy day ahead tomorrow". Simpson told his wife.
    Samantha agreed and nodded to her husband. 
    Regional Shot & Samantha's Travel Route
    Stay tuned for future updates to see how this story will develop!

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  • A New Hope 4; Samantha's Travels,


    The next morning, Simpson woke up at 7 am. He noticed his wife was already out of bed...

    He carried his unwoken body to the kitchen. 
    He noticed that Samantha had left him a small note on the fridge, with the text:
    "I've made some breakfast and coffee for you hun", "I've left it on the kitchen table".
    "There's also some stew leftovers in the fridge".
    "Chop down a forest for me hun, i'll be back before you know it, 
    Love, Samantha".
    Simpson read the note, and after reading it, he smiled in happiness, mumbling into himself;
    "I am blessed with this woman!".
    Simpson grabbed a cup of coffee and relaxed himself before he went to get dressed and start working on his land.
    in the meanwhile in a different area of the region)
    Samantha was walking towards the town of Rizla, A town which lies aproximatly 75 kilometers away from the spot where Samantha lived.
    She woked up around 5 am and left the cabin around 6 am...
    She made good progress on her yourney...
    It's now 9 am as we speak, and Samantha had traveled 25 kilometers already...
    Samantha enjoyed being out in the open. She was the kind of girl who enjoyed being on herself, doing her own things and reaching goals she never had reached before...
    She had made this trip only a couple of times, but it wouldn't bother her. Because she knew that whatever she was doing, it would always come to a good end, she made sure it would have...
    Samantha was a positive girl, who always saw things on the bright side of life. 
    It's one of the reasons that she chose to live in a unhabited area of the region, not too far from the busy town. She never knew that she would meet a man like Simpson before, but she was happy that it did happen.
    Samantha smiled upon that thought...
    "My life is getting more complete now", she mumbled into herself.
    "I sure want to raise some kids now and have a family".
    Upon that thought, Samantha started to giggle into herself, enjoying her thoughts as they arrised...
    "Ah, i'm nearly there!". She said.
    Samantha now had walked for over 65 miles before she came across the T-junction that split up to Rizla and to Heaven Fork.
    "Soon, I will be in Rizla" She thought in herself.
    She had been travelling a long way with a fully packed backpack. Her back was starting to give pain on her.
    "I need to stop for a moment and take some rest", she said into herself.
    So she sad down on a small rock, which was lying along the gravelstone path where she had been walking on. Samantha looked on her watch and she noticed that it was almost 11 am.
    "Wow!, Time surely goes quick!" 
    "O, well, only 2 more hours to go till I arrive in Rizla". 
    Samantha started to get hungry, so she grabbed her previous maded stack of sandwiches that she had made when she stood up. 
    She ate her sandwiches and rested in the meanwhile for over 20 minutes...
    After she had eaten her sandwiches, her pain in the back was gone already, so she decided that it was time again to travel further. She was now rested enough again to travel along her path.
    She traveled along her path, she followed the creek that she just encountered after the T-Junction.
    She loved the pine trees along her path, she picked up some of the pine apples that were scattered along her travel route.
    Samantha loved the sound of the creek, she enjoyed being out in the open wild forest. She enjoyed seeing the pine trees and the squirrels that were running around the area.
    Samantha enjoyed the wild-life around her. Her route to Rizla was so enjoyable that she forgot her time until she reached Rizla.
    She now had reached the town of Rizla, where she could ask for help on their new farm.
    Samantha decided to firstly go to the nearest café, so she could have her first lunch before she would go out and search for people for their farm.
    She arrived at the café, she ordered a typical lunch which were consisted out of some eggs and beanes and a sausage.
    She enjoyed her lunch very much, she felt filled up enough after 20 minutes after eating her lunch to continue her task to search for people for her and her husbands farm.
    Stay Tuned!

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  • A New hope 5, Meeting The Town's People,



    Samantha just had her lunch eaten, when she decided that it would be best to search across the town 
    for people they could use for their new farm.
    She went to the local job agency where she could find the people she needed.
    She asked the agency if their would be people willingly to fulfill the job requirements thats she has 
    asked for. The agency responded that they'd have the necessary people into their account to fullfill 
    her task.
    Samantha was very pleased to hear that, so she asked the agency when the first person could be
    available and ready for taking the job.
    The agency responded that it would only take a day at least to screen the candidate and to select them
    for the job procedure.Samantha was very pleased to hear it and she told the agency to go ahead with 
    the pronounced procedure.
    Soon, the first 5 candidates responded back positive, they were very interested at the job at hand.
    Samantha decided to hire them right away, leaving her no choice than to they trust them in their 
    The candidates were rather strong and capable of doing their job at hand.
    She told the candidates that the job at hand was more over 75 km from Rizla away.
    The first 4 candidates weren't bothered, cause they were eager to get some kind of job again.
    One of the candidates told her that he had a van and that everyone could ride along to their new job.
    Samantha was thrilled in hearing that. 
    "Ok, guys, lets meet eachother here at this place at 7:00 am tomorrow", Samantha instructed them to 
    bring along proper clothes and workshoes.
    "Ma'am, do we have to ride back and forth each morning and afternoon?" One of the guys asked her.
    "Well, it depends on what you want yourself. You can stay but we don't got the extra space for you 
    guys to sleep there. But we can easily build some proper houses for you guys since we're now got 
    enough people to build it all up". Samantha told the guys.
    Everyone agreed to just stay there and make this new farm work. They were sure it would be easily
    So they splitted up and they went back home to prepare for the next morning.
    Samantha went to her mothers place that was located in Silverpinestreet. Samantha had fond memories of 
    her childhood here. She loved the place were she grew up. But when she turned at the age of 19, she 
    decided that she would go out and seek out a place to do things on her own, that place was "A New
    The area which she had named it to after she had found it after her yourney throughout the wilderness.
    Her father left her mother when Samantha was at the age of 15. Her father divorced her mother because 
    he had found another lover. Samantha was still mad at him about that. When it happend, she swore to 
    never talk to him again, EVER!.
    Samantha knocked on the door of her former home, couple of seconds later, her mother opens the door.
    Her mother saw Samantha and yelled: "My little girl is back!".
    Samantha smiled and she hugged her mother intensively. 
    "Come, lets sit down and have a nice cup of coffee", her mother told Samantha.
    Samantha took a seat in the living room. 
    "Are you staying for dinner hun?" Her mother yelled to from the kitchen while she was making coffee.
    "Well, yes mom, and if you don't mind, ill sleep here for the night". Samantha told her mother.
    "That's ok, Sam, i've still got an extra bed for you".
    After 5 minutes, her mother came into the livingroom with coffee. They chatted up with eachother about 
    Samantha's yourney's.
    Samantha told her mother what she had been doing all those years. She told her mother that she came 
    across a man and that they were married. Her mother was thrilled in hearing such wonderfull news.
    Her mother was proud on her daughter, proud that she was capable in managing herself all alone all
    those years. She told her daughter that she was looking forward in meeting her husband and she
    couldn't wait to be a grandmother. Samantha told her mother that they were planning on raising a farm 
    and that that was the reason she was back in town.
    Her mother was excited in hearing such news, that she told Sam, that the local government was planning
    in laying down a railroad line towards the coast.
    But she also mentioned that it would take years before it would be completed, due to the fact that the
    government was seeking for sponsors and the additional donations they needed to get the funds for this 
    Samantha was excited, because then she wouldn't have to walk all those miles between Rizla and her 
    Stay Tuned!
    O, and here's another teaser!!!!

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  • repliesj.jpg


    @ Simcoug: Thanks for the positive comment, and yes, i've been quite busy with it... 

    But as this is my first CJ, i try and learn new things along the way so hopefully i can compare with the greatest CJ's out there  :P

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  • A New Hope 6: The Undertaking
    Samantha woke up early, around 6 am in the morning.
    She stood up and dressed up to prepare her for the day.
    She went to her mothers kitchen to get some breakfast, her mother was up already and had already prepare a good breakfast for her, a sandwich with bacon, eggs and cereals.
    "Goodmorning sunshine!" Her mother said to Samantha.
    "Goodmorning Mother", Samantha replied.
    "Here, I've made you your favorite, breakfast".
    "Thanks, mom!" Samantha was still sleepy, but she was happy to have her favorite breakfast again after such awhile.
    "Can I have some coffee to Mom?"
    "Sure you can Hunny". Her Mother replied to her.
    "I've also made some extra coffee and sandwiches for you, for your yourney back".
    "O, thanks alot mom, I appreciate that". Samantha was blessed in having such a nice mother who took care of her, like most mothers do for their child.
    Samantha took her time to enjoy her mornings breakfast. It was now 6:45 am.
    She looked on the clock that was hanging above the doorway of the kitchen,
    "Christ! I need to hurry! The job applicants are waiting for me!, Samantha grabbed her coat and boots and gave her mother a big kiss on the cheek.
    "Sorry mom, but i need to run! People are waiting for me at the job agency!"
    Her mother understood her completely.
    "Here, hun, i've bought you a small presence, which you could come in handy very much!"
    "I'll come and visit you soon, okay?"
    "O, thanks mom, but i need to go now, or else I will be late!" Samantha took the gift and rushed out of the house.
    Her mother watched her leaving the house and was waving goodbye to her child in the kitchen's doorway.
    15 minutes later Samantha arrived at the front of the job agency and people had already arrived at the place and was waiting for her to arrive.
    "Hi, guys!" Samantha greeted everyone warmly.
    "Are we ready to go for the trip?"
    Everyone nodded and they went off to "A New Hope".
    In the meanwhile in "A New Hope".
    Simpson had already chopped down a pretty good area of trees already. But he didn't got to it, to move the chopped down logs aside, the place was a big mess!
    Simpson had woken up around 8 am and he already had his breakfast and coffee. He looked out of the window, watching over the area of chopped down logs...
    "O, boy!, What a mess!" He thought upon himself while seeing all those chopped down logs.
    "How the hell am i going to move those logs aside?!" Simpson wondered.
    Simpson was discouraged to start cleaning up the mess that he made the previous day...
    He knew it would take him up to a whole day to clean it all up.
    Suddenly he heared the noise of cars and machines approaching!!!
    "Finally! My wife has arrived!!!!" Simpson cheered from happiness.
    The workers parked their caravans alongside the cabin of Samantha and Simpson.
    They were eager to start their work and they started right away!
    "O, hun, i'm glad to see you!" Simpson told his wife.
    "Yes, dear and i've managed to get the manpower and equipment to get this job done!" Samantha replied to him.
    After a couple of hours, the workers had already cleared the site for most of its part.
    In the meanwhile while the workers and Simpson were busy to clear the site of chopped down trees, Samantha had prepared a big evening meal for the people.
    She had made potatoes with chicken and beans. Her mother had packed her bag and supplied her with these foods before she went of this morning.
    To be continued!

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  • repliesj.jpg



    @ Schulmanator; I just got word from Samantha and Simpson that they're happy to join them for the meal! They told me you're welcome to visit and join them for lunch whenever you want to!  ;)

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  • A New Hope 7; The New Farmland...




    During the evening meal one of the workers raised up a question about how large the new farmfield had to be...

    Simpson and Samantha looked up against eachother, "Well, we haven't talked about that before, but i guess we'll just start with the size of 1 acre, i think that should be enough for the time being".
    Samantha agreed with her husband.
    "And what are you planning of what kind of crops you're going to harvest?" Another worker asked curiously.
    "I think we're going to start with corn first", Samantha replied quickly.
    "Because thats the easiest crop to start with", Simpson added to her answer.
    "Can I borrow your Van tomorrow?", Simpson asked one of the workers.
    "Why so?", he replied.
    "Well, we need to buy a tractor and maybe a harvester", Simpson answered.
    Samantha quickly jumped up and grabbed her gift that she had been gifted by her mother.
    "No need to hun, I can call my mother and ask her if she wants to do that for us!", She responded quickly...
    Her gift was a new cellphone of the brand 'I-Rang!'.
    She quickly called her mother.
    "Mom, could you do a favor for us?".
    "Could you go out tomorrow for us to the local dealer and order a brand new tractor and a harvester for us?". 
    Her mother was thrilled in doing that for her daughter, and she agreed in doing that for them.
    Her mother told her that it would be a gift from her for their new farm!
    Samantha was pleased to hear that.
    "She's going to gift us the tractor and the harvester for us!!!", Samantha told it at an excited voice to Simpson after she hanged up the phone.
    Simpson almost choked on his potatoe when he heared Samantha yelling the news.
    "Is she serious?!?", He replied, after almost choking on his potatoe!
    "Isn't this great?!!!". Samantha replied.
    The workers cheered upon the news of Samantha...
    "But, but...", Simpson stuttered...
    "That will cost her over 200.000 Rizlians for your mother?!!!", (rizlians is the local currency of Rizla)
    200 times this amount equals 200.000 Rizlians...
    "We can't accept such grand gift from her!?", Simpson answered.
    Samantha replied that her mother had saved all her money over the years and that her mother also had won the lottery in the past...
    And that her mother doesn't care about money, and that she wants to help us in starting up this new farm of us. Samantha informed her husband.
    Simpson wasn't all too happy about this, but he couldn't argue against her because they hadn't enough money for themselves currently. So he just agreed with it.
    Everyone was very happy for the couple and so they celebrated the evening with alot of booze! (the workers had brought those along!).
    It went into the late hours and everyone was very drunk and they all fell asleep one by one on the campsite.
    The nights were warm because it was summertime and the temperature was around the 18 degrees.
    The next day everyone woke up with a huge hangover as they started to get their breakfast and coffee.
    After one and a half hour everyone was forgotten their hangover already and started on their job again.
    There had alot to be done before the new farm was ready for service.
    The workers worked very hard in achieving the job at hand.
    Soon the farmfield and the new barn was going to be visible in its shape and size.
    Suddenly, (a couple of hours had already past), everyone heared alot of honking and the sound of a tractor approaching.
    Simpson and Samantha rushed to the gravel road and they saw the new machines approaching with her mother behind the steering wheel of the tractor.
    They both laughed very hard at her while she approached the two.
    "O MY GOD!, I can't believe my mother is actually driving it!", Samantha yelled out loud!
    Simpson also couldn't believe it.
    Samantha's mother parked the tractor and jumped of.
    She graciously greeted her daughter and she was happy to see the face of Simpson.
    "So, your the husband of my daughter?", She asked curiously...
    "Yes Ma'am!", Simpson answered proudly!
    "Nice to meet you son!",  Samanatha's mother graciously shaked Simpson's hand.
    "Come lets sit down and talk abit more", Samantha told the two...
    So they went inside their cabin and chatted along with eachother for a couple of hours, while the workers were working hard on the land.
    To Be Continued!
    Here are some extra shots of the area in question!!!
    Have a great weekend!

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  • anewhopebannerreplies01.jpg



    @Benedict;  Thanks for your suggestion, i haven't thought of it too turn them off when taking screenshots, I always forget about it, thanks for the small reminder  :golly:


    @SimCoug;  Don't we all want one?!? Remember those days when they first came onto the market? It was like you were helding up a refrigerator against your ear!  :D


    @Schulmanator; Yeah I guess she is enjoying it abit too much.  :D  




    BTW, what you guys think of my new banner????

    Made with photoshop :D

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