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How do you get plastic/aloy for electronics specialiasation?

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You could either recycle and process your recyclables to produce the alloy and plastic (although I doubt that would be enough to sustain an Electronics empire) or you could build trade depots/ports and import the alloy and plastic by plopping the appropriate storage. if you have coal and ore, you could smelt those products and get the resources you need as well. good luck!

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if you have oil, you extract it and process it until you gain plastic and / or fuel. sell the fuel :D

if you have ore, the same, extract, process untill you have metal and after you might be able to produces alloys. \

if you have none, import them ( as I am doing) , you will still have a LOT of profit.

be aware that you will need a lot of water and energy so keep an eye very close on the utilities and also on the supply chain, otherwise you will end up bankrupt in minutes :D.

LE : and yes, as above mentioned, by recycling, but from recycling you will obtain ONLY a part of the needed raw ( I am using  now around 200 tons of alloy  and 6k plastics daily ( 5 processors plants and 2 televisions fully upgraded) and the recycling is giving me only 20% of what I need. 

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Depend on the size of the city you manage. Recycling can be very profitable !

On my 420k City, I use 1 recycling center for electronic production. Processors are manufactured almost 24 a day, and tv/computer too. Sometime I lack a few alloys and plastics, but I only recycle about half of recycling materials my city produce, so basically, I could buy a second recycling center and sustain my production chain constantly, even having a few extra alloys/plastics for sale... Btw, with 1 recycling center, processors factory, and electronics factory, I managed to win ~30 mil of cash yesterday despite the fact I had a -10k hourly turnover, which I will later use to kickstart the other cities of my region (I play alone, and my 420k people city is the only one in the region i'm currently playing).


Well, short answer for the op: Recycling. Don't waste time with mining, since it will deplete quite fast, and is too expensive. Recycling can be setup quite fast, and is almost imediately profitable.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thank you very much guys! gonna give it a good old bash tonight and hopefully get  a big city. Dunno how your city is so big tho? most i can get is 50 000 haha 

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    It's easy to make high-pop cities, basically, you only need parks + residentials to do it. Anyway, my 420k city I "played the fair game" and also provided services to the city (cops, fire, hospitals, etc...). I placed parks and R first, then when revenues came in, I gradually setup services around... Once I had all the services provided to the city, I started to setup my electronic chain, sacrificing a few R in the process, but definitely worth it regarding the profit you make with it.


    Providing services helps boosting attractiveness and boost building density, but you can do it without them too... but Parks are almost required if you want to do a proper city, since it's the only way to "accurately" set the buildings richness. Normal parks will boost land value, limiting influenced buildings to § richness level, Sports and natural parks will limit to §§, plazas and classics to §§§, you'll need employes from the 3 classes to "optimally employ your sims and fill vacant jobs". A few shops also helps the landvalue growing, but not that much, and don't abuse of shops, they are quite unbalanced atm, using far too many jobs (Especially at med and high density). My city have full rows of R, only with 3 "Zoning spaces" of C per line. You don't need much of them.

    Also, due to the poor way the population count is fudged, your city's population will tend to grow kinda exponnentially. Growing from 200k to 400k will be faster than growing from 0 to 50k.

    Also, you'll need more § employees than §§ or §§§. You should need about half §§ than §, and only a few §§§.

    Also take in account that when you have unemployed sims (I have tons of them in that city atm, since it's my only city in the region), they'll have almost no revenues, and will tend to desert their homes. The homes will refill fast and you'll probably not notice the difference, but the sims that deserted usually go to "live" in parks, and parks saturated of homeless will boost your city criminality. (Crime is the biggest problem of my city... Since most sims have no jobs, I have only very light traffic in the city, despite the high pop count... Jobless sims are much more convenient for traffic management, especially when the traffic engine is bugged as hell and have conceptual problems)

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