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A Nonny Moose

Trying to lock the barn after the horse is gone.

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Ladies and gentlemen (if I may call you that), there is a tendency on this thread to jump in with solutions to problems without sufficient information. One cannot assume that when a person requests help here that his program is the same as yours.

If you give a solution, you should be sure it will work for the OP. If you have doubts about what the OP is running, ask.

Recently, we had several solutions proposed for a user who wasn't running Deluxe at all but the original SC4, unpatched. We have to be more careful when jumping in on these threads. Please think instead of reacting.

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  • Original Poster
  • Well, Nonny, if I've tried to be helpful, and it turned out I wasn't helping at all, I humbly apologize.

    Well, one has to be careful to be sure of the universe of discourse. This thread is just a general reminder to look before you leap. Trying to be helpful is one of the best features of this board.

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        I'm going to start this by saying that I am probably the wrong personality type to play this game. Like as not, I'm expecting too much; I sincerely doubt it.
        Here's the situation -- I am running a game with the "Serenity Key" terrain. I am in Sandbox mode. The only mods I have in play are for extra MegaTowers. When I play, I use the cheats to turn off (in this order): 
        -ControlNet Req's
        I haven't had to use the rest, as yet. Given the fact that none of the bloody cheats STAY ON, I really don't want to. Seriously; less than two minutes after I use the cheats, the issues act like they have not been turned off/were re-enabled.
        Also, I try to solve the problems of the sims, by following the advice, only to have that be completely worthless. Now, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't understand how the game can give you advice to build more high-wealth levels for a MegaTower, only to disregard the fact that you build a MT that is ALL high wealth.
        So, could someone PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS JODIDO MIERDA TO ME?!?!?! 'Cause, I'll be honest; right now, I wanna find the devs for this game, and pull a killer gorilla...
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        Why doesn't my city have any street lights and signal light? Can someone give some advice on this
      • By poshbakerloo
        Advice | How to build a Chinese city
        I've been playing SC4 for a very very like time, I got it for my 13th birthday, and I'm now 26!
        99% of what I may is a hybrid between US And British styles, but I've never tried anything different. I've been looking at a lot of big Chinese cities and want to have a go.
        I know my custom content will all need changing, but other than just changing the building style, what else can be done? Are there any CJs which follow a chinese style city?
        I want to make a modern style city etc.
      • By Kaboomlandia
        Okay, so my city has kind of hit a snag. The city has 60,000 people and a positive economy with about $3k of leeway a month. Demand for high-tech industry is positive. However, I have two problems:
        1. I'm completely out of room (a shallow channel bisects the city) and surrounded by other cities that I built.
        2. Dirty industry, which has been rezoned to high-density, will not shift to high-tech, even with great education and high-tech industry taxes set to 1.0%.
        What can I do to get high-tech industry to move in? Also, how can I quickly get rid of the air pollution that has built up?
        I have about $2.5M to fill in the water if it has to come to that.
        Any advice is appreciated!
      • By LivingInThePast
        Hey guys...I've been meaning to build a new PC (probably going with AMD), trying to shoot for under $1000, and at the minimum play games better than my old MacBook 2010 running Windows XP. Of course, building to play legacy games isn't a winner in the long run, so I'm asking what I should shoot for in terms of graphics cards and whatnot to not only hit no more than $1000 but also play C:S without much sweat, and without cutting out all but the essential details. I'm hoping it would give me a good benchmark to shoot for, because playing C:S well is one of the things I really wanted to do with it...
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