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Is this a good compact International Airport?

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Is this airport good, it is meant to be an international airport, I know it's small, but it's easy to make an airport take up half of a huge city tile and I didn't want that, if it's not that good, what should I improve on, I plan to add a parking lot.


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You're asking for critiques and I'll give you some. Of course, my intention is to give constructive criticism, in no way this is a "booo you're doing it wrong" stuff.

1) Runway length: runways are perhaps the most definitive thing most airport-builders take to determine if an airport is well done or not. In your case, your runways are terribly short. To make room for a 747 landing you'd need runways around 4000 meters-long, that is 1 large city tile. The user GMT, a true unofficial authority in airport-building concepts, has made several contributions at the thread which make our life more easy.

2) Runway markings: I see no markings, and there should be some, pilots need them for the landing. I'd suggest you to take a look to some different airports on Google Earth and learn how to use the runway markings lots coming with the RMIP. There are also good articles on Wikipedia devoted to runways, very informative.

3) Taxiway-runway junctions. There aren't many orthogonal junctions out there, most of them make 45º or 30º or even 20º degrees with the runways, this allows planes to exit the runway faster and allow more landings per hour.

4) Cargo areas: they really need a good access, think that many trucks will come and go during the day.

There are many points, but I find these are the most eye-catching ones. Keep looking at real airports, or at the Show us your Airports thread, keep practising and soon you'll get the hang of it!

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TekindusT (btw, thanks for the flowers) already said everything I wanted to say, so I keep it short and say:

Excluding realism, this airport has something nice to it and from the top of my head I find a couple of airports that actually work by your basic design idea, runways between the terminals.

Including realism, this airport sends shivers down my spine.

For the main construction of runways - as yours follow basically no real life requirement - I really suggest you hit the internet to at least get a basic idea of how this works, which use the different markings have and how they are utilized, aswell as which auxilliary installations along the runway serve which purpose and how they are placed.

For the length, your runways are 800meter-ish.

In my early days of flying, single engine piston and visual, my 2nd homebase had an 800meters runway, a figure most paved hobby-flying fields have in common, give or take some

the homebase of my flight school is a regional commuter airport with 1066meters runway (67tiles) and legally only allows DO 328, 110, 120, 130; Dash 8 100-300; ATR 42-500; Falcon 50, 2000, 900 EX/DX; Challenger 300 and Cessna 680 in terms of turbine powered (either jet or turboprop) aswell as everything SEP (single engine piston) and MEP (multi engine piston) up to 10,000kg

Most of the "larger" traffic listed above can operate here because the runway surface is of a special material and construction allowing for a higher friction than regular runways aswell as better breaking action in wet conditions

The most common figure in runway length for international airports is in the vicinity of 4000meters, like TekindusT said already.

the Cargo area needs a lot of improvements both on the land and the air side. the latter needs way better taxiway designs. also there's a lack of cargo handling facilities. you definitely need a large store house were cargo is received, repacked and stored until further processing. Thing is, aircraft require special loading utilities, you can't just take the cargo off the truck and into the plane because the units are incompatible. everything comes into special boxes or onto special skids. Oversize cargo even gets it's own housings build (when I toured the base of CargoLux, they had a Trent1000 sitting there waiting to be shipped, that thing had to get it's own holdings build so they could ship it with their 747s).

the idea behind is - like always - safety. You know how it is necessary to secure loads on a truck so it wont get tossed about and tips the truck over? Even more important when flying cargo. Also, flight-performance is influenced by distribution of the cargo inside a plane so it must be 100% sure that the cargo wont move once loaded (just think all you transport is a 10t engine and it suddenly moves from the front to the rear... say byebye to the aircaft, cargo, crew and everthing it hits on the ground; this sudden backward shift of the center of gravity is something you'd most likely can't compensate for whatsover, the aircraft eventually stalls and crashes)

The taxiway layout TekindusT is talking about (diagonal taxiway/runway junctions, socalled rapid exit/access taxi ways; most simply refer to them as RATs) is not necessarily a must have, orthogonals work just fine, but are "old" design. Modern design has it that at least a couple of taxiways join the runways diagonal, to allow for faster entering/leaving the runways, thus increasing the traffic capacity of the airport.

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What is the lot size? Is it smaller than the ingame international airports (which btw is upgradable)? If not, then it's not really "compact". To me It seems wider than the ingame ones, A lot of space is lost between the runway and the terminal buildings. Consider moving the hangar (or cargo bulding or what) to the other side of the runway, maybe to the far end of the lot - the terminals will need to become smaller (see the tip below). I agree about the taxiways' layout; furthermore, the taxiway should connect to the runway near its end (beyond the white lines).

Tip: if the buildings are modular, you can align them accurately this way: in the LE, move the building to the corner of the lot, as far as it can go, using the MOUSE; then you can move it by using the ARROW keys and holding the Shift key pressed. This moves the prop by a whole meter.

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If you're looking for a compact yet aesthetically pleasing airport, I suggest downloading the AC Functional Airports from SC4D. They are Maxis-style airports made in the style of the custom airport packages, and IMO are a good compromise for someone who wants a better looking airport but isn't interested in realistic scale.

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