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Trouble with constant traffic issues

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Hello everyone, I've been hunting around these forums since back in old SimCity 3000 times, and have always loved the community, but now, I am reaching out to all of your for help.


I am constantly plagued with traffic issues, normally I can solve with mass transit and it is no longer to big a problem. However, this SimCity has me baffled as far as a manageable traffic flow. Any tips or pointers would be very appreciated because honestly, the city you see here is my 5th attempt at a tourist/gambling specialization, and again, it has failed because of traffic.


My cities are always build on a grid, with the main avenue running right down the center, as I am sure all of us have tried. I hope to hear from you soon!


Thanks in advance!



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traffic is one of the biggest issues with this game. youre not alone. The way traffic works in this game is not realistic and you should oberve how they work. They take the shortest routes. There are a few tips around the forums. set my streets up so that the traffic funnels down to the city.


They drive into my main road and it forks where one half the traffic goes to one part of my city the other half goes to the other half of the city

it then keeps splitting like a flow chart going down. that has allowed my city to have minimal traffic. Its all about how you set up your roads in your city. a grid city would be ideal but not work well with the AI of the traffic in this game.

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  • Original Poster
  • That's an interesting idea, so you went away from the single avenue down the city, I guess I need to break away from my usual grid pattern lol. I guess that traffic patch they put out didn't work as well as I had been hoping

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    I still don't understand the traffic AI, especially after it was supposed to have been "tuned."




    All of those cars are heading to the university. The cars lined up in that looong road right there are all turning left.to get there. However, they can get their much more quickly if that get out of that long line and turn right at the intersection, and do a U-turn. That is how the cars lined up in that shorter road are getting there. 


    I just want to be able to design a sensible, realistic road network. I should NOT have to engage in all of these tricks and games with the traffic AI just so my city isn't in perpetual gridlock. I'm sure it is possible to create road networks that work with the dumb AI, but it is also possible to get microwave to work after a a bang on it twice, unplug/plug it in after every use, and never make the timer go longer than 2 minutes. The point? It is clearly broken, I'm tired of playing games with it, let's get a new one!

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    The main thing seems to be avoiding 4-way "crossroad" intersections at all costs.


    And since traffic can't cross the road to enter a building, long straight roads are a no-no. They need places to turn around to get on the side of the road they want, so that means plenty of "T" intersections.


    I have noticed high density, low wealth commercial causes a lot of traffic problems too - I dozed some near problem intersections which helped a lot.


    Also, train stations with high usage will cause ridiculous traffic problems since the sims all drive to it. I was forced to delete them in my biggest city (300,000 population) and now my traffic problems have gone. Kind of ass-backwards, deleting train stations to REDUCE traffic, but there you go. Same thing with universities and colleges - they can create huge traffic depending on placement...



    Edit: I think you knew that already... :)

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    avoid 4 way intersections i make my city like brick work...so they are all t intersections...then avoid all traffic lights....the only one I have is where my train crosses the road....and avoid avenues....

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