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Starting anew (Story)

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So what the over whelming majority of CJs are is mainly pictures of cities. What we rarely do see are stories about the sims that dare to live in our cities, and the pictures that correlate with the scene. That is what this CJ is dedicated to.

In this CJ we shall follow a young country girl from the island of Lik'io chase her dream of becoming a nationally recognized journalist. First though she needs to leave her home to the largest city on the island of Lik'io City (84,000) and land an internship at the islands largest daily newspaper, the Lik'io City Daily. Shall we began...

Starting Anew (Part 1)


Mrs. Lugger: (hugging) Ohh..Kate i'm going to miss you sweet heart, I wish you the best in the city.

Kate: Thanks mom, I'll miss you too, but you know i'll come home every now and then. I mean the city is only on the other side of the island.

Mrs. Lugger: I know Kate, but still our little girl is all grown up.

Kate: Well see you all, I hope that I can make it. My dream hopefully might come true.

Mr. Lugger: Where did you apply for your internship at?

Kate: I applied at the Daily.

Mr. Lugger: Yuck! The Daily what a..a..uh...you know that I hate that paper, nothing good in it only papering to the Lik'io City elite.

Kate: I know dad, but still it's the largest newspaper on the island, might as well try my shot at the biggest. Well see you.

31 miles and an hour latter


Receptionists Desk: (not impressed) Yes, what can I do for you?

Kate: My name is Katlyn Lugger I applied for the internship here. I am supposed to meet with a uh..John Baker.

Receptionists: Mr. Baker does not meet with uh..um "interns" you will have to make an appointment with Louis Fransis, or you can try to contact his office at 245-891-9921 or fax him at 245-891-9922.

Kate: (takes out piece of paper) But this paper here which I...

Receptionists: (frustrated) Look here, Mr. Baker doesn't make appointments with interns, you will have to make an appoinment with Mr. Fransis which his next opening is in five months. Now you do that or leave.


Kate: Uh..well...what do I do now? That's right I have that number I can only try! (looks for her cell phone) Oh no, the batterys' dead, I must have forgot to charge it! (looks down the street) Hey there's a phone booth! (dials number) (rrriinngg...rriinngg..rriinngg)

Voice: Mr. Fransiss' office how may I help you?

Kate: Uh..my name is Kate Lugger I applied for an internship for the Daily three months ago and I was accepted. I was told by the front desk to contact Mr. Fransisr's office..

Voice: Um..no Mr. Fransis doesn't do internships I do not know who is working the front desk but you are to see Mr. John Baker. His office is on the top floor last door to the left. His secretary will take you in.

Kate: Thank you.

15 mins latter (Lik'io City Daily Newspaper)


Secretary: Mr.. Baker will see you now. (walks to door opens it)

John Baker: Please take a seat uh..

Kate: Katlyn, kate

John: Katlyn nice name, I have a granddaughter named Katlyn. I must first apologize for the lack of information our front desk has when it comes to internships. Now Kate, you graduated from East Lik'io County High School in 2005. You were an online graduate of Lik'io City State University where you earned your Bachelors Degree in Journalism. Lik'io City State..I'm a co-founder of that university its main goal is to help inspire and create future journalists. Now Kate tell me why in the world do you want to be an intern here?

Kate: Well as the islands largest daily paper, it has for many years broke the big stories from all over the island and the nation. Currently ten members of the national Congress worked for the daily and the Vice Prime Minister. Though it may not be the largest paper in the nation, for many years its received the National Awards for Excellent Journalism beating out the Federation, the largest daily paper in the country.

John: Very good you do know much about the Daily. As the fifth largest paper in the country with over sixty-nine thousand subscribers, we do, do our best at bringing the island of Lik'io the best journalistic coverage with true honest people doing what they love. Well Kate I would like to accept you as an intern at the Daily. Now you are to go to the fourth floor and speak with a Diane Hunkle.

End Part 1

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  • Part 2


    Diane Hunkle: (hand on hips) So you're supposed to be the new intern..ha, lets see how long you last. Now look we are no no sense you are expected to do what you are told and to be on time if not early. Make that always early. Some simple rules I hope you'll be able to understand, you will be here every morning by nine, come right to my desk for what to do. After a while we'll get you a information task sheet so I wont be bothered every morning. Rule two don't mess around get right down and do want you're supposed to do, rule three you will be given a max of two warnings before you are fired.

    (montions for Kate to follow) You will be serving under Jess, she has been working here for five years, one of your best journalists here in the odd news department. You will find very quickly unlike me she's more charming and friendly.

    Jess: ​Hello i'm Jess Piate', don't mind Diane to much she really doesn't like new interns finds them a hassle to deal with. Plus Diane for the past three years has been trying to get promoted from this department to the political review.

    Kate: My name's Kate Lugger.

    Jess: Lugger hmm..you aren't related to Lugger Financial anyhow?

    Kate: Oh that's my uncle i've only met him once after my grandma died, and that was ten years ago.

    Jess: Well I suppose I should teach you the ropes. As you'd expect here in the odd news department we do any news that the main news wont do, like the swear rate problem or a subway railing coated with chewed gum. Yea that's how we live around here. Compared to the other departments it's pretty laid back our stories hardly make it to the paper. After five years working her and about four hundred stories only one made it.

    Kate: So what am I supposed to do?

    Jess: Right now..uh..nothing really. Our stories deadline was about an hour ago so now its time just to relax.

    Kate: ​I was told this is inappropriate but i'll ask anyhow, how much do you get paid.

    Jess: Heck shouldn't you know how the pay system in the country works, each employee of a company is paid 0.001% of the companies total net profit. Well everyone like me and you if you get lucky are paid $4,465 a month. Interns I think is about half that.

    Kate: Of course where I come from that's a lot, i'm guessing here not the same.

    Jess: You are correct, my apartment is only 200 square feet yet costs me $500 a month. So have you found a place?

    Kate: Well yes, it is only to be temporary and cheap, around $150 a month. The place is called Mountie Bills' Cabins.

    Jess: ​My suggestion for you, when you get your first pay check at the end of the month get out of there, over the past year eighteen people have been killed around there. Not a good place to be living, full of drug dealers, prostitutes, rapists.

    (6 pm)


    Kate: thank you for helping me get to this place...I guess I may just take your advice.

    Jess: Please do so, this is not a place for you to live. The daily has had two interns killed here in the past. Get that pay check and find a better place. Also remember to be in by nine, no latter or you wont be off to a good start with Diane. Bus fee is one dollar, subway requires a pass which you can get at city hall for $80, good for one month. Well good luck and i'll see you tomorrow.

    8 am

    Kate: (yawn) Oh what's the time? (jumps out of bed) Crap! I better hurry or I'll be late for my first day! Lucky for me I took a shower last night, just over due the perfume a bit get on some nice clothes and oh grab my purse.


    Kate: (looking down the street) Hmm should I take the subway or just walk, as the paper is only six blocks and the streets don't look that busy. (ponders for a second) Oh hell with it I'll walk, it will be some good exercise for me, maybe save time. (walks past the subway station) Good thing I did decide this lot of people waiting in line and no train just yet.

    six blocks and five minutes latter


    Kate: (walks into Dianes' office) Hello I'm here.

    Diane: (looks a bit surprised) Hmmff..this is a first no new intern's ever arrived early. Starting on a good streak with me so far, lets see how long it lasts. So what do you want?

    Kate: Um, yesterday you told me to see you...

    Diane: Yesss, your assignment sheet and it's up on that wall over there (points to the wall) no go to see Jess to get further instructions.

    Jess: (sitting in chair doing nothing) Ahh, you made it through the night, so are you ready?

    Kate: uh..ready for what?

    Jess: (shakes head while smiling) Forgot to look at the sheet. Oh well we're supposed to go on a special assignment. That if it's special in any way.

    Kate: So what are we doing?

    Jess: You'll see.

    Two blocks and six minutes latter


    Jess: This! (points to plaza) We're supposed to count for the next week how many pieces of trash is collected on the plaza here, fun job right but easy.

    Kate: (unsure) So we get to spend the next work week right here pretty much?

    Jess: Yep.

    Four days latter

    Jess: So we're now done with this "hard" report, so Kate how many pieces of trash collected here?

    Kate: Well we had about..jezz the city is bad about cleanliness, over seven thousand pieces.

    Jess: You might be, but i'm by far not surprised, well time to report our findings, like it'll matter that much. If it's a big problem we might be lucky to get in the paper!

    End Part 2

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