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Simcity 5 AMA: Asked about Mod support

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    Hello SimMars Team! I'm a huge fan. How's the project going?

    Some answers...

    1. Yes! Our music is dynamic, so it changes based on many factors. If your City is running fine, you'll hear a beat that carries through the entire game. You'll actually see your sims, the cars, and smoke, everything timed to this beat. If things start to go sour, you'll hear the music change. It could get quite intense if the situation is serious enough, if you begin to go bankrupt for example. The music will change based on where you are at in the game. If you open a data layer, enter a building editor, or pop up to the region, the music will change. It's incredibly well integrated into the experience.

    Swapping the music out is on our wishlist, something we've talked about doing. We won't have it at launch, but we haven't engineered ourselves in a corner. ;)

    We know modding is important to our fans. We've always engineered our games with modding in mind. I can't confirm anythig today, but we have started talks with some of our key community members. We've shown them the game and asked them what tools they are looking for. Conversations started!


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    Lucky you! They didn't answer any of my questions unfortunately. For reference:

    1) In a previous interview one of the developers said that the Glassbox engine was designed to allow modability, but I'm wondering how that would work out with the new multiplayer aspect. Will it check if you have the same mods installed as the server host, just kick you or display "brown boxes"? Also, will there be tools released similar to the SC4 Lot Editor/Building Architect Tool?

    2) With SC2013 now close to release and SC4 almost 10 years old, are there plans to release some sort of SC4 sourcecode so that modders can use that to fix some bugs that were never fixed in patches (CTDs when placing puzzlepieces for example) or maybe even extend a few core game mechanics? Perhaps under a fairly strict EULA that specifies that the user must own a legal copy of the game and that source code modifications should never 'crack' the game?

    3) Does the always-online feature mean cloudbased savegame hosting? In that case, does that mean I can show my cities to a friend with SC2013 at his house, on his PC? But also, does that mean that were will never be any locally saved copies of the savegames, and thus no way to edit them?

    4) Will there be cheatcodes in singleplayer (or even multiplayer if allowed by the host?) for those who prefer building photogenic cities over simulating and micromanaging everything?

    I presume they didn't want to go into the whole SC4 thing in question 2, which is understandable I guess, because they're Maxis, not EA's legal team nor it's directors.

    Anyhow, generally I'm pretty happy with the answers they gave, I'm really looking forward to the numbercrunchy/statistical and strategical descisions. It's still a shame that they had to cut out some prime features of SC4 and SC3k (like terraforming) to make that possible though, even Ocean Quigley said that's the feature he'll miss most. Perhaps that means it may come in a patch or (more likely) a form of EP/DLC later on.

    Maxis also said that modding will be possible sooner or later (probably later, but then again modding only started after RH too) but they haven't really said anything about what exactly will be possible (I hope more than just new Maya models and/or building skins!)

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    hehe, it is still the old one from 2004! Dirk gave it to me when we released Beta 2.

    Yes, me too :( too bad they got rid of them, they were fun.

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