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    • By monkeywater
      I appear to be missing a dependency.  the building on this lot does not show up
    • By olegario39
      Are there dependencies for this "MPRow04_res" building? when I downloaded it, I didn't find any dependency list. This is how it looks in my game...just a blank lot.

    • By kschmidt
      Tariel Simsim Infiniti parks & Simsim park 5
      This park  have been highlited some time ago without a satisfied result recently I found these and was intriged only to find out paths were missing; without it´s still a nice park, yet with it feels more finished. Due to the release of the relots by tariel I installed these aswell on a different machine up to the point, again paths were missing ! Tariel and I have a corespondance to solve the  mystery of abscene of proabably some lost path textures !

      Complet up to the point I installed this park on my new machine, on the old machine a version of simsim park 5 was aswell intalled with similair result. So looks without path´s sample !

      Tariel suggested this might be a texture missing or a zzz_loading problem. Uki lost textures might be the cause I believe, or someone else !
      Originaly I was looking at the path textures of this park Simsim park 5 wich I retriefed at  http://simsim.bakufu.org/p04.html#01 !

      Tariel and I would be very pleased if anyone know what is missing or any idea of   the maybe lost files !
      Sincerely yours,
    • By Kearsarge
      Hey, everyone. I've got a shader question I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with.
      Can anyone tell me about how to use a double-sided shader for a new building/prop I'm working on? I've used the shader switch script and tried all the building shaders from Ronyx's list without any luck. I've heard someone mention double-sided shaders somewhere on here, but I can't seem to dig up any information.
      This is for a new a new shipyard crane that I'm working in, and I'm making my first foray into doing a lattice structure for the boom. To minimize triangles, I've modeled the boom's structure members as flat surfaces instead of closed tubes (each member is two surfaces placed perpendicular like an L, so no viewing angle sees it edge on only). This means that invisible back faces make half the boom disappear.
      I'd rather not have to model it as closed, if I can help it. The boom is already the majority of the triangles for the model (566 out of 4411 total) and I don't want to make the situation worse.
      Images below, just quick renders out of Maya without any texture.
      Thanks in advance!

    • By Ronyx69
      People have always asked for help by tagging me in this forum or messaging on steam or reddit.
      This thread is:
      A discussion about my tutorials, scripts and source files.
      A place for anybody to get help with whatever you think I'm qualified to help with.  
      You can ask me about 3ds Max, Photoshop, ModTools, scripts, some basic modding and reverse engineering, game files... 
      I guarentee to respond in text or with a very quick and short "tutorial" video if it's appropriate.
      Do not request assets or ask extremely broad questions like "how to make assets" here.
      Realtime Asset Creation (Ingame Texture & Mesh Replacement)
      Asset Creation Videos (+ Theme & LUT)
      Modding Videos
      Tutorial Videos
      Asset Source Files
      Mod Source Code
      Quick Help Response Videos
      Quick Tips
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