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    • By Stann'
      Hi guys!
      So, I'll make it quick.
      Whenever I download mods and put them in the Appdata/local/... folder where they belong it goes well and my mods load perfectly fine.
      But when I put in an asset in the destination folder. Somehow my content manager pops up empty and no mods are visible. (Only the Assets).
      I have some pictures here (3 pics)
      Image 1 (when I have an Asset in the folder) (with mods)
      Image 2 (when I have an Asset in the folder) (with mods)
      Image 3 (No Assets result in the mods being visible)
      Idk what to do. I re-installed. Updated. etc..
      (I don't play with Steam) -> can't seem to find the log.
      It doesn't matter how many mods there are, they just turn invisible.

    • By Ronyx69
      People have always asked for help by tagging me in this forum or messaging on steam or reddit.
      This thread is:
      A discussion about my tutorials, scripts and source files.
      A place for anybody to get help with whatever you think I'm qualified to help with.  
      You can ask me about 3ds Max, Photoshop, ModTools, scripts, some basic modding and reverse engineering, game files... 
      I guarentee to respond in text or with a very quick and short "tutorial" video if it's appropriate.
      Do not request assets or ask extremely broad questions like "how to make assets" here.
      Realtime Asset Creation (Ingame Texture & Mesh Replacement)
      Asset Creation Videos (+ Theme & LUT)
      Modding Videos
      Tutorial Videos
      Asset Source Files
      Mod Source Code
      Quick Help Response Videos
      Quick Tips
    • By TheCjm1999
      I hope this is ok. If not, please feel free to delete this and I won't do it again. I was just wondering if I could please get a bit of feedback on my new forum. It's based on discussing pop culture and the media. Please feel free to share any suggestions you may have on how I could improve it. Thanks.  
    • By Doctoryzer
      We all had this issue, we had something that was so challenging we couldn't figure it out! I hope that this thread can help us out more, if you have any trouble with an assignment, simply ask here & hopefully one of us can figure out what the heck your professor/teacher/whatever is asking to be completed, rather its confusing directions or a confusing question.
    • By ColossalBlocks
      Hello all, I got a bit of a problem with my game.
      For some odd reason it doesn't let me load or create games at all.
      Is there a way to fix this?
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