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Emergencies and basic Traffic Rules

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I do not actually know if this is a fact / rule that is hold / done / given in all countries in the world. But in my country, the Netherlands, it at least is.


When there is an emergency vechicle. When there using signals (like sirenes and lights, sorry can't explain it better...At least when they have to put out a fire, help people or arrest someone...You know...), when they are using it. We must always let them pass first. This can we do by, when there is a intersection, watch out very carefully and let them go, even if YOU have a green light. If you are driving already on the road you should drive till you reach the other side...And when you have the vechicle behind you, if possible, need to evade, safely off course, the way, so that the vechicle can pass trough..On highways also there are special lanes, where no normal car may drive on, so that emergency vechicles can always drive trough.


But in the game. You can't really see that. You see them wait behind cars that eaisily can go trough the other lane so they can go further...They wait all the time...Even for stopping lights...While they should drive further...Because sometimes, it's not fun to see a whole house burn and expand to the ground, even with 20 fire departments in your city. It should work like in the real world.


So I do wonder...Is this just a bug? Will they fix it then? Or is this something that just needs to be changed? (I thought I read in the latest patch info they actually gave the first pass or so to the emergency vechicles, but can't see it in game yet clearly).


I do just wonder...If this rule is in all countries...And if or when they will implement this rules?


Sorry not good at explaining this...(I love emergencies thus am very interested in that in games xD)

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I'm from Canada and we always make way for emergency vehicles,  we pull off the side of the road and let them through.  This is not simulated in game,  i had 3 firetrucks wait in traffic across the street from 3 burning buildings last night,  they seem to have to go to the end of the street and turn around and come back.  It seems to me this has gotten worse over the last couple of days since the last patch.  My cities will burn to the ground tonite.  It's pretty much unplayable for me now,  before the 1.7 traffic patch it was at least managable.

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Ya in the US all emergency vehicles har the right away when their signals/sirens are on, you have to pull over and get out of the way by law.

I've been ticked since day one about this, they sit in traffic, they sit at red lights. They stop at stop signs.... No that's not how that works, and maxis should know that and made it right the first time, unless, glass box treats all agents as the same and has no designation for emergency/bus/garbage

Sorry for the typos. Posting from my phone fail :-/

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In the UK it is always essential to pull over the side of the road and let emergency vehicles through and this also applies at traffic lights, slip roads on to duel carriage ways and motorways ... after all one day that emergency vehicle may becoming for you or a loved one right ?!!!


But this doesn't seem to be the case in-game. However it must be said that the recent update (1.7.1) has gone some way to resolving this issue and especially where the traffic at least lets the emergency vehicles out of their garages and on to the road, However there is still a ways to go before all the issues with normal traffic, school buses, emergency vehicles, and especially trade vehicles so they are not all doing the Congo on the opposite of the city from where they are needed eh ? ... lol.

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I think it is a general rule world wide that you give way to emergency vehicles, quite obvious why. It is surprising that this is not in the game. But with many complaints on traffic issues I'm sure this will be resolved.

Just hope it's soon. Because its annoying.

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