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Havonnia - A tale of two worlds

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I present to you my region, Havonnia. It is a region made out of two zones:


The East side is a high, mountainous region, with tough terrain and long, never-ending winters.


There is a valley surrounded by mountains though, giving space to large urban settlements to form.



In this large, but isolated area, a Dictator came to power, and He ordered large cities to be built, with a giant ocean of factories, powered by enormous Nuclear Power Plants, built right next to residential areas of the city.



Clearly, this Dictator with an iron fist did not care about the hundreds of thousands of poor people, living in this ocean of pollution. He did not give them adequate healthcare, or education. He only cared about making a profit, which he did, leaving the citizens in misery.




When all the free space in the valley disappeared, He knew he had to continue building toxic factories, nuclear waste dumps and federal prisons, for His greed knew no limits. He decided to expand into the mountains above, ordering some of the citizens to move to the freezing icelands. He built huge serpentines of cheap highway and heavy rail, connecting the mountain cities with the valley.




Then, He built a dirty city. Because the landscape here looked so tough and alien, covered in snow, he named the city Moonside Manufacturing.




Seeing that few people want to live on these frozen, barren lands, He decided He would build farms on the neighbouring mountains.




As He continued expanding His empire, He noticed something strange: The mountains seemed to stop at a point abruptly, their expansion halted by a deep river.


From the water emerging, enormous blocks of rock, standing one next to another, like soldiers protecting a sacred land.



On the horizon, a new land was waiting for occupation. A nice, grassy land with warm weather and extensive beaches.



The Dictator was hit by an inspiration, and decided He would build entirely different types of cities here. Cities that are based on commerce and a free market. He also knew that he wouldn’t allow the people from His dirty, polluted cities to ever visit the luxurious, prosperous cities of the West.

That's end of part 1! Hope you enjoyed.

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  • LexusInfernus: Thank you so much! That’s what I was trying to create, a fantasy land-ish world.

    And now comes part 2 of the story.

    Bob was born in the Valley, but at a very young age was forced to move with his family to Moonside Manufacturing (population 70,000).


    He grew up here.


    At the age of 10, he was put to work in a packaging factory near his home. He was really happy that he could work at that time, that he could provide money to his family.


    At age 16, his father died in a factory accident. They wouldn’t let anyone from his family see his father’s body, they said there wasn’t much of it left in one piece.


    He met and married his wife Fan a few years later. She was a good hearted woman, but suffered from a rare disease that would melt and destroy her internal organs over the years. The few doctors that lived in Moonside could not help her. They always told her she should be ready to die at any second.


    One day Bob overheard the doctor talking to another patient. The doctor told this patient the same thing Fan had been told for years: be prepared to die at any moment.

    Bob got angry, and left the overcrowded hospital. Now he knew, the doctors here are awful, and his wife would never receive a treatment. His anger grew from anger to sadness, depression and hopelessness.


    He went home, and told Fan they should leave this city, and try to get to the Valley(population 725,000).

    Fan was very scared about the things her husband just said. She was trembling, her pale face got even more lifeless. She worked at an ammonia plant all her life, the toxic gases infiltrating her whole body, poisoning her even more.


    She was 36 years old, but looked 50.

    ‘Do what you want’ she said ‘But keep Kat safe.’


    Kat was the couple’s daughter, 16, a bright but naïve girl. Bob had hoped that someday his daughter might get to see the Valley, the home of the great ocean of factories and where people can go to parks or just walk freely on the streets, whenever they wished.

    But these dreams were crushed with time.

    The Dictator ordered that travel between cities should be banned, effectively isolating Moonside from the Valley. Bob knew, that if they were to escape Moonside, they could only do it illegally, and possibly get hunted down by the Dictator’s Secret Service sooner or later.



    Seeing his wife’s condition, and the hopelessness of his family on this frozen land, Bob decided he will risk everything and leave the city.

    The next day at dawn, Bob, Fan and Kat were at a freight train station. Using Fan’s connections at the ammonia plant, they managed to get past the security guards.


    Then, they jumped on a wagon as the train was leaving the station. Nobody noticed them, and all was well.

    Looking out through a crack in the wagon’s wall, Bob got confused. He couldn’t decide which direction the train was heading. He thought the only direction was to the Valley, but he remembered a single rail track line leading even further up the mountains. No roads, highways or anything else. Just a rail connection. He never knew what was there, and it even seemed to be something that ought not to be talked about in public.


    Where is the train heading? To the Valley or to the mysterious settlement deep in the mountains?

    You can decide. End of part 2.

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