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Is it just me or is Great Work construction completely borked?

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I'm building an arcology.  Or maybe I'm not.  Or maybe I already built one.  Honestly, it's hard to tell.  Lemme tell you about it.




The first thing I noticed happened as I was swapping back and forth between two of my cities, one of which was supplying the TV's for the arcology's construction, the other of which was supplying the metal and alloy.  The one that was supplying metals and alloys said I was done with metal and TV's, but still needed alloy.  But, when I had the one supplying TV's loaded, it said I had enough metal and alloy and still needed TV's!  "Okay," I thought, "that's an odd sync bug, but it'll probably work itself out once I get the thing built."  So I continued to run the TV-supplying city until I'd gotten it to the point where it said I had enough supplies in all three categories, and it rapidly picked up 300 workers and started building.


"Yay," I thought, "I'm gonna have an arcology!"


That's when things got really weird.  Here's what the arcology site looks like from the three cities I have in the region:


First, the one supplying TV's, from which I built the thing:



Next, the one that supplied metal and alloy:



Finally, a third city in the region, which was uninvolved in the arcology's construction, and isn't connected to the other two cities (or to the arcology site):





I chose to just accept the surreal and try to move on with the development of Schrodinger's arcology.  It told me it needed power (as long as I looked at it from City #1), so I plopped another reactor onto my nuclear plant and, after a bit of quitting, reloading, waiting, running at cheetah speed, etc., the game realized that I had plenty of excess power in City #1 and reverted to telling me it needed water (as seen in the first screenshot above).  This seemed a little odd to me, because in fact, I have an enormous excess of water produced by City #2, some of which I sell to City #1 when needed:



...but the arcology doesn't seem to notice that it's there.  Is this related to the fact that the arcology doesn't appear to be done when I look at it while City #2 is loaded?  Is there any way to check?  Does anything in this game work properly?  Do people ever describe you as "mountainous?"




So, just to summarize (and with a few extra minor bugs that I haven't discussed thrown in for good measure), that's:

  • Megaprojects report needing different amounts of resources depending on which city you view them from.
  • Finishing a megaproject with one city loaded does not guarantee that it will count as finished for other cities in the region.
  • Megaprojects which require resources do not necessarily notice when those resources are available from cities in the region.
  • Bonus Bug #1:  The missions that are generated when you start sending resources to a megaproject don't seem to get checked off at the same time as you actually meet the resource goals for them (in my case, I still had a lot of TV's to send when the big green check mark appeared and the mission went away...but it did disable resource sending, which I had to reactivate manually).
  • Bonus Bug #2:  Megaprojects don't seem to consistently register having received resources without reloading the region.
  • Bonus Bug #3:  As far as I can tell, none of my cities are actually receiving any extra workers/shoppers/students.



tl;dr:  WTF?


Please share your similar experiences, thoughts, advice for rectifying the situation, shared frustration, sympathies, and rage.

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It has to do with how EA's servers process SimCity data.  You see, despite all their claims that this is a multi-player game, The core game itself is single player.  That means that each city is in essence, a contained environment, unaffected by other cities or the region itself.  The illusion of online play comes from the regions.  The regional data is stored on the server.  From what I understand, at set intervals, most likely somewhere in the realm of minutes, the server will sync with all the cities in the region.  This illusion holds up pretty well until everyone wants to collaborate on building something like a great work (or one person building it alone).


If one city starts a great work the other cities might not yet registered it.  And if the other cities are offline they won't register it until they are played again.  So if you happen to fuel a great work's resources with one city and than hop to another city, it will not have been built yet.  You have to wait an indeterminate amount of time until EA's server deiced to update your city regarding the status of the great work.  This applies to ALL stages of the great work, including power and water.  To make matters worse, even if you are connected and are updated, the great work's status itself does not update until the end of the day, meaning that for players who do not understand these mechanics to constantly hop between cities and missing out on the update timer, making the status of the great work inconsistent across all cities.


In regards to fueling the great work with water and power.  First check that you do have enough power and water combined between all your cities that are connected to the great work.  Then just sit in one city until EA's server feels like updating the city, than move to another city and repeat.  If you do this, all your cities will sooner or later be updated with the great work's new build status.


Oh and pray that EA's server doesn't feel like crashing or not saving your progress because than you need to wait in each city again.

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Same issue with super-airport. Shows completed on one city receiving tourists. Needs metal and alloy (or some such) not even half way.

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Something is messed up. I have a city sending metal to the international airport. I follow the trucks to the site, watch them drop the metal off, and then drive back, but the amount of metal it says I've donated doesn't update anymore. It hasn't updated in days despite countless shipments to the construction site. Moreover, the amount of metal I've donated changes depending on which city I'm playing in. 

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I encountered every issue that you listed when building the space station in my own private region. I finished the thing eventually, after a lot of trial and error. I got to see the satellite launch three times from three different cities... my sims have clearly mastered the art of time travel.

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That sounds about right.   Just about anything dealing with moving materials around at the regional level seems to have odd syncing bugs.
My favorites are when you send materials to one city and you stay there and you watch it tally up in the recieving cities inventory.... you would think you can go over and use it.




Jump over to the other city and its like you never did anything.


Honestly, this kind of stuff shouldn't be going through the SimCities servers.  They should keep that stuff local (at least for private regions) and take some load off of the service machines.

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Yes I have seen the same thing happen. From one city the great works site said it still needed 2/3 of both metal and alloy. Then I switch the my TV producing city and from that city it says the great works no longer needs alloy or metal. 

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