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Got a problem with a tree controller.

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I am having an issue with CPT/C.P./Cycledogg's meadowshire river tree controller, I have checked to make sure I have all the dependencies(I do for absolute certain) I am not getting any brown boxes, what I am getting however is little wood cabins and the little tiny pond that has skinny dippers in it(I think that one is peg's actually and is not even listed as a dependency though I do have a his 7 in one terrain kit that does not actually alter terrain but gives a bunch of mmps).  
The zoomed in view, look at the snow caps, I don't even know if anything is supposed to grow there at all, doesn't make sense it would with the air being so thin.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/a50guc26jmz1asl/SimCity%204%202013-03-25%2023-18-49-91.png(I may have failed at putting a picture up here but i win with links, sorry guys)

Does anyone have any idea why this is doing this?  I really like this tree controller and how it does not plant trees everywhere and has a superior variety as well compared to most tree controllers.  This being CPT's tree controller I figured it would be sure thing that it would work flawlessly, perhaps I was right about that, maybe I have done something wrong though I cannot imagine what it was if anything.  Is anyone else having issues with CPT's meadowshire river tree controller?  Can someone else plug it in and see if it works for them?
This is probably going to be a thoughie, I have a gazillion mods and have not had any problems like this ever, not like this anyway, and I am a pro at hunting my dependencies down too, even the obscure ones and have a vast collection of them, I never see brown boxes.  I have a gazillion mods, yes, this is true, but for this I am doing a fresh plugins folder install, all I got is the meadowshire terrain mod, CAM, NAM street side mod(with patch for SAM streets), the 7 in one terrain mmp kit from PEG, SPAM and the Industrial replacement from paeng so far and that is it, my dependency list right now is quite short, no way I could miss one and not know it, no way.  I also did some Googling as well and could not find any quick answers that way either.
Edit:  I have now downloaded the river version and this one does the exact same thing.  Also worth noting is that I am testing these on virgin tiles too.
One last thing, I would love to put those pictures up here, I have them at photobucket and they are .jpeg too, it tells me I cannot use that file type, but swear I remember someone saying they had to be jpegs, is it a problem with photobucket, I also tried.bmp, .png and tried to link a photo from dropbox, I just fail.
Attempted to attach instead, also posted link(I am trying I swear)  For the time being I will try and find another tree controller that works good.


Edit: Since posting I was able to narrow it down to something int he PEGPROD file folder, it has to be something to do with the MTP, those are obviously MTP props, I tried removing the MMPs file folder and they persisted, I will try to put the PEGPROD file folder back and just take out the MTP super resource pack and see how that holds up.


Final Editwith resolution: Finally, hours of toil come to a nearly successful end.  Nearly successful only because the end result was me deleting a file.  I had to get rid of the MTP forest scenes that comes with the Pegasus 7 in 1 terrain kit.  I would likely have never used them anyway, but could not figure a work around that allowed me to keep it in so it had to go.  I hope this can be of use to someone someday somewhere.



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  • Original Poster
  • This has been resolved.  Apparently the props included with the MTP forest scenes share the same properties that spawn the plants for the higher elevations.  I guess this sort of thing happens from time to time with all the different authors making all the different props.  I looked at the MMPs included with that pack and deemed them to be irrelevant to my cities, deleting them was a non-issue for me.


    Of course I had all the dependencies.  I have practically EVERY dependency out there, once upon a time I went to the LEX and downloaded every dependency there was, then came to the STEX and did the same thing, making sure not to have any duplicates or outdated packs in the process.  I place each one in the folder named after it's creator, this eliminates redundancies.  It is a rare event when I do not have a dependency required by any anything created.

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    Ask on SC4devotion for a blocker for the MTP cabins. All tree controllers have that problem, as those MTP cabins use the terrain data that are needed for tree controllers, except if the creator of the tree controller included a blocker for those cabins. I use the PNW tree controller, which already includes a blocker for PEG's mountain clutter.

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