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Cyclone Boom

Trixies 2012 - Reference List

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Inspired from a by TheCheeta, I've collected links to the content / winners of the 2012 Trixie Awards.
Hopefully this will be a useful reference list, saving the need to individually search each item of content.


Categories  (Click to go to the section).

SC4 Players Awards

SC4 Builders Awards

Cities XL Awards

Forum Specialist Awards

Community Spirit Awards


Note: For the awards that don't refer to specific content, I've listed the recipient only.

Total Nominations: 833

SC4 Players Awards

Best SC4 City Journal
Journey through Paengia – by paeng
Most Aesthetically Pleasing SC4 City
Zeroing City – by Uzil
Awe Inspiring SC4 City
Zouerat Islamic Federation  – by elavery
Best SC4 City Planner
Packersfan for District of Wenzel 
Best Newspaper in a SC4 CJ
Asgard   – by Fox
Best Story in a SC4 CJ
The Sensational Six – by NMUSpidey
Most Entertaining SC4 City Journal
Schulmania   – by Schulmanator
Most Realistic SC4 City Journal
Hiroshima – by art128
Unique SC4 Region
Galesfeburg  – by Lyhoko Leaci
Best Use of Custom Content in a SC4 CJ
Shushtrepistaz  – by Forthwall
Best Use of Added Media in a SC4 CJ
Carpathia III: Fragments of Sorrow   – by Zelgadis
Best Rural SC4 CJ
New SorGun  – by SimCoug
Best Use of Nature in a SC4 CJ
Ring of Fire – by blunder
Best Attention to Detail in a SC4 CJ
Med Inspirations – by OlScare / Benoit
Best Grimy SC4 City
Tenements & Rust: Ghetto Stories  – by TekindusT
Best Suburbs in a SC4 CJ
– by wwetom1
Best Park and Recreational Area in a SC4 CJ
Asgard  – by Fox
Best Science Fiction SC4 CJ
Alien [iI] Worlds 2  – by spursrule14
Most Miraculous SC4 Mosaic
Three Nations 2013 (AIN) – by Huston
Best Roadgeek SC4 City Journal
The Commonwealth of Paradise (USNW)  – by kj3400
Best Public Transport in a SC4 CJ
Dragon Islands Cities – by Skimbo
Best Custom Lotting in a SC4 CJ
The Empire of Nueva Iberia – by SC4L0ver
Most Eye Catching and Original SC4 CJ Title
Invinia 2250 – by felano
Best Tropical SC4 Journal
New Chandler III – by k50
Most Improved SC4 City Journalist
ggamgus for Queensland and the World (AIN)
Most Chaotic SC4 City Journal
Hijaran United Confederacy (AIN) – by Hiigarar
Best Civic Plazas in an SC4 CJ
– by kccl35
Best Historical CJ
New SorGun  – by SimCoug
Best Asian CJ
Atarashima – by mystic_destiny
Meg's Smorgasbord Award
Holt District  [Forum Section] – by sim_link
CaptCity's Tough Guy Award
Shayden Federal Republic – by Sirron Kcuhc


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– by Amthaak
Best Post-War BAT
– by Jasoncw
Best Re-creation
– by kellydale2003
Most Useful Creation
High Rise Apartment Series – by Aaron Graham
Most Creative Lotter
paeng – 2012 Lots
Highest Overall Quality in Custom Content
mattb325 – 2012 Content
Highest Technical Achievement in Custom Creations
darn422012 Content
STEX Community Favourite
MandelSoft2012 Content
BAT of the Year
– by Amthaak
Best Behind-the-Scenes BAT Support
Most Improved BATer
Darknono35 – 2012 Content
Most Luminous Illuminator
MandelSoft2012 Content
Quickest Quality BATer
mattb325 – 2012 BATs
Most Useful Feedback in Custom Content Threads
T Wrecks2012 ‘Builders Forum’ Posts
Favourite BAT team
NYBT – 2012 BATs
BAT Newcomer of the Year
reddonquixote2012 BATs
Best Industrial Bat of the Year
The Manhattanvile Project – by ABBT
Modd of the Year
Industrial Revolution Mod – by T Wrecks
Most Valuable Modder
Most Important Modding Discovery
JUPITER Weather Controller – by xannepan
Most Dedicated to Acknowledging his Team Members
Best Automata
Simfanatik – 2012 Content
SC4 Map Guru
Drunkapple – 2012 Maps
Best New SC4 Mapper
johnny12345 – 2012 Maps
Most Likely to Become an Architect in Real Life
Bipin – 2012 BATs
Most Dedicated Modder
Best Modding Tool
– by yild
Best Novelty Beyond the Buildings
nbvc2012 Content
Hometown Tours
Melbourne Skyscrapers – by reddonquixote


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Cities XL Awards


Most Valuable CXL Contributor

The_Funky_MonkXL Nation Maps


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Highest Quality Poster

T Wrecks2012 Posts


Funniest Overall Member

Craig-Abcvs2012 Posts


Most Helpful Forumer

Yarahi – 2012 ‘Can’t Find It? Ask Here’ Posts


SC4 Technical Denizen

Ganaram Inukshuk – 2012 SC4 Modding Posts


Most Entertaining Avatar

Delecto – Jumping Animals Avatar


Outstanding Show me your... Contribution

Haljackey2012 ‘Show Us Your Interchanges’ Posts


Hamish’s Mac Pro

DAB_City – 2012 ‘SC4 Mac Users’ Posts


The Evil Apprentice of Zelgadis

Cyclone Boom2012 Posts


Hym's "Off Topic Philosopher" Award

Odainsaker – 2012 ‘General Off-Topic’ Posts


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Community Spirit Awards


Staff Eye Within the Storm

CaptCity – 2012 Posts


Merit of Team Spirit



Enduring Dedication Award



We Miss You; Come Back

Shadow Assassin


Most Welcoming to Newcomers

111222333444 – 2012 ‘Introduce Yourself Here’ Posts


Friendliest Chatter



Chat Insomniac Award



Most Active Non-City Builder



Best Sports League

Joe 90 – SimCity League Baseball 2012


Chemists Do It on the Table. Periodically.

Benedict – Millipedia


Don't Forget to Breathe

Cockatoo –


We'll Miss You



The Foreign Correspondents Award

Dirktator, Zelgadis


The Kiwi Krew

Craig-Abcvs, Ded, Hamish, Prens


The Stampede Stoppers

Blue Lightning, CaptCity, Craig-Abcvs, Hamish, Porter


The STEXie (Supremely Tracking the EXchange)

Cockatoo, Craig-Abcvs, sim1234


The Scenic Overseers

astronelson, Craig-Abcvs, Porter, TekindusT


The Cat Herders

confused04, Deathtoall, deathtopumpkins, Ded, Prens, thatmonkeysim, TowerDude, zezug


Simtropolis Debate Mediators

astronelson, Wrightguy0


The Traffic Directors

astronelson, ilikehotdogsalot, Porter, TekindusT, Xyloxadoria


Creative Content Crew

andisart, Blue Lightning, GlobexCo, Cockatoo, Craig-Abcvs, drunkapple, Jasoncw, MandelSoft, masochist, paeng, soltangris, T Wrecks, un1, Xyloxadoria


Fun, Frivolity, and Fact-Finding Facilitators

astronelson, Blue Lightning, Craig-Abcvs, JakeMD, sim1234, un1, Wrightguy0


Lifetime Luminaries

Kevin, beebs


Writer in the Storm



Mac Attack



Purveyor of Prodigious Power



Dinner with Dr. Vu



Best Dirktator



The Fairy "God" Mother



Dirk's Warm Fuzzy

Easy Bakes


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Any comments / suggestions are welcome. Also, please let me know if you notice any mistakes. ;)

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Very nice work Cyclone Boom!


Do you plan on adding more links for the other category when applicable? Examples:


-Most valuable CXL contributor: The_Funky_Monk

-Most engaging off topic: A Noony Moose ()

-Most Welcoming to Newcomers: 111222333444 ()

-Chemists Do It on the Table. Periodically: Benedict (Millipedia)


...And so on.



Edit: This is is good stuff to put on the ST Wiki too.

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  • Original Poster
  • OK, I've now added the other awards to the list, as well as the following improvements:


    • In an attempt to improve navigation (save keep scrolling up and down), anchor links are now present for each category
    • You can return to the "Categories" menu by clicking the Back to Top ↑ links
    • All links should now open in a new tab by default (no need to middle click)
    • Added kj3400's forum CJ
    • Misc formatting changes


    Not sure if this exact formatting will work in the Wiki, so I may have to re-do things a little. But it's definitely an option.

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