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Ln X's SC 2013 Scrapbook + Mod testing

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My main region I work on is Vizoria, however there are other regions and other cities I develop- B-side cities if you will, but they deserve a mention as much as any city in the Vizoria region. So Ln X's SC 2013 scrapbook is dedicated to any other city I particularly like but is not part of Vizoria.


In our first entry of the scrapbook, we start with the city of Zooropa.






Zooropa's city design is that of a circle (it looks more like a tear drop actually), inside is contained most of the residential and commercial zones while on the outside are clusters of either industry, commercial districts or additional blocks of residential. Naturally my power, garbage and sewage facilities are located in the industrial area of Zooropa in a favourable wind direction to ensure all the nasties are blown far, far away.






Sadly the picture above is a little ruined by that ground-merging-into-roads glitch, in particular this glitch crops up more often than not in a low camera zoom.




And now we delve deeper into Zooropa.





Medium and high wealth flats are all the rage in Zooropa.





A view looking towards the city centre which is built upon a gently sloping hill.





One of several grand hotels to grace my city.





One tiny little tearoom dwarfed by its neighbours, due to the lot size this building will never upgrade to a higher density, but I'm glad it's like that.





This street here is located right at the centre of Zooropa, and is -- in my frank opinion -- the most coolest street in all of Zooropa. I think I'll call it Lemon Avenue.





The intersection which marks the higher end of Lemon Avenue.





Lemon Avenue is quite a gradient to drive down, and if you have sharp eyes you can see that tearoom.





A different street which half surrounds Lemon Avenue.





A shot taking from my industrial district, that wavy building in the centre left is one of my hotels and a rather cool landmark to plop down.





The full moon -- and it is always a full moon (it's more half and half but the darkened side isn't so dark) -- rises above Zooropa. Which makes me wonder, if there are zombies in this game why aren't there werewolves?





One of my secondary commercial districts to the far left, in the distance resides my coal power plant.



And that concludes a small tour around Zooropa. Hope you liked it!

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  • Original Poster
  • Great design. :)


    (I started liking round layouts tbh). 



    However one question. Where you hide the traffic????? :)


    These pictures were taking around about midnight when most of the traffic has died down. During daytime the traffic becomes a bit more busier especially along my avenues, and whenever I host an event in that stadium half my city becomes gridlocked from an influx of tourists and residents (which I'll probably show in a later entry). I also sorted out a few choke points in my road infrastructure by removing a few intersections, increasing T-intersections and adding a few bypass routes. It works well with a city of 100000 people.


    Finally I have commercial zones spread out across my city so that further encourages sims to go on foot to work.

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  • Original Poster
  • The city of Poshola was created for one entity, and one entity only; high wealth residents. I wanted to see what high wealth and high density residential looked like and so Poshola came into existence.





    Instead of my usual teardrop road layout or a mish-mash of grids joined together in different angles, I decided to settle upon the circular approach. One inner circle bounded by an avenue with progressively smaller circular streets towards the centre. Whilst outside and to the left (quadrants 1 and 2) are series of arcs parallel to the inner circle and coming to a stop only where the map (and if it were bigger this city would be vastly more awesome) ends. Quadrant 3, the bottom right part of the picture below is a small grid-like block, and the same applies for Quadrant 4 (top right) except that has a greater variety of road layouts; arced, grid, straight and free-form.




    I wish I could have zoomed out more but the camera would not let me, so oh well...


    With the basic layout of the city covered, plus its purpose explained, we now take a closer look at what has been created here.





    One of my favourite places to observe my city, from the confines of the wind farm...





    It seems some mayor in this region invested heavily on research projects from the university, which explains how I managed to obtain these weird (but efficient) oval-shaped wind turbines.





    The wind farm which powers Poshola, it extends a bit further to the left and just a little bit more to the right. In the background is either Cranksville or Zooropa, though I'm not sure which...





    In the background is the regional highway and just to its right is the incinerator, about the only polluting building in Poshola- aside from the airport of course.





    All the way in the distance is the opposite side of Poshola, half of which is covered with high wealth flats.





    A bright montage of glass, steel and wall panels... Typical of high wealth residential.





    You can add cars breaking the laws of gravity to SC 2013's numerous bugs and glitches...





    Poshola's stand-out building is none other than the Sydney Opera House situated close to the river running nearby. The Sydney Opera House also gives you the option of approving an opera recital which costs about 53 thousand simoleans for a maximum profit of 96 thousand simoleans. Though such an event is only for the middle class and the rich folks... To date -- after several such events -- I have not seen one low-wealth sim attend an opera recital.





    Eventually Poshola's small CBD (Central Business District) -- located inside the circular avenue at the very centre of the town -- will have high wealth commercial offices, but that's if I can be bothered to add in a few plazas...





    In an attempt to make a quick buck, I placed some casinos close to the cities entrance.





    A cluster of high-wealth apartments in the first quadrant of Poshola.





    Although Poshola is not without its rundown areas as well. Particularly in the North...





    Poshola comes alive when the night comes, those high-wealth apartments light up half the area...





    A view of the CBD from the south side.




    And that concludes the tour around Poshola, the next city we'll be visiting is Cranksville, a city 1/3 industry and 2/3s commercial and residential.

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  • Original Poster
  • Your cities look so realistic! Love your road layouts. Hope to see more! :)


    Thanks! I'll be posting a new entry tomorrow, and also, if you like my cities, I have my Vizoria city journel.

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  • Original Poster
  • This next city is again part of the same region in which Poshola and Zooropa exist in. This is the city of Cranksville, so let's get this photodump started!





    Cranksville speciality is that of producing processors, TVs and computers. As such there are entire industries dedicated to ore mining, metal smelting, plastic production and oil refinement. Alloys and plastic you see are the two materials needed to produce processors, and processors (plus alloys and plastic) are needed to create TVs and computers.





    As such one half of Cranksville is covered with industry and the other half is the cleaner side.





    The North West corner of Cranksville which boasts the longest grid system in all of my cities (B-side ones that is) designed so far...





    Cranksville also boasts a fairly sizeable medium wealth commercial office population.





    The Metro Arena (or Expo Centre though I think I've got that wrong- can never remember that name) which is probably the only place for Cranksville sims to find some happiness.





    The electronics HQ, the powerhouse behind Cranksville's processor, tv and computer industries.





    A TV and computer processing plant in all of its glory, its team of highly trained monkeys technicians assemble the regions finest TVs and computers all for sale at a... reasonable price.





    Encouraged by the mega profit to be made from selling TVs, I built a couple more TV assembly factories to capitalize on this bonanza.





    The trade HQ- anything and everything is up for sale here, no matter how disreputable...



    And this wraps up the mini-tour of Cranksville. In the next entry we'll be returning back to Zooropa and from there... who knows?

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    Just like Vizoria I love all of this. The cities all look so realistic and busy. Its also nice that you go into the road planning side as well as I'm about to have serious problems with that in my region.





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  • Original Poster
  • 89James89: In my experience I've never found traffic to be a big problem, mind you I'm pretty lax about congestion, plus cargo and emergency vehicles taking a long time to reach their destination.




    The journey continues with another look at Cranksville.





    The Trade HQ and the Electronics HQ are the two buildings which stand out the most in Cranksville's skyline.





    God bless tiltshift.





    The red aura makes the Trade HQ buildings almost sinister...





    Strider's Avenue; one of two important avenues which forms the backbone of Cranksville's transportation network.





    I always love streets going down hills surrounded by tall buildings on both sides.



    The next four pictures are a low-down look moving rightwards across a particular street in Cranksville North-West corner.











    And that's all for today! In the next entry we travel to Extractionaire, a town built upon a headland and one in which oil and iron ore...



    And let's throw in a bonus picture, why not?



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  • Original Poster
  • Welcome to the town of Extractionaire! It is a new town but one destined for great wealth given how it is blessed with large deposits of crude oil and iron ore!





    And now a little tour...





    To Extractionaire's East side is one of homes and commercial, thank God for the steep headland as it blocks out of sight the horrid looking oil wells and ore mines.





    Despite such dirty raw industries, this mayor has endeavoured to keep Extractionaire as clean as possible. Which is why he used his god-like powers to spawn woodland and have the wisdom to use wind power.





    The North West part of the town would be idyllic if it weren't for that oil facility. Maybe when the oil has been tapped out could Extractionaire's tourism potential be exploited.





    Headland Road, officially the steepest road in all of Vizoria!





    So steep I don't think vehicles could safely drive down it, even with engine breaking and a firm grip on the brake pedal...





    Tyler's Road is always a busy through-fare, so busy in fact I am even considering replacing this road with an avenue. But that could detract from Extractionaire's beauty (or what beauty it has remaining).





    Extractionaire's ore mine... To date there have been no deaths but a dozen or so injuries.





    However the Extractionaire's oil wells can boast a prouder record of merely a couple of work-related accidents.


    Some day Extractionaire's glut of energy and mineral wealth will come in handy when I get around to building a Great Works. Some day...



    And that concludes a tour around Extractionaire! In the next entry we head over to Zooropa where exciting developments are occurring in its CBD!

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  • Original Poster
  • It's been a few days since I've added another entry, but part of that reason was due to bandwidth limit problems with Photobucket. This caused all of my pictures in this CJ and my Vizoria CJ to not be displayed, so I had to reupload ALL the pictures via ImageShack which thankfully does not impose the bandwidth limit that Photobucket does.


    But enough of that. In the first part of three of a MEGA photo dump, we are returning once to Zooropa. So let's get this mega photo dump rolling!




    Zooropa's CBD shines all the more brighter now there are high wealth commercial offices...





    A look down Pursity Lane, home to nearly all of Zooropa's low wealth flats and offices!





    To bring in the extra moolah I decided to build an elegant casino, here's hoping the new patch will make it profitable!





    One lonely pawnbroker store against the backdrop of vastly larger buildings holding far bigger businesses and corporations.




    The 'Crystal Shard' -- as I like to dub it -- skyscraper being constructed, and I call it crystal shard for it's irregular mish-mashing and sloping of glass and floors...





    Zooropa's Crystal Shard is one of those large skyscrapers which really stand out, and you will see why in later pictures.





    Ah... The old secondary commercial district to the left, that has been left relatively untouched by the blossoming of high wealth corporations in Zooropa.





    How Lemon Avenue has changed.





    This is the reason why I went crazy with the photos of Zooropa, so many different vantage points, with some points being better than others.





    Wishing for a particular skyscraper, I kept demolishing the half-constructed skyscraper to the left in the hopes of this particular building developing. Though now I've long forgotten what it looked like and even what it is called!





    Another look up Lemon's Avenue- that stadium can just be seen!





    The skyscraper to the left is the Crystal Shard, and one of SC 5's more iconic skyscrapers.





    If you've been paying attention you will see that one of the skyscrapers in the picture has a hole in the middle. And this is NOT a graphical glitch!





    But despite all the glamour and glitz of these tall structures, these sims still need their jollies; like this amphitheatre to the right.





    Zooropa in all of its night-time glory.





    My favourite bird's eye view... Right in the centre of my tear drop shaped city center is Lemon's Avenue; it's that boomerang-like road curving rightwards.





    Even my industry has upgraded. So long dirty manufacturing!





    Lemon's Avenue in the pale sunrise...





    And with this final picture we conclude part 1 of this photo dump. In the second part I will be showing you some spectacular sunrise shots and daytime pictures of my CBD!


    Stay tuned!

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    1.) I think Zooropa looks better in the daylight.

    2.) Most of your shots contain very little in the way of "agent" activity, i.e., people walking around and traffic.  I my opinion, your city would likely look more lively if you tried to capture some shots when the Sims are really moving about.  Kind of like big ant piles: they look cool enough but kick it a little bit an it really comes alive.

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  • Original Poster
  • 1.) I think Zooropa looks better in the daylight.

    2.) Most of your shots contain very little in the way of "agent" activity, i.e., people walking around and traffic.  I my opinion, your city would likely look more lively if you tried to capture some shots when the Sims are really moving about.  Kind of like big ant piles: they look cool enough but kick it a little bit an it really comes alive.


    Fair points, but for some reason traffic does not seem all too abundant in Zooropa. Oh well, it's a mystery to me!

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    Nice night pics. Its got a really cool, interesting shape, which I like.
    The last image, from far away with another city in the background, looks really good too. Keep it up!

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  • Original Poster
  • Nice night pics. Its got a really cool, interesting shape, which I like.

    The last image, from far away with another city in the background, looks really good too. Keep it up!


    Thanks! Part 2 will be up tomorrow!

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  • Original Poster
  • The Zooropa mega photodump continues in this second part! This time it features Zooropa during the morning and midday.





    I actually have three downtown areas in Zooropa, one is right at the center, the other resides on Pursity Lane to the right (which is the area of Veranda), and the other one is far over to the left out of sight.





    There's nothing like the glamour of a casino sign to advertise ones city...





    Ever more new $$$ C skyscrapers rising in Zooropa's CBD, there would be more but that potential space is being used for high wealth parks- the reason for these skyscrapers existence.





    One of my favourite skyscrapers; the Crystal Shard as I call it- the one with those grey diagonal beams, dark blue windows and pointy structure.





    In the background is my third downtown area; the $$ one.





    I love road circles in this game...





    Another look down Pursity Lane which leads to the $ downtown area of Zooropa; Veranda.





    For some reason Pursity Lane has greater traffic volumes than the rest of Zooropa, oh well another one of SC 2013's mysteries!





    The T-intersection which marks the end of Pursity Lane and the centre of the low wealth Veranda's downtown area.




    Though given how all the $$ commercial buildings were torn down in the CBD to make way for wealthier skyscrapers, it remains to be seen how long the Veranda area will retain its low wealth feel!




    One of three streets running directly inside the central inner circle of Zooropa's CBD.





    And I love that claustrophobic feel SC 2013 gives at the ground level when in the midst of skyscrapers.





    The mayor of Zooropa has long considered finding a new residence after the Edificio Copan hotel (to the left) was built some months ago...



    And this concludes part 2 of Zooropa's mega photodump. After the third and final part, whatever entry comes next will focus on a city I have not shown to you in this CJ.



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  • Original Poster
  • In this entry I'm testing out Oppie's Euro Road Textures mod and it works like a charm providing you start up a new city, it does not work if you load up a city which was saved before you install this mod; I've tried and a message pops up saying you can't load the city.


    I would also like to add that this CJ, or scrapbook, will feature cities and regions with mods and I will be trying out every mod I can get my hands on. So if you want to see how the latest mods look, keep an eye out for this CJ because I will be testing every mod available currently in the present and in the future.


    And now some pictures of Oppie's Euro Road Textures mod in action (also sorry for not hiding the UI, I was so excited about this mod I forget to hide the UI from the pictures, so sorry!);




    This is your basic low density street and in this mod the grey asphalt becomes a darker shade and you get some really nice broken white lines which half reminds me of British roads!





    Also the centre of the high density avenues has now been replaced with pavement and it's a very subtle change but I think it makes these avenues ever so slightly more prettier.





    Intersections though appear to remain the same for streets...





    Also the space between the white lines appears to be constant so Oppie's done a really good job here!





    Medium density streets now appear almost identical to high density streets, but in the picture below you will see high density streets don't have a little grassy strip between the pavement and the lane.





    High density streets appear to be the same.





    While there's been no visible changes to the dirt roads and the same graphical omissions remain; a lack of proper intersection between dirt road and any type of road or avenue of higher density or capacity.



    And that's it for my analysis and testing of Oppie's Euro Road Textures mod. In the next entry I will be showcasing the Plop Outside of City Box mod pack.



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  • Original Poster
  • Great addition to your showcase.


    Thanks! For now these mods only work with new cities and new regions, but it's early days. I do have a few more entries left to publish for both of my CJs but I've gone off SC5 and my interest will only rekindle when there has either been some successful modding for city size, terraforming and adding new buildings, or there is a full-blown expansion pack from Maxis which addresses the game's issues.

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    Congratulations, your scrapbook is number one on BTT this week.


    Edit: and your cumulative score keeps you on top for a second week - good stuff.


    Edit: Jan 2014





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