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It is already a tradition that I miss my Simtropolis anniversary, and of course, 2018 wasn't an exception. But this time it is more flagrant, because I wanted to post something a bit special for my 10th anniversary here. Sadly I've been a bit busy this weekend with a couple of friends visiting and had no time for celebrations.

10 years. I have such a huge stream of stuff coming to my brain that it is difficult to articulate a proper train of thought... it will be a very long post, but I feel like writing this in such days like this.

I can't remember exactly what was happening on the January 28th 2008 but I remember the general mood. It wasn't good. According to my university record, I had just failed miserably my first semester in industrial engineering. Failed 4 out of 5 subjects. My relationship with my girlfriend those days wasn't going anywhere, but I still didn't know for sure. I preferred waiting for a few months more. Out of this panorama, I turned my eyes to videogames, to the very few my computer those days could still handle. An old SC4 vanilla copy was one of them.

I played a large city and probably looked around for cheats and stuff to download. I was confused of the strange layout at Capital SimCity, which was telling me stuff about brown boxes and Rush Hour, and all links seemed to lead to an obscure website, Simtropolis.com. It featured a terrible home page back in those days, full of colours and banners, flashy ads, a lot of acronyms I didn't really understand... I just wanted some custom stations, so I signed in, took a while. I had been using the TekindusT nickname for a while, but who could know that TekindusT would become my alter ego on in the virtual world for so long. Downloaded the stations. Had brown boxes. Searched in Simtropolis just to find out I needed an expansion for the game, which I couldn't really find in any physical store around my area. Still, Simtropolis' city name generator was fun to use.

From there on, I peeked at every videogames discount bin I could find. Until the jackpot fell.

Although I don't remember the exact day I got SC4 Deluxe around mid or late 2008, it helped make it through some of my personally darkest hours. A very good friend of mine had just died out of a bike accident. I had just finished my relationship with my girlfriend at that time, and I'd be expelled out of industrial engineering a few months later. I made it through the days in automatic pilot mode and playing SC4.

2009 started and Simtropolis was just celebrating the 2008 Trixies, with a sophisticated-looking black and gold banner. At some point, I became that TekindusT who was always connected, always lurking, never saying a thing. Slowly learning how the gears of Simtropolis turned. Slowly improving my gameplay too. Marveled at guys like suplado!, Retep Molinari, woodb3kmaster, AmerikanerSimHoTToDDy... There was already no way back. I decided to break my silence on March 10th 2009 according to ST's archive and became active in ST

Simtropolis became since then a part of me, my virtual home. I'd resort to it during breaks during my new studies, mechanical engineering. Facebook and Simtropolis would start by default on my explorer everytime I started the computer. I felt accepted at ST, surrounded by peers, by like-minded individuals, by a stimulating micro-society. Nowhere else was like that on the internet (maybe SC4D but I discovered that way later). I can say confidently that Simtropolis had its share of responsability in helping me put my life back on track.

The rest, is history. That same year I started Taxi Driver, my very first CJ, now full of dead links. Later came Tenements & Rust, and later a MOTM award. I'd stare at the small medals under my avatar in satisfaction, happy and proud to be a member of Simtropolis, the "society" that accepted me in those dark times. Life was getting back on track, I was progressing in my mechanical engineering studies and passing all subjects. Later, Zelgadis invited me to become a mod in 2012. My ST time had diminished, as I was working part time by then and had almost no time to play SC4 anyomre, but I was hugely proud to serve the community in any way I could. The largest pyramid is just made rocks, and I'd push mine hard to build up that pyramid.

In early 2013 my presence in Simtropolis diminished even more I moved to Germany to study my final mechanical engineering semester away. Since then, I had barely no time for my virtual life, no more CJing and no more SC4 as I was devoting the 100% of my time to my internship and to enjoy the very best time ever of my life. I knew dozens of people in dozens of parties, drank dozens of liters of beer, laughed dozens of times and shed dozens of tears. In roughly 7 months of 2013, made lifelong friends, got a job in Germany and settled in a cold, dark country where I couldn't even order a döner kebab properly. Slowly made it back to a normal state of mind and to ST. Now I can order a döner kebab with yoghourt sauce, without onion and a bit of extra cheese.

My presence in ST ever since has ups and downs, now depending a lot on my job and my free time. I feel anyways rooted to ST already, rooted to that neighborhood you've lived in for decades. ST teaches, same as a real life neighborhood does, that neighbors and people come and go. Some are very important to you, some less important. Some are very missed. Some are in for a short stay, some for the long haul. You see some very often and some not so.

I hope I can remain for the long(er) haul here, or at least, for other 10 more years.

- Daniel


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What a post there, Daniel! Makes my own Simtropolis history feel all trivial - which it probably is.

Knowing this background now, I'm all the more happy we have you around, and glad to hear that Simtropolis managed to lift your spirits in times when you most sorely needed it. It's amazing what such an online community can mean to a person's life, and the best reason to try and keep this little oasis alive and hold up the general atmosphere of friendliness and shared enthusiasm for our hobby.

Greetings and all the best wishes from that same cold dark country of Döner Kebaps with yoghurt sauce, without onions, and with some extra cheese!


Oh, and almost forgot: Here's to the next ten years! *raises glass*

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Can't believe I forgot to post here but I am now 8 ST years old or is it 9 (Do we count the year we joined?) Anyway it has been an incredible journey and I'm glad I have been part of the community, I never thought I would have been somewhere for so long and yet I'm creeping up on 10 years of my life, I was a little kid in school and I grew up with some of the friendships I've made here, I thank those that have been such good friends to me over the years and even helped me get through some rough times, Here's to 10, 20 and 50 years from now!

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9 hours ago, adsii1970 said:

Could I be added to the appropriate list?

Yes, ofc. This thread is the list.

Traditionally one posts on their anniversary date. You'll notice some peeps miss it by a few days or even weeks, but that's ok. *;)

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40 minutes ago, CorinaMarie said:

Yes, ofc. This thread is the list.

Traditionally one posts on their anniversary date. You'll notice some peeps miss it by a few days or even weeks, but that's ok. *;)

Hehehe, just call me a goober... *:D You know, being almost 50, I'll try hard to remember when my anniversary comes back around again!

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      They will then be populated into the below index lists for final consideration by the Llama Crew.

      Similar with how it worked in 2014, there will be at least 3 types of general awards:
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      Buildings, lots, mods, maps, and their many variations.
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      Forum awards, site contributions, members, staff, special mentions & moments, etc.  
      At this stage, ideas don't need to be specific for a particular game or year (2015 or 2016), as most awards can be doubled up for that purpose.
      Also don't worry about duplicating someone's idea. That just proves it's a good one!
      Whether big or small, we look forward to hearing your ideas!
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      465 days and counting... It's been a long time since the previous Trixies 
      So this is the perfect time to share and discuss notable contributions...

      Make no mistake, so much has happened between the ceremony of the previous Trixies. On the STEX, in CJs and throughout the forums, there have been many memorable moments. Although unless anyone regularly visits all areas of the site, keeping detailed running notes over the last 2 years, we realise it would be very tricky to remember more than a handful of items or events. With so many outstanding widespread contributions, it's so easy to lose track. Maybe even forget items which we thought were truly remarkable at the time.
      That's why we're starting this Community Discussion, so we can together help each other recall the various noteworthy and significant contributions.
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      In short, this discussion simply intends to put ideas out there for everyone to decide on their own, with a broader perspective.
      Discussion Guidelines
      To help ensure this is conducted fairly and follows the above principles, here are a set of guidelines to follow when posting:

      All Examples mentioned...
      E.g. STEX files, CJs or other site contribution:
      a) Must be submitted or occurred in the eligible period (2015 or 2016).
      b) Was created by or relates to someone in the Simtropolis community.
      c) Does not concern yourself.
      d) Are linked in your post, so others can check it out for themselves. (Feel free to use the auto-embed previews which resolve for links.)
      Provide a few details about the Example, aiming to use a non-persuasive informational tone:
      For instance, where applicable: What is it? Who created it? What does it do or show? How was this a highlight for you? In what ways did you find it useful or interesting?  
      For each Category, please provide at least 2 applicable Examples, from 2 different Authors.
      E.g. Custom Content
      Author A
      Created this rustic commercial BAT that functions as a growable CS$ and a ploppable Landmark.
      Author B
      Created a set of filler Lots, which can be used to construct a custom park.
      4. (Optional)
      Along with each Example, ONE image may be included, to help with the objective of informing.
      E.g. Custom Content
      This may show a way you've used the item in the applicable game.
      City Journals
      This could be an image embedded or linked from the author's CJ. (Please don't re-upload!)
      Might not be applicable, but if you can depict a notable other community contribution using a picture, go for it!
      Special Mention
      Thanks to @T Wrecks for thinking of the concept for a Trixies discussion thread in the first place!
      So without further ado...
      Post away with what you found memorable...
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