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Does anybody know how those casino's work best?

If you have more then 1, do they canabilze it each other?

Should you buy lots of rooms or more gambling?

and how many does 1 need to get to the second level of gambling?


thanks in advance

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My omly expereince to date has been to start with extra rooms and GENTLY add on the blackjack etc. Key is to attract $ sims. As your tourist numebr sclimb so you increase the casino. I took over an abandoned city recently with a fully expanded level 1 casino and it was loosin money by the shedload. I am unclear why, yet my small casino is curretnly making $5k an hour.

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I'm no expert but I've painfully fought with my casino city to finally produce some good results and its been slowly getting better.  It's been on tough fight.  Casino's arent' broken, but they are very hard to develop and grow (I'm not sure if they are supposed to be this way). 


Currently my casino city has two Sleek casinos with modules raking in about $45K-60K per casino, per day.


I have 3 cities in my private region.  The other two are fairly developed so there are people who can travel via train, airport, ferry and car.   One city is developed to be pure $$$ and $$, the other is $$ and $.


You need to start off easy.  Started with one gaming house with add-ons, then over time add another, then another, and another, and more as long as your other casinos are making decent cash.   When you are doing this, I also added an expo center and Oslo Opera House to bring in people, then the Washington monument and then Leaning Tower of Pisa   All this to bring in people.


You need to really manage how people get through your city or traffic will be a mess.   Make sure you have your streets designed properly.  Keep your expo center right near the freeway entrance.  Have buses, park and rides, and shuttles nears the freeway entrance.   I put my casinos right in the middle of my city and brought in train tracks with a train depot dropping off people right beside my casinos.  When people arrive via train, they have to walk right past my casinos to get to other tourist attractions.


Keep a very close eye on how many people enter each casino and their wealth.   For the longest time I only had low wealth people and barely any medium wealth.  Over long time as the city and region developed I started to see more medium wealth people come in.   At this time I had five or six gambing houses with nickle slots and other low wealth options each earning from anywhere from 7-8K to 15K+ per casino.   I tried three or four times to build a Sci-Fi casino and only once was I able to turn a small profit, and ended up dozing them and just running gambling houses.   After long time, once all my gaming houses started to max out (at times) with medium wealth people, built a sleek casino and turned off my gambing houses.  It worked.  I could turn a profit with a sleek casino so I dozed all my gambling houses and built a second sleek casino.   My profits now are a bit higher than when I was running all the gambling houses, but I still have room for more profit in the sleek casinos.


Each of my sleek casinos are designed different.  Once houses 3 poker palors for lower income and the other has only one poker parlor and mediuma and high wealth rooms.   As of right now, I'm still getting in lots of low wealth gambers, but I max out medium wealth quite offten and slowly getting more and more high wealth people.   I dozed the Washington Monument and building the Empire State building.  May have helped bring in more high wealth along with an airport and ferry.


Casinos are combination of everything working right in cities.   Building it up over time, slowly adding things. Layout of the city is very important, attracting people, mass transit in the right spots, police, fire etc etc.   It took me lots of 'real life' game hours to build it up and I'm still working on it getting more high wealth people in.  Once I start maxing out my high wealth in the casinos, I'm going to try an Elegant casino.   I think if I had a 5 city region it would work better, as there would be more people to come in.


Hope this helps.

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You need to bring in tourist. My Casino was bringing -12k now since I have an Expo Center it bringing people in Low to Medium wealth people. Also look at You Tube Hypotoadproductions. he a casino town  New Vegas pretty helpful. My current problem is my town has been Bankrupt twice and had to shut down the University. plus traffic issuse. UGH

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