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Successful Casino City

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So ive played a ton since release, and given all of the troublesome bugs and problems in every city ive built. This one is so far completely successful. I range from 2k to 15k a hour depending on the time because casinos arnt always profitable and sometimes are extremely profitable. 


I currently have 5 maxed out casinos and 2 tourist hubs. Im using nuclear power also. My population on this tiny plot of uneven land is 156,218 people. I have 12 Bridges in my city and are used for different reasons and since i ran out of space i even added a casino next to the pretty city dump. And yes its profitable. 


As with anyone starting this city i was wondering from the start why i wasnt making money. I then realized casino towns are not profitable overnight unless your converting a industry town to one or something similar. This town started as a tourist town and its taken 3 RL days to get it to where it is. 


Crime is controlled.

Fires are controlled.

Traffic is next to 0 at all times of day. 


If you have any questions about how to approached this city feel free to ask.


Thanks for looking.

Screen shots suck graphic wise cause my laptop sucks and i play on it at work.







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Found this from the EA forums from a user zlhawkeyelz .

The original link is here.   http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9380976.page


What he said was this...

I've been playing around with gambling cities since launch. I've tried different layouts and different strategies here and there. I also played in sandbox mode as well and here are a few things I have learned.

Commercial zones - You need them to unlock gambling, however keep your commercial zones limited in number. The less overall I had, the better the casinos did. In one case I de-zoned and bulldozed all my commercial zones and my casinos increased in profits.

Hotels - Your casinos all have a hotel ploppable. Use one on your casino. They will stay in your casino and less likely leave and spend money elsewhere. Commercial zones that develop into hotels should be deleted.

Wealth class - Tailor your casino to a wealth class! Watch how many tourists come and type to a specific casino and plop additional ploppables that attract that wealth class. I put 2 blackjack tables 1 lounge, and a medium hotel on the entry casino and saw over 29k/hr and mid wealth was always pegged.

Mass transit - Beef it up! Literally. Casinos get tourists almost directly based on your mass transit system alone! In my sandbox mode I had all mass transit systems, no commercial zones, and no attractions, and my initial casino was always full. I was bringing in more tourists a day then the casinos would hold. Profits were high. I did further research online and validated that mass transit was setup to bring in tourists and casinos feed directly off the tourists brought in. With no mass transit in place casinos will complain about low tourists.

High Wealth – Based on my sandbox mode region, only the airport and ferry terminal brings in high wealth tourists, all other systems bring in low and mid wealth. I beefed up my airport and placed a casino catered to high wealth and saw it actually work and make a profit.

Population – No direct effect on casinos. I saw 24K population and my casinos making 11K/h and even 29K/h and also saw 4K population and my casinos making 11K/h to 29K/h. I haven’t found a direct connection with local population affecting the profits of a casino.

Placement – The closer to your mass transit systems the more profitable they appear to be. The farther away from your mass transit the less profitability I saw. I saw my greatest increase in profits when I had a streetcar stop and bus stop right in front of each casino. Also I place my train station right off a main avenue that had all my casinos. Keep casinos next to each other! I found that new casinos produce profits faster when placed next to an existing casino. My observations contribute this to the Vegas Strip.

Culture Specialization – Avoid most of it! Unless it is landmarks that ONLY bring in tourists avoid them! I placed an empire state building next to my high wealth casino and profits dropped; instead they went to the empire state building. I destroyed it and profits restored at my casino. However buildings that do not bring in profits and only attract tourists have had no negative affect on casinos.

Crime/Education – Place your police on the same road as your casinos and educate the local population. I found that the crime rate significantly drops when the local populist is educated and police patrol your casino strip.

Final thoughts – As intended gambling specialization works when only concentrating in gambling. Maximize mass transit systems and keep them close to all your casinos. Culture specialization has shown to only decrease profits in casinos in a tradeoff effect. For every 1k I lost in casino profits I gained 1k in profits from culture buildings. Sandbox mode helped me discover that the airport and ferry terminal were the only way I could bring in high wealth tourists. Population had little effect of casino profitability.

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I posted the above information earlier, but tested some of the results and found some of the above statements didn't work for me.


Commercial:  I found having some commercial to be fine, as long as it wasn't around my traffic casino traffic.  


Hotels: I have quite a few hotels, though they are off the side.  My tourists flock to the casinos starting around 1:30pm, then again around 3:30pm, from there they start heading to the event shows.  After the event show is done, they flock the streets looking for hotels.  They usually find my casino hotels first, then any remaining.


Wealth class:  I agree with the above statement.  Modify your casino to suit the wealth class.  Play around with the modules to find what is best.  Some casinos may need different modules depending on the location they are in. 


Mass Transit:  A must have.  Beef it up to the max.


Culture Specialization:   You absolutely need it.  This brings in tourists to the city.   Without any big draws such as a stadium or expo center, my tourists literally dried up to nothing.   I could only get so far with the expo center, after that I turned it off and built a stadium.  I don't make much on the stadium, but it pulls way more people into the city.  The expo center will probably get dozed soon.


Here is Casino city right now.   It has 3 Sleek casinos pulling in about $270K a day.    I just got the upgrade at 200K at the casino HQ so I'm going to play around with some of the more advanced rooms to see if I can increase my profit more.





Here is slightly closer view.    Just above the Casino HQ, you see a train station which drops off most of my tourists. The pro stadium pulls in a huge amount of traffic.  The Empire State building also attracts lots of people all the while pulling in about 100K a day.




Pic of one the casinos pulling in huge profits in a day.





Late after the event with my casinos rocking.  The people are wondering the streets finding hotels.   You can also see daily profits from the casinos in the popup.




Casinos can function fine in the game.  Its takes a lot of work.

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