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Cs-$$$ competing against Co-$$/Co-$$$?

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I noticed something weird in one of my cities (400k residential pop in high-density zones, same amount of commercial zone and high-tech industry zones). I'm trying to grow big skyscrapers with Co-$$ and Co-$$$ and demand for Co-$$ is at least enough for 50k jobs. But over time (decades), Cs-$$$ has been growing steadily, while Co-$$ has been stagnant despite the continued massive demand... So I think bigger Co-buildings don't grow if a lot of space has been taken by the mainly 3x2 ~160 jobs providing Cs-$$$ boutiques. Can Cs-$$$ grow into bigger buildings, so they don't take so much space? Or is the only solution to make two cities, one with Cs-friendly taxes and one with Co-friendly taxes? Another related question, does the appearance of commercial skyscrapers depend on Res or Co/Cs population? Thank you!

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If you want the big CO buildings you need to zone 4 x 4 high density.  This may mean some urban renewal.  If so, start on the hottest traffic corner in your CBD and remove the zoning from enough space at this corner, then put in three or four 4 x 4 high density C lots.  You could add a 2 x 2 plaza.  Stand well back.

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CS does not "compete" with CO (of any wealth level), in any way. They have different requirements as far as the workforce is concerned (CO needs a workforce of higher EQ). Take a look at this thread. The first table shows the wealth-level breakdown of the jobs offered by each buildng type. The second table shows the job types desired by your sims, according to their education level and wealth. Demand for CO and CS is triggered in different ways too. Demand for CO (CO$$ and CO$$$) is driven by the presence and availability of highly educated workforce. Demand for CS though is a different case, it's driven by the population, regarding sims mostly (if not completely) as customers, rather than workers; education level appears to have little or no effect here. R$ sims generate demand for CS$, R$$ sims for CS$$ and R$$$ for CS$$$.


CS and CO may however compete for space. Take into account that any building/lot may only be upgraded to higher wealth and/or growth stage. For example, a CS$ shop may be upgraded to higher-density CS$, to CS$$, CS$$$, CO$$ or CO$$$. Similarly, CO$$ may be upgraded to higher-density CO$$, to CO$$$ and (rarely) to CS$$$, if CS$$$ demand is high and the CO$$ building is small. CO$$$ and CS$$$ may only be upgraded to higher-density CO$$$ and CS$$$ respectively, and CO$$$ may not change to CS$$$, or the opposite. They may also be merged with a lot of the same type only, ie a 1x3 CS$$$ boutique and a 1x3 CO$$$ office next by cannot be merged to a 2x3 lot.


The CS$$$ buildings you mention (on 2x3 and 3x2 lots) I guess are the "Boutiques" of the NY tileset, offering 160. Unortunately the SC4 building collection is incredibly poor, and these are the biggest buidlings in the NY tileset. The Houston and Euro tilesets have some similarly sized, but not much bigger buildings (171 and 231 jobs respectively). Only the Chicago tileset does have a bigger building, "Grand Hotel" with 297 jobs, growing on 4x2, 4x3 and 5x2 lots. Big CS$$$ towers do not exist!


As for your city, what's puzzling me is how you have so high CS$$$ demand. This requires a big R$$$ population, and the question is where all these people work, if you don't have enough CO$$ and CO$$$. Maybe in another city, or in I-HT? Have you installed some demand mod? If so, it would be best to uninstall it. Or instead you have lowered your taxes too much? I always recommend setting taxes to the (for your city's size) rate (not less or more), unless you wish to keep a certain development type from growing (in which case you should raise the corresponding tax rate). In such a case you should slowly increase taxes, to balance the demand out. I don't think it's necessary to specialize your cities (CS-only or CO-only), unless this is what you want - only take into account that the CO-only city may suffer financially, because CO pays very few taxes, while CS$$$ is like a goldmine. Demand for CS$$$ is high (otherwise you wouldn't have all this development), but it can easily be satisfied (exhausted) if you add some more C zones and let them develop. The same can be done for CO$$ and CO$$$, just find some road arteries (preferably avenues) with high traffic and zone some C zones along it (add some plazas too). And the zones don't need to be all 4x4, these are stage-8 and will only grow at the final growth stages of your city - you must have a lot of lower-stage CO development, before they start growing. Much of the CO development grows in smaller lots, most notably 4x3, 3x3, 3x2 and 2x3. In general 3-tile deep zones are very versatile, as they can accommodate buildings of almost all growth stages, from small and medium 2x3 offices to large 4x3 skyscrapers - two 2x3 lots can be aggregated and form one 4x3 lot. It is also be good to have quite a few 3x3 lots too - they contain different buildings, or the same buildings as in 2x3 and 3x3, but in different growth stages, thus satisfying the simulator requirements about the stage mix.


So the best you can do is try to control the lots' sizes and formation. If they develop in an undesired manner (eg my cities tend to grow many 1x3 boutiques, thus "fragmenting" my commercial zones) don't hesitate to use the bulldozer and rezone to the desired lot sizes. You can also use ilive Reader's Navigator Tool, to see what lots and buildings are available (all SC4 RCI lots and buildings are contained in simcity_1.dat).


Hope this helps

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