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    • By archemediesx
      Greetings Simtropolis mapping community.
      I wanted to raise the question regarding the creation of geographical region maps. in the 'mapping-terraforming' section i found a tutorial about this put together in 2011, but it is unfortunately rather outdated and doesn't necessarily hold up to contemporary processes. I have been independently working towards the goal of taking DEM data and converting it into sc4 maps with varying levels fidelity and success. given the difficulty of the journey (many fruitless days spent scouring google searches and reading 5-10 year old tutorials full of links for websites that no longer exist) i though i would attempt to provide my own tutorial on the process i have undertaken. Before doing so i thought i should do a double check with the community just to ensure i haven't missed anything obvious (Perhaps a 2018 current mapping process for working with DEM's?). 
      I can see that there has been a lot of discussion to this end including threads and tutorials started by @Izidor44 and @drunkapple, though many of those remain open ended, and that was many years ago. So, if anyone happens to have a contemporary tutorial process for processing geographic based regions i'll be pleased to see it. In the meanwhile i'll keep plugging along with my process i have started and will also be pleased to share it when i have all my findings completed. 
      Edit: The first video in the tutorial series is complete and starts the process of describing in detail what is DEM data.
    • By Cool_Z
      Good day everyone!
      I have become curious about how the simulation was working in SC4.
      Of course I know that unlike Skylines, Sims in 4 are simulated only in "presence", but how?

      I'm also cursious about health, wealth and education. Is it just a global percentage applied to groups of population in map areas or is it more precise?
      Do Sims get wealthier? Do Sims really age?
      I am wondering what the underlying mechanics are, do we have a full documentation about that somewhere or are we just guessing by observing what happens ingame?
    • By Shannanigan O'Crabby
      I'm trying to create a large animated screen for my Drive-In theater.
      I used the "Video Screen" base for my screen prop, because I wanted the images to change like a slide-show rather than scroll through.
      It works when I'm creating the asset (left) but once I pull it into a building asset as a prop, and also in game the screen is blank.
      Am I supposed to be doing some code changing to get the prop asset for it to work correctly?

    • By Need4Camaro
      I'm aware of the agent limitations and building limits.
      I'm also aware that most of this is hard coded into the game itself
      The main thing that irritates me so much about this game. 81 tiles is decent but I would love to have a city building game where building multiple cities throughout a large region is possible. Preferably I would really like to have a map the size of a world much like space engineers.
      I personally don't think the agent based system is good enough of an excuse as to why we can't have that. Several games also use agents but offer much larger maps sizes than C:S although these are not city builder games. I personally feel that the agents only within your immediate vicinity should be rendered / loaded but still allow players to travel freely through the region.
      What would it take to get truly larger maps? The current map size even at 81 tiles (somewhere around 150 square miles) is about the size of Spartanburg SC.
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