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Can someone explain how exactly hours, days, and months work in SimCity? Because I don't understand it in this game. Its so different from SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4.



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There are minutes, hours and days. The second speed pretty much makes 2 minutes tick away every second, or maybe a bit longer. Though things do develop quick than minutes. So a large building might take 2-5 minutes to actually form but in SC time that equates to maybe a few hours. After a day passes your coffers fill up (or empty depending on your budget). I hope this helps. Someone else might be able to explain it better than me.

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Months and years pass on their own scale, independently of the daily clock. You can hover over the clock to see the month and the year of the city.

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piece of mind that's what i'm thinking too.. anyway it's confusing cause it has t least 2 time scales not coherent to real world's time.. weird 

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From what i calculated;


In normal speed;  sim hour: 2.5 mins, 

                            sim day: 1 hour, 

                            sim month:30 hrs, 

                            sim year:360 hrs.


In 2 x speed;  sim hour:35 secs,

                      sim day: 14 mins, 

                      sim month: 7 hrs,

                      sim year: 84 hrs.


In 3 x speed; sim hour: 17 secs,

                     sim day:6.8 mins

                     sim month:3.4 hrs

                     sim year:40.8 hrs


Method: Just stopwatched an hour in game while calculating the nuclear radioactivity period in a city, it seems it will never clear up. Over net it is said that a meltdown will clear up 20 sim years and over :)

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